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Game Idea: Supergiant Games doing an earnest and introspective take on Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Happy birthdays to FrostyFlakes and the elusive NinjaSpeed! May y’all’s day be as great as the amount of food dye in this cake!


Happy birthday to Dr Mel! I always assumed Bovine University was your alma mater.


Was pretty happy today to see a sign I made is now a poke stop.


RIP, my neighbor’s Woody. This Woody has been on a house by me’s roof for 5 years! Today, he was gone. Through snow, hail, and a couple hurricanes, this Woody has lain firm, exposed to all vehicles on their way to the dump. F.


Happy birthday to Michformer, another fine and upstanding member of the community! I’ve heard it said, Mich is the result of a scientific quest for perfection that combined the Michelin Man and a transformer. Hope you had a good one!


Current Status:


Happy birthday, Goemar! May Tom Nook give you his tanuki blessing and shower you in bells. To paraphrase Bob Hoskins as Manuel Noriega, “May you have high turnip resale value and your enemies die a natural death!”


Anyone want to F.I.S.T.?


Talking about blonde barbarian musclemen tonight has forced this Thor ear worm back into my brain. May I present one of the best/worst songs from one of the worst movies ever. Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Mikl Thor


Ah, a rainy Tuesday. It’d be nice to slip on a velvet smoking jacket, dim the lights, and get in a big chair. Stroking your glorious facial hair, why not indulge in the sounds of Rotting Christ? #arbitrarymetaltuesday


Happy birthday to the totally rad god, RadPartyGod!


Obligatory Mother’s Day post.


May the fourth, etc etc


Happy birthday to absolutfreak! A great dtoider and talented painter who may or may not be Orkpharius.




Happy birthday to Gus! May you receive a satisfactory amount of puns and don’t let Fallout 76 hurt you.


I know 3 things about the enigma called Sam van der Meer: 1. likes mushrooms 2. Clad in his denim jacket, he evokes lust and envy to all that behold the glory. 3. It’s his birthday! Happy birthday!


Got tired of scrolling back, here’s close enough to the first one


Happy birthdays to Jason, the battling robot, and Occams, my fellow banned film and Lisa Frank enthusiast! May your cake taste better than that one from Creepshow!


Happy birthday, Shadeoflight! Don’t let that bunny usurp you!


Hey birthday, Admiral Ackbong! Hope you stayed decent/decent enough.


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Orcs Must Die 3 "Looks like OMD is back on the menu, boys"


Ghost of Tsushima"Serenity now"


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2"Classic Castlevania vibes with a modern co-op twist"


Ninjala"Minor League Chew"


Pokemon Cafe Mix"I've never wanted to eat a Pokémon more than I do right now"


Iron Man VR"I am...two Move controllers"


The Almost Gone"If these walls could talk"


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Good day all! Heres to a great one!


I really want


Regis is trying to keep Geralt from catching Thankfully, Geralt seems to heed his


I found an old pirated copy of AvP II in my box of I wonder if this is worth anything, since you cant buy AvP II anymore, if it would just wind me up in Double-Prison for piracy and copyright infringement


Might seem like a weird choice, but Im going with paper Mario over Tsushima at the last I keep grabbing games that would probably be better to wait on patches or the ps5 Origami is probably just as good now as ever will


TLOU2 done just in time for GOT of the non-Lannister They did fumble the pacing in the end - they should have wrapped it up at a certain culminating point and added a single narrative chapter instead of adding multiple with more


3 more handgunners makes the front rank 5 more to

Czar Kazem

no one asked but since my Big Beautiful Buick is having problems, I bought a car over the Its I like


Hey guys I been playing paper mario origami king and talk about hte battle system here!


So the new Story of Seasons game came out today and Ive literally done nothing else but play it since I woke It put me in a trance and only hunger was able to snap me out of Its a pretty good game I



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