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Lost my truck in a wreck tonight. Grandfather bought it 19 years ago. Goodbye old friend, you were my favorite vehicle 😢


Excited for the new Dog Wick film!


Happy birthday, Wesley! Hope you have a good day and keep your genitalia safe!


Was freaking out about not being able to finish the RE2 demo, so I did it in 18 minutes. Wish I could’ve explored more, but I definitely think this was an excellent marketing move.


Wanted a late night supper so I grabbed one of my kids’ Uncrustables. They take 30 minutes to thaw so I stuck it in my underwear and got on the computer... forgot about the PB&J on my crotch 2 hours later.


Just got an email from Town of Salem saying they had a security breach. now everyone is gonna know that I’m the werewolf :(


So... take a dump and don’t hire a prostitute?


So, last day of Steam Sale and I’ve only bought some DLC. Feeling the compulsive need to buy at least one game. Any recommendations? I’ll try anything, but feeling a Thief/Doom itch.


Just wanted to say I appreciate everyone here and all they do.


Merry Christmas, y’all! Here’s an older picture of my buddy, because I have poor coping skills.

  Batty was a good man. Friendly, funny, and supportive. RIP, man.


So I tied an onion to my belt.


Sitting in the hospital with my little guy for the last few hours. Anyone got anything interesting? He’s fine, we’re just bored.


I was talking to some people from Epic earlier. I asked if they were busy with the new launcher. One of them said, "Oh do you play Fortnite?" I said, "haha, oh hell no! I mean, I.. do not." My people skills need help.


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