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Been playing FFXIV a lot recently with a group of friends and I'm having a hell of a good time. The Dark Knight's job quest for level 70 is insane.


My only reason to keep going right now is the knowledge that I have this preordered:


Happy Monster Hunter Day! I won't be able to play until I get home, but I hope everyone else has fun! What weapon are you planning on starting out with this time around? Gunlance and Hunting Horn for me I think.


Come back to see everyone posting their gundam builds. Here's my entry :) How y'all doing?


Wait... Does xbox really not have any launch titles?


Happy Father's Day everyone!!!


Hey Dtoid, I hope everyone's doing well during this pandemic. It's gonna be a rough couple months ahead, so please make sure your mental health is in good shape! Side note: between new MH content, ACNH, and Nioh 2, at least passing time won't be too bad.


New job is fun so far, found out today that a good percentage of my new coworkers are either really into games, anime, or both. It's kinda nice! Only downside is the amount of sweat that resultsfrom wearing a bulletproof vest. Pic related:


I somehow convinced myself that it would be a good idea to learn how to snowboard this winter. Ended up buying this board, and spent way too much money on the other stuff too. Let's hope it's worth it.


Happy Birthday to one of my building brothers, the one and only Flanx. Have a good one, bruh!


I'm not trying to say fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs are shit starters, but I will point out that any time someone comes into my office wearing any Leafs gear, I end up having to write an incident report. Coincidence???????


CJ Andriessen better have a 6-pack of abs by the time that Ringfit Adventure review comes out. I WANNA READ IT.


I made some brisket for Thanksgiving and it turned out pretty good!


Met up with Zombie and Strider last night for some pizza and beers. After a few years of knowing and talking to these guys it was so great to finally meet!


Game(or Expansion) of the fucking year.


My little sister actually took my request for this cake that I saw online and made it come true! I think I can die happy now.


Make sure to like, comment and subscribe below so I can ask you a question to pass the time at work.


Went to Vancouver last week and it was toight. I think I'd live there if I could afford to. Anyone in the market for a kidney?


Big Happy Birthday to Tony Marzano, aka Amna Umen, aka Weather Wizard, aka Drunken Nixon Style! Thanks for always doing a great job putting up with us on discord! You are a scholar and a gentleman.


I just wanna take a moment to recommend the heck out of "The Naked Director" on Netflix. I binged the whole thing in one day because of how good it was. Takayuki Yamada was amazing in his role. Go watch it!


Finally finished my first playthrough of Fire Emblem. I chose Blue Lions the first time, help me choose my next house! Black Eagle, Golden Deer, or Orange Iguana?


Who is the best #FE3H waifu and why is it Shamir? Tell me why your choice of waifu is wrong in the comments, Shamir and I will scoff at you.


I can wholeheartedly say that I am excited for Iceborne. I screamed with joy by the end of it. Watch 'til the end for the best teaser ever.


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