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Ike in Fire Emblem Heroes is a beast. Thanks to his tankiness I can actually level the characters whose games I've played... Probably keeping him as a permanent meat shield, however.


BoB: Making of a Hero / "Henshin!"

Boxman's farewell prompt to the band of bloggers deal asked a very good question. What makes a heroic character ... heroic? I've been thinking a lot about this question, even before it came up. Hard to write any stories if the thought ...


I'm on the proper medicine now, but that is after a month and a half of psychiatric trial and error. I'm still likely to screw up on occasion until the previous (very incorrect) medicine is out of my system completely, but that's on me, not it.


Is there even any method of recycling gunpla runners outside of Japan other than arts and crafts / bootleg stand projects? I've looked but haven't been able to find anything, and the amount of plastic is ... concerning to be left to the trash.


Well, the night terrors did at least give me the opportunity to make something model-related. Images in comments.


Character through Quote: Krieg the Psycho

Warning: Frank discussion of mental issues ahead again. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Disclaimer: This is going to be the last article of this kind for a while. I don't want to limit myself to being "The Borderlands Guy", nor...


I'm starting to understand artists who call layers a crutch. They have their place and are certainly needed in specific contexts, but what I was doing (like a dozen or more layers for one drawing) didn't work in the slightest. Only made me anxious.


Third and final (for the moment) Borderlands character study in the works. Krieg the Psycho, since he was inadvertently brought up IRL and would be perfect for it. Anything specific you think is relevant or want to see analyzed, let me know.


The Three "M"s of Meditation

   Different people have wildly different reactions to stress. That much, at least, is absolutely common knowledge, though it gets forgotten all too easily at times. Time and again when stress came banging on the front door t...


Finally willing to set aside the Gaige article with those final edits. First of the new articles is effectively done and will be posted after I get the images within to play nice.


Got an answer from Gearbox re: the concept artists to credit. Will edit the study of Gaige to accommodate that and reduce the word count.


Thank you once again to the staff for the name change to my "proper" pen name, as much as one can exist. Going to be working on a few article ideas, some I've mentioned and some I haven't, just need to figure out some minor elements.


I've noticed a bad habit of asking questions I know the answers to, or can find the answers to, in an attempt to get a conversation going. It's not very subtle, nor very important. I'm only bringing it up so I can more clearly say what I mean.


I bring up dark subjects often. I'm aware of this. It's because to me, you can't fight something you don't understand. So I try very hard to understand psychology, so I can help myself, and hopefully also help others. Sometimes this backfires.


Going to do another character study, since despite it not being the intended topic that's where Zer0's bit went. Going for Borderlands 2 again, The Mechromancer this time, then setting the concept aside to continue with unrelated characters later.


Setting aside Cadence of Hyrule at what I think is the last dungeon. Interesting blend of mechanics, lots of little references to both series, lovely art... Just not in a patient enough mood for anything "final dungeon-y". Do recommend overall.


Finished with Shakedown Hawaii, for the moment at least. Good game. Though I hope if the developer makes future games with similar tonal shifts, that the weirder items can be accessed via cheat code or something in free roaming.


Character through Quote: Zer0

Fans of any media franchise are known for nothing if not being meticulous in recording information of the media they love, and fans of Borderlands are no different. While the series is understandably divisive for its gameplay mechanics...


I must say I respect the Spelunky remake developers for adding seeds over time to gradually increase the odds of unlocking the shortcuts to practice with. It's useful but not broken, since you need to learn the game regardless to make use of them.


The new SD Gundam line (the latest three-kingdoms based one) is impressive. Good gate placement, lots of large parts that are presumably easy to deal with seam lines if you're a person who cares, and uses some great designs. Images in comments.


Since this is one of the few places I can be fully open about it without being misunderstood, I figure I might as well get it out of the way. I'm autistic, but that doesn't change much. If I fuck up, please let me know, and I'll correct it ASAP.


Decided to go professional in drawing and writing. To do that successfully, I'll need much more practice. Decided to start simple, with a basic pose study. Now to do a hundred more! Let's rock. Image in comments, since the site is fighting me.


My google-fu is failing me. Anyone have a link to the discord?


Shakedown Hawaii's first patch fixed the majority of my problems with it, those being the map's readability and some minor bugs. The My Time At Portia developers should take notes...


Got news?  [email protected]


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Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


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Umihara Kawase Fresh!"Swingers club"


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The more I play Rage 2, the more I love It feels so I at this shit!


Ive saved so much money being a depressed hermit: not paying for gas, deodorant, shampoo, or soap!

Patrick Hancock

man i wish i had something to review

Chris Bradshaw

Wow talk about DOA


I just stumbled into the bad ending of It was


Been practicing my Think Im getting pretty


Part 1 Dio summarized:


one episode left to go in Stranger Things s3, and so far ive enjoyed about 2 thirds more than i did the other third, that is, the three main plot more in comments, spoilers


In tribute to KyoAni I drew Dragonmaid


My graduation present to myself arrived! #watchtoid



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