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Ys IX is good, you guys! I am having fun


Felt like starting a new DQ11 game and selected Shypox at the start. The protagonist is now 10 times more relatable.


I'm feeling kinda desperate for a particular flavor of horror/thriller and I'd be really grateful for any recommendations! Specifics in the comments


Did anyone else ever play Mana Khemia on PS2? It’s probably one of my favorite turn based battle systems and the soundtrack was pretty great! Thinking about it a lot lately


Does anyone have any recommendations for a half decent, modestly priced gaming laptop? I’m kind of useless with this stuff, so any info at all would be appreciated!


Ok so I finished Trails of Cold Steel 3. NOW what. Can I have the fourth game now, please?


Playing FF7 Remake...I can barely believe that Honey Bee Inn sequence just happened. That was amazing


Every cat today is the cutest and best cat


Hello! I’ve had an account on Destructoid for awhile, but never posted. Seems like a nice place, so I thought I should maybe try to push through my CRIPPLING SOCIAL ANXIETY and introduce myself! It’s nice to meet y’all!


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