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Happy birthday to The Actual Charlton Heston. Hope you get some cake.


Happy birthday TheIntern. Hope you've had an interesting day.


I honestly can't believe this is a real product. I thought I came across an Obvious Plant toy.


I've been craving a lot of spicy foods lately and I grabbed a bag of ghost pepper chips. Man they were good! Anyone have any spicy food suggestions?


I just got my first dose of the Maderna COVID-19 vaccine. It was in a huge-ass barn with the macarena playing on repeat.


I had a nasal-pharyngeal COVID swab done the other day and it was just as awful as it's made out to be but now I have one clear nostril and one congested. Is it weird I want it done on the other side?


Happy birthday to Occams and Jason. Have a great day guys.


Happy birthday to long time Dtoiders Eric Clapton and Celine Dion.


Why the funk is the Justice League Snyder' Cut in 4:3 aspect ratio? Is his artistic vision that this be a home video from the 90s?


Nice. Happy bday Dtoid and Papa Niero.


Happy birthday, Alphadeus! Hope you have a great day!


I only just realized today was Mario Day. Happy Mar 10 ervry body.


Help I've turned into a Bernie Meme!


You're damn right there's a Carly Rae Jepson cyberpunk tabletop RPG.


Happy new year ervry body. Hope this year brings many wondrous things for you.


I wasn't very excited about Death Stranding when it came out but with the help of a sale and Plisskens recommendation, I picked it up. It's fantastic.


First BC comes out with a COVID sex guide, now our Ferry company is promoting ear sex. What a progressive province I live in.


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