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Holy shit, I'm so watching this. Gonna have to make a list of what's been shown so far.


A reprisal of Jeff Goldblum? Animatronics? Carnotaurus and Baryonyx? This film already has more fanservice than JW ever did.


Welp, the teaser's out, and the crew still take their cues from the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things. On the plus side, Compsognathus is back!


Just remember the next time there's a fight; Iguanodon always wins.


There's something about this that puts a big grin on my face. I'm assuming it's because they truly are using animatronics now.


So... Dino Run 2 seems to be making an attempt to come back. They just started a crowdfunding campaign the other day. I actually bought a pair of keys for my friends in the initial phases back in August.


So... Am I the only one who begins to think of a whale with Saiyan hair every time I think of Cachalot (another name for Sperm Whale)?


So for those curious, these are all the apparent dig sites for JWE (Shown at the Frontier Expo). Definitely a step-up from JPOG, and I already have an idea on what kinds of dinosaurs (and other reptiles) to expect.


Currently waiting for Frontier to finally show gameplay for JWE. So far, it's been nothing but interviews and questionaires. Tbh, this could have gone better.


In hindsight, this seems like a pretty fair representation of how mammals lived during the Mesozoic.


Oh hey, unlike Hasbro, it looks like Mattel actually cares for a change.


Well, I know what's shaping to be one of the most memorable experiences for this gaming generation.


Me and some buddies on Discord were talking about this some hours ago. Clearly, that is the face of a hunter who doesn't want company by his side while feasting. "AWAY WITH YOU, GUILD WENCH!"


The fact that this was announced on a day featuring a solar eclipse makes it even more special.


I just found out Kemono Friends also comes in a prehistoric variety. That said, Smilodon is officially best friend.


Almost forgot about today, so...


This is exactly how I feel when trying to learn C#.


Music like this is why Elma is my favorite Dragon.


Well, I just learned an interesting tidbit about Rain World's AI that is both awesome and creepy at the same time (will post quote in comments).


There's a chance I might wind up interested in Kemono Friends now. This is all Gundy's fault and Lion is best friend.


I think this picture sums up my political position pretty well.


[url=http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/2939/rhinos%20]Plans to reintroduce rhinos into China. Uses African rhinos.[/ur]


So in BotW, you can turn rafts into airships, ride bears into town, crush your foes with boulders and crates and cheat the puzzle system and get away with it. Yeah, I think this sums up my thoughts on the game pretty well.


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