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I made some brisket for Thanksgiving and it turned out pretty good!


Met up with Zombie and Strider last night for some pizza and beers. After a few years of knowing and talking to these guys it was so great to finally meet!


Game(or Expansion) of the fucking year.


My little sister actually took my request for this cake that I saw online and made it come true! I think I can die happy now.


Make sure to like, comment and subscribe below so I can ask you a question to pass the time at work.


Went to Vancouver last week and it was toight. I think I'd live there if I could afford to. Anyone in the market for a kidney?


Big Happy Birthday to Tony Marzano, aka Amna Umen, aka Weather Wizard, aka Drunken Nixon Style! Thanks for always doing a great job putting up with us on discord! You are a scholar and a gentleman.


I just wanna take a moment to recommend the heck out of "The Naked Director" on Netflix. I binged the whole thing in one day because of how good it was. Takayuki Yamada was amazing in his role. Go watch it!


Finally finished my first playthrough of Fire Emblem. I chose Blue Lions the first time, help me choose my next house! Black Eagle, Golden Deer, or Orange Iguana?


Who is the best #FE3H waifu and why is it Shamir? Tell me why your choice of waifu is wrong in the comments, Shamir and I will scoff at you.


I can wholeheartedly say that I am excited for Iceborne. I screamed with joy by the end of it. Watch 'til the end for the best teaser ever.


I have an extra Code Vein Network Test code for this weekend up for grabs for anyone interested. Anybody want it? Edit: claimed


I'm bored as heck, so please do me a favor and tell me about your favorite food and the reason why it's your favorite! Mine's Pork Sinigang, and I love it because it reminds me of sitting around the table with my family. Good times. (Pic not mine)


For today's Canadian tidbit, Canadians are upset with the postal service because they depicted the Nanaimo Bar wrong on their limited edition Dessert stamps. Read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/nanaimo-bar-canada-post-stamp-controversy-1.5116981


Due to Joker finally joining Smash, I realized that I never did finish P5 (stopped at 65 hours). I think I burnt out after playing so much so fast. Anyways... I booted it up again this weekend and I think I'm going finish it this time. Hifumi is best.


If you could know the time and date of your death, would you do it? I think i would, honestly.


Amna showed me his favorite way to eat bagels! Anyone want a piece?


Finally got one of the harder vinyls to get in the game... I think it looks pretty decent! I think I'll stick it through with Anthem for a bit... Although there's a lot wrong with it, I still find myself having lots of fun. I hope it gets better.


This game has been a huge rollercoaster ride ever since it got released. A roller coaster that has no rails, and the seats can eject you randomly, making you fall to your doom and crashing your ps4.On the real though, the customization is keeping me in


Spent last weekend in the mountains with the family. We're smiling in this photo but it's -40 with nothing to block the wind. Our faces are just frozen.


Yesterday's creation in Anthem before the game shut my ps4 off for me. I've never played Hyper Light Drifter, but I really love that character design. Taking a break from Anthem until they fix these crashes, can't risk it anymore.


Well this looks like it'll be good. War looks just like imagined she would.


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