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Quick question for you folks: who's going to EGLX in Toronto this March? I'm seriously considering going and would love to know who I might see there!


"You think donuts is your ally.But you merely adopted the donut; I was born in it,moulded by it.I didn't see the bagel until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!"Me when my coworker told me about her "discovering" Safeway donuts


Yesterday I added Metal Warriors to my SNES Classic Mini and decided to have a go at it against my older brother. The game's fun and has great mechanics. Needless to say, I was no match for my brother who used to play it a ton as a kid. Lost 18-4.


Following up on @GreenTinsel214 and doing an #AYA as well. -Would you rather fight a bear sized Praying Mantis, or a Bear-sized Cockroach? How would you approach it? -What's your favorite pastry? - Knees or elbows? -Tell me your deepest secret?


Don't be fooled, there's a handsome and muscular gnome behind that TV holding it up. On the real though, getting this shit done by myself was a big morale boost considering how things are as of late. Also all of your jokes earlier made me laugh.Thank you.


I need help finding a stud (in my wall) so I can drill holes, and mount my TV. I heard I need 2 sets of hands for this job.


Happy Turkey Day, my good friends! May all of your food comas be as satisfying as possible.


Today the building I work in decided it would be a great idea to tar the roofs. Nothing like the smell of death so early in the morning!


Got tickets with the gf to see a Cree adaptation of Macbeth called "Pawakan Macbeth". I gotta get me one of these posters.


Guys. I found the Phalanx Pheller roaming in the wild! Apologies for the zoomed in shot, it was the closest I could get without dying.


Fought hard for one of these with the squad this weekend. Come join me for some clunky yet satisfying fun! Also some videogames.


The day isn't over yet, but so far, I understand why people go drinking after work.


Happy birthday Flanx! May your muscles be extra swole on this happiest of days.


Happy birthday Deadmoon! More like Alivesun amirite


Well I just realized that as of October 26th, it has been a year since I have made my first post on here. Thank you all for being so good to me. I'm also bored today... so.... AMA?


Fighting a Thunderbird in Horizon Zero Dawn will always be epic.


Well I just sold my old 3DS for 150. I guess it's a good thing that I haven't touched it in a while? Buyer seemed adamant about leaving it un-updated.


This took way too much effort to justify doing again, but it was fun. Here's this year's Halloween costume(Moana and Maui)! Happy Halloween!


I just started watching the anime adaptation of Inuyashiki, and man... this show is dark. I guess that's a given considering how dark Gantz was... but man...


Here's a Mario Odyssey spoiler for ya: Bruce Wil- I mean Mario is a ghost.


Played Fortnite for a bit with the buddies over the weekend. That game is clunky as heck, and needs a whole lot of polishing, but loads of fun when you got your friends with you.


Spent a solid few hours over the past long weekend trying (and coming so close) to beat the Nue in Nioh with a wooden sword & some onmyo to get the Onmyo Mystical Arts. Somehow found myself succeeding by playing with the controller behind my head. Odd.


I lucked out and ended up getting my 2 best friends and I some decent seats for Star Wars' Opening Night. Cost a bit more and I'm not even a huge fan, but considering how great of friends they are to me, it's all worth it.


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