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Yo why does Kyle Yadlosky remind me so much of Vadicta??? Also where did Vadicta go??? Hope he's ok...


To the great Community Managers taking care of the spam plague, please have some delicious food and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you do. For real though, Spam Musubi is delicious. :)


Canadian Lootbox episode 2: Another win... Interesting. 2 for 2. I'm also trying to read up on Kingdom Hearts lore to see what's going on and I'm so confused.


Finally hit the credits in Monster Hunter World. This is my GotY, no matter how early it is in the year. What a great cooking some Beef Bourguignon and baking cookies. Will post pics later. Really happy right now :) edit: food pics in comments


... It begins... I'm 1 for 1 right now. I'll post each time I buy a Canadian Loot box to keep track of how good/bad the odds really are.


Not a good day today. Stress baking ensued. Salted-Butter Chocolate-Chunk Shortbread Cookies were made.


Good afternoon my friendos. I was browsing through the interwebs the other day and stumbled upon this gem of a song by some filipino artists, WAY different from what I'm used to but I dig the music and their aesthetic. Check it out!


Shoutout to everyone on here for coming together to form such a great community. We'd make a great team of power rangers. Our Megazord would be Mr. DTOID but every body part is lewd. That's all folks.


The gf gave me grief last night for not showing you guys the "fake shack"cheeseburgers, and onion rings that we made last weekend... So they are?


I know we have RoboPandaZ's Master list for gaming together, but I just wanted to let anyone who'll be playing Monster Hunter World this weekend to add me on PSN:It's Getnekkid with an underscore between Nek and Kid. I can hardly contain my excitement!


Today is a monumental day for me... I've been given my "Certificate of Good" by THE Malthor. I've never felt more fulfilled as a person as I do right now. :') Life is gud.


Happy Birthday to Robo Panda Z!Thanks for being such a great pillar of this community!


Happy birthday Larx and Wes! To celebrate, here is my new favorite bunny girl.


Woke up an hour earlier than my alarm due to stomach troubles and couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to use that time to have a few goes at Gascoigne. Needless to say, mans is dead-o.


Whoa, found an old photo depicting Flanx,Torch and I protecting our virginity!


Just finished up a nice little meetup with Ninjaspped, gotta love that guy. Also his facial hair is lookin reeeeaaaaal nice.


Now that TWEWY and Dark Souls is coming to the Switch, I now feel the need to buy one for myself. Does anybody know how many butt-touches I need to sell to save up $400 Canadian?


Happy Birthday NakedBigBoss!!!


Gf went and got us tickets to see the Edmonton Ice Castle this weekend. Any excuse for me to wear my favorite hat is ok in my books. Protip: keep your ass warm by not going down the ice slide.


Am I the only one waiting for the Phantom Thieves to leave a calling card for Ajit Pai? Man needs his heart stolen badly, methinks.


Car froze up for the second time in 3 days. -40 C is one heck of a bitch.


My favorite Christmas gift this year: An amazing apron the gf painted Amaterasu on because she saw how much I was enjoying the game! Bless that woman.


Yeah bruh we went full hog this Christmas. The skin was criiiiiiiiisp. Merry Christmas friends!


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