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Happy birthday, TorchMan. Hope you've had a good one.


One of my favorite games is to google ”Florida man” and then my birthday and see what comes up.


Happy birthday, Absolutfreak. Have a great day.


Thinking of buying the Royal pack for Final Fantasy XV and finally finishing the game. Is it an essential dlc? Does it actually improve the game?


Happy birthday, Sam, you beautiful mustached pirate, you.


My wife is drunk and has been listening to the same three songs from Frozen and Frozen II for the last 2 hours. Do you want to build a snowman? No? Ok, bye.


Dealing with Disney+ chat support is like trying to teach algebra to a 3 year old. For some reason my account is set to play French content when my account is English and I live 2800 miles from Quebec. WTF bru.


Speaking moistly. With love from Canada.


This has popped up in my office. I'm waiting for them to hand out towels.


I pitty the foo that don't know this.


Ugh. BC has just indefinitely closed all schools.


Went to the beach with the kids today, with all the hysteria about the corona virus it was pretty empty. Nice to find parking so easily.


As I was literally laughing out loud while reading the comments of the front page Pokémon poll article, it made me think that I really like Destructoid. I can find great articles elsewhere but nowhere has a community like this one.


Played some games and went to the beach today. Good day.


Anyone have any thoughts about the Split Pad Pro for the Switch? Thinking about buying for my claw hands.


Happy birthday Jimmy - I mean Xeo!


Hey, Shog, have a happy birthday.


Happy belated Australia Day all you Bruce's and Sheila's, enjoy your Vegemite however it's eaten.


Humanity is just wonderful. Drink up chidren.


So my 3 year old thinks that the dirt around Pigpen is a cloud of farts and laughs hysterically whenever he sees him. Watching the Peanuts movie was fun.


I choose you Gonoreamon, discharge, go!


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