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Made these today. They’re video game related, so I thought I’d share.


Found this while cleaning. One of the first things my brother and I made on the laser almost 10 years ago.


Few weeks back, I won a contest for the new Warhammer kid books. They showed up today, but were addressed only to: “Job” What does it mean?!


With Disqus deleting lots of comments, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’ve talked to literally all of y’all recently. We bonded, laughed, cried, and shared secrets. I’ll treasure those moments forever.


Is Sega not doing a Make War Not Love event this year? 😢


Someone just left these on the counter out front at work. Happy Valentine’s Day?


Happy birthday, Xeo! You’ll have to share your secret with me about how you’re 6’5” with a 47” waist but only 218lbs


Having last minute regret not buying stuff in the Steam sale. I'm seriously craving a good, fast FPS! Make your recommendations that aren't Dusk or Doom (because I have those!)


Gonna see if I can give Bong a lore induced heart attack.


Last night I dreamt I joined a hand-me-down group, and Occam's kept sending me used underwear. I then woke up with a fever.


I’ve been really proud of my backlog clearing this year. Over 20 games I’ve marked as “done with”... but Mutant Football League is finally on sale! Must... resist...


Happy birthday Panda and Larx! gif unrelated.


Lost my truck in a wreck tonight. Grandfather bought it 19 years ago. Goodbye old friend, you were my favorite vehicle 😢


Excited for the new Dog Wick film!


Happy birthday, Wesley! Hope you have a good day and keep your genitalia safe!


Was freaking out about not being able to finish the RE2 demo, so I did it in 18 minutes. Wish I could’ve explored more, but I definitely think this was an excellent marketing move.


Wanted a late night supper so I grabbed one of my kids’ Uncrustables. They take 30 minutes to thaw so I stuck it in my underwear and got on the computer... forgot about the PB&J on my crotch 2 hours later.


Just got an email from Town of Salem saying they had a security breach. now everyone is gonna know that I’m the werewolf :(


So... take a dump and don’t hire a prostitute?


So, last day of Steam Sale and I’ve only bought some DLC. Feeling the compulsive need to buy at least one game. Any recommendations? I’ll try anything, but feeling a Thief/Doom itch.


Just wanted to say I appreciate everyone here and all they do.


Merry Christmas, y’all! Here’s an older picture of my buddy, because I have poor coping skills.


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