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I was wondering if we were gonna get news on this anytime soon.


It's 6PM and my teats are rigid. Winter is on its way.


Well, we got trailers for Beast Wars movie and Indiana Jones 5, Jaiden Animations is now a vtuber and Kanye West is officially public enemy #1. Today can't possibly get any more interesting, can it? Image irrelevant.


Cranky Kong's jimmies remain unrustled.


New trailer for The Long Dark's expansion pass. Cougars have also been confirmed, but that's cougar as in wildcat and not attractive, older women.


Bob Chapek's been ousted from Disney, with Bob Iger taking over for the next 2 years. 1 rat down, one to go.


There's a whole-ass Jurassic Park fangame being made in Dreams, and I am in awe at what's been shown off here.


Managed to vote this morning. You lot should do the same if you haven't already.


Dave the Diver is a game that does not take itself seriously and I adore it for that. Also, funny UI bug go brr.


Welp, I'm spending Halloween with back pain, so might as well commemorate this moment.


Today marks the dawn of the Age of the Sniff.


CONFESSION: I wound up missing out on the Splatfest premiere because I forgot the time it took place, but I managed to snag this when I was exploring the lobby.


The storage space for my PC is shit and I'm debating whether I should get an internal or external drive because I don't know how to install the former competently...


Another sketchdump. Might consider getting a social media page as an archive.


So it's my birthday, and I managed to get myself quite the haul.


Wanted to make a sketch dump, but the paper got ruined, so here's this.


So word on the grapevine is that 2K games reinstated servers for Evolve behind everyone's back. Might actually get the chance to try it out for the first time (had it in my library, but never had the chance to play it). UPDATE: Yeah, it's alive.


NGL, this caught my attention more than it should. Only because I'd be able to fight a future-mosasaur.


Season 2 of Primal is said to be premiering at midnight, so I just finished binge-watching the entire first season just for the occasion. Picture irrelevant.


Tsukumo Sana from HololiveEN has announced that she's graduating on the 31st. As someone who just started watching her content only a few weeks ago, it's a pretty hard blow, but what I read about, it's understandable. I hope for the best for her.


Season 2 for Primal is confirmed to come out on the 21st. Sadly, Adult Swim took down the trailer for some friggin' reason...


TMW you're considering applying for a university but with the way things are going stateside, those dreams are bound to be dashed to hell and back..


While this likely non-fatal, the fact that a lot of concepts in fiction have been coming to life in the past few years is insane. Probably enough to make a basic list of what we have so far.


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