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Wastelands 3 Deluxe Edition GOG - exclusive discount: M2GXWJSHIN5GML83L6 - one use only, valid only until 2 pm GMT 6/12/20 (today)


Another Discount code: N4JLKAZ46NX3HIZPCE for 'All-time high exclusive discount on selected Devolver's adrenaline⁠-⁠fueled action games!' on GOG.com. One use only. Not using it myself because my backlog is so big it has it's own gravitational field..


Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but if anyone wants a discount on Frostpunk GOTY edition on GOG this code should work - MUWTQPN5KGG82DXRDB. Valid until Sunday.


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