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Hey birthday, Admiral Ackbong! Hope you stayed decent/decent enough.


hope everyone’s staying safe, sane, and healthy! We’re going for a walk :D


Happy birthday, Goofierbrute!


Happy birthdays to FakePlasticTree and Ooktar! May it be a magical day of quarantined wonder!


I don’t get torn up over celebrity deaths often, but I just saw Stuart Gordon died, and I find that heartbreaking. A great director, he made Re-Animator, From Beyond, the hilarious Robot Jox, Dagon, Castle Freak, and I loved Black Cat.


EDIT: waaait, it’s Zerotonin’s birthday! Happy birthday, you talented man! Please accept my gift of triggers.


happy birthday CJ! You are awesome! I don’t know what your initials stand for, but I’m assuming it’s “Cool J”. Hope it was a good one and you weren’t too Bad and your mama didn’t say to knock anyone out!


Got an awesome gift in the mail; courtesy of dtoid’s mini painting virtuoso, Bong! I’ve wanted a Slambo for years, & recently was discont’d w/o notice. An amazing surprise, it warms my blackened cockles. Be excellent to each other and say Sl


I’m sorry baby, I didn't mean to turn you on. (Super secret bonus one in comments 😉)


Happy, birthday Marcel Hoang, callsign Mario Hoang! Not only a Dtoid writer, but also a feared R6 GIS operator, Marcel is a renowned peeker and corner killer in Siege. I have attached a scene of one such famous elimination.


Happy birthday, Nekro! Hope you have a nice day, listening to Ripping Corpse and bushwhacking off!


Happy birthday to Bass, aka theblondebass! Now I shall tap all of my land cards to give you Magic Dance: The Gathering


Happy birthday to Jetter Mars and Limomaker! Now as we all know, there can be only one, so you must fight! The victor shall earn the sage words of Mr. T, as seen below.


Happy birthday, vxxy! May you enjoy it this day as much as Mega Man enjoys bicycles!


up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start F.


So I’m a little late, but just wanted to make a Happy birthday announcement for Czar Kazem! Love seeing your pc build posts!


So I’m sure I’m the last person to know about this, but I feel important to tell everyone that I love it.


Whether you celebrate it or think it’s a manufactured holiday, happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


So I beat Elderborn. I’m now in the market for a good UV velvet barbarian painting.


Happy birthday @xeo! Hope you don’t spend all day grooming your elegant and electric chest hair, have some fun!


Happy b-day @shoggoth2588 ! Hope you have a good one! Stay warm in your mountain of madness and enjoy this shoggoth cake. Caveat: it’s not made of protoplasmic bubbles, nor does it have temporary eyes or glowing pustules.


Damn, lost another great musician. RIP Reed Mullin.


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