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Went to the Edmonton Expo today as the world's best Pokémon villains. Edit: Added our photo with a derpy-lookin' Pikachu we were told not to catch for reasons.


Happy Friday everyone!!! If you haven't watched Jigoku Shoujo yet, I urge you to do so. I've been watching since the first season came out way back when, and just realized there's a fourth one now, about 10 episodes in! I know what I'm doing this weekend.


2 truths 1 lie: I like butts, I like butts, hotdogs are not sandwiches.


Yes, I too like to Pokeymans


I am not disappointed. MesuKing for GoTY.


Went to a spot called the Hidden Valley with a couple of my siblings yesterday to do some live action Breath of the Wild-ing(Climbing). Check out this view! Also, a couple more pics in the comments!


Tonight was a blast. I felt slightly sad on my bday because everyone was busy. Today when I thought I was gonna hang out at my girlfriend's house for a simple night of chillin', and walked into a surprise bday party that was planned for me. Life's grand.


My brother just showed me this thing he found on Groupon. I wonder if it shrivels up into the seat when it gets cold?


I saw this video about the man they used for Revolver Ocelot's animations and thought you all might like it!


Soooo... I turned 23 today... Thanks for the greetings, folks!


A very Happy Birthday to our very own Amna Umen! Hope you're having a good one, buddy! Thanks for providing such an invaluable service to all of us on here.


I can already tell that my nephew is going to be a great person one day.


So vacation was a blast. It was only for a week but it sure felt longer! Got to visit my grandfather's grave and finally live up to my promise of helping my Grandma with her gardening! I'll post more in the comments :P


Well I'm still alive, been in California vacationing with the gf and chilling with my family for a bit. I'll post with regular frequency once I return. For now, here's a weird pic of me in my new favorite sweater!


To my fellow Canadians: Amazon.ca has the switch in stock!!!


Yo check it out, my city's annual cornmaze this year partnered up with Bio ware to promote Anthem! This should be fun. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story%20=10211818767677752&substory%20=6&id=1026615696


I really really really want this, but in hoodie form. Unfortunately it only comes in shirts! If I throw enough money at Scott Ramsoomair, do you think he'll send me one???


After reading Bass's blog about pretending to know about anime, I came up with the perfect solution for everyone on this site to not have to pretend anymore. I propose the renaming of "Destructoid" to "Kawaii-Desu-tructoid" to end it once and for all.


Let it be known that today there was a bird flying around the office and I was running around trying to capture it with my box. Although it was a fruitless endeavor, at least I can tell people that I was trying to get a bird in my box.


Went and got myself this bad boy. Can't wait for it to arrive just in time for my bday next month!


Hey does anyone know if @KhalidEternalNigh is still around? I miss him and all of the Bob's Burgers posts he did. Also his facial hair was glorious. If you're seeing this, I hope you're ok and I miss you bud!


Soooo... when are we going to set up a Dtoid ARMS tournament?


To settle this once and for all, A hotdog is a sandwich. Not just according to me, but Merriam-Webster! https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/to-chew-on-10-kinds-of-sandwiches/hot-dog Read it and weep, suckas!


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