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Current Status:


Current Status: I want y’all to suffer with me like it’s 1995 again.


I don’t have a status to go here.


Anybody else playing Back 4 Blood? Hello? Anybody?


Current Status


Happy birthday, Meanderbot!


Look at my magnificent thrift store puzzle.


Putting up stuff for sale and thought y’all would enjoy this. It was hard to pick just one HM cover to share 😂


*looks at watch* Thanksgiving’s over. Current status:


Getting ready to get cooking on a smaller Thanksgiving than usual; which is nice actually. Anyone else feeling Thanksgiving this year?


current status:


Looks like Christmas is coming early for my rat dudes!


Current status:


Current Status:


Hey, what’s everybody doing? Oh, #worfu? I can do that.


Happy birthday PhilKenSebben! A driving force of dtoid’s weirdness, and an awesome person all around. If anyone gives you trouble today, I’ll stink eye them so hard their ancestors will gag.


Current Status: Shiny


Current Status: save me


My eight year old told me last night she plans to work in a prison. As an executioner, and she’d have a pet jaguar, so the deaths would be quick and painless. 🤔


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Finishing up birthday shopping for the wife. Anybody have any suggestions for puzzle games on switch, mobile, PC? Preferably something mindless and not jammed with dumb humor. Pic unrelated


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#childhoodtoytoid. This is my Rancor. I’ve got a Godzilla I found in the woods around here somewhere 🤔 I need to make them fight again.


On this very night, ten years ago, along this same stretch of road in a dense fog just like this. I saw the worst birthday wish I ever seen. Tell em HLarge Marge sent ya! Happy birthday HLarge!


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