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Happy new year ervry body. Hope this year brings many wondrous things for you.


I wasn't very excited about Death Stranding when it came out but with the help of a sale and Plisskens recommendation, I picked it up. It's fantastic.


First BC comes out with a COVID sex guide, now our Ferry company is promoting ear sex. What a progressive province I live in.


Surprisingly good. Honestly never thought peanut butter in beer would work.


Friday the 13th, 2020... Happy Birthday, Neo!


My stomach will not like me later but at least I'll get some quality Switch time. Hot wings!


Hey Chris, I hope your birthday has been treating you well. I'll raise a glass to your health and happiness on your birthday.


For all you Muricans voting tomorrow and for those of you who already have remember to order free pizza for people waiting to vote at https://polls.pizza/


Went trick or treating last night and I don't think I've ever seen so many full-sized candy bars in a haul. Lots of interesting set ups with bowls and chutes but I think I like the houses that just throw the candy at you the best.


The best thing about Neapolitan ice cream is mashing it into this mess.


Not normally a fan of pumpkin beers but this is a pretty great pumpkin chocolate porter.


Happy birthday, Mike. Wish you the best.


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