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This one isn't fake but I feel like it should be.


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Current Status:


Have you ever discovered something so incredible and integral to you that it felt your entire life up to that point was a dream? Before today, I was living a half-truth; now I am whole. Behold:


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Behold, I finished this majestic puzzle.


Happy chocolate day, everyone!


Sure the inauguration is cool and all, but I’ve spent the last hour verifying this is a real Family Circus comic. And that, my friends, is what freedom really is all about.


Happy birthday, Wes! Here’s some bunnies :D


Giving some of my toys leg extensions so they won’t feel inadequate. Please send thoughts and prayers. current status:


I think it’s important for you to all know that until a few hours ago, my son thought Knuckles from Sonic was named Nipples.


current status:


Current Status:


Current Status: I want y’all to suffer with me like it’s 1995 again.


I don’t have a status to go here.


Anybody else playing Back 4 Blood? Hello? Anybody?


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