DeS: Why Destiny 2 is failing as an esport
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Had a electrical house fire, please send thoughts and prayers for my PC, will see if it survived in the morning when the power company says it’s safe to go back in.


13 hours in Evil Within 2 and I just beat chapter 3. Having wayyy too much fun just exploring the town, stabbing everything. It’s funny because I felt like the first one was too long and I beat it around 15 hours. Favorite steam sale purchase so f


Tried to make someone listen to Tom Waits's Rain Dogs today, but instead did a search for Rain Dongs. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.


I’m having a serious dilemma. My 4 year old sucks at Super Mario World. I’m seriously worried for the little dude. How will he ever be able to have a full, enriching life with video games if he can’t even properly make Yoshi puke fireballs?


Had a convo with someone about something. I said, "huh I just read about it on dtoid." They said "you read dtoid? I read it on dtoid! woah! Dception!" I then woke up covered in drool and both arms completely asleep and my legs twisted in the sheet.


5 year old found an AD&D 2nd edition book on the shelf. "What's this?" "It's a character book for a game called Dungeons and Dragons" "Can I play?" "Ask your mother" "Mommm, can I play Gummies the Dragon?!"



Geimhre - Lost in the Twilight Howdy, howdy I just thought I'd give a brief introduction and whatnot.  My name is Vesalius, but you can call me Ves, because nicknames are for friends, and I'm sure we will forge an awkward friendsh...


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