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I have cats now. I'm allergic to them and generally could care less about them but now I have them.


If you haven't tried wrapping your spring rolls in lettuce, that should change.


If JonBenét Ramsey were with us today, do you think she could live up to our expectations?


Who am I kiddin', who am I foolin' When they be like "What's up Fatlip?, " and I say "Coolin'"


Nature is beautiful... ignore the CSI guys in the background. Nature!


This would go great with my superman shirt.


Potato chips make every sandwich better.


Dangus couldn't find this earlier so I thought I would help him. Has anyone else heard that the new Bill and Ted has a trailer out?


Why is 2019 afraid of 2020? Because they had a fight and 2021.


Happy birthday, TorchMan. Hope you've had a good one.


One of my favorite games is to google ”Florida man” and then my birthday and see what comes up.


Happy birthday, Absolutfreak. Have a great day.


Thinking of buying the Royal pack for Final Fantasy XV and finally finishing the game. Is it an essential dlc? Does it actually improve the game?


Happy birthday, Sam, you beautiful mustached pirate, you.


My wife is drunk and has been listening to the same three songs from Frozen and Frozen II for the last 2 hours. Do you want to build a snowman? No? Ok, bye.


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