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So here's that Jurassic World short I mentioned. All I intend to say is that I'm glad the carnivore featured actually got some proper screentime, especially after years of neglect from the films prior.


So Jurassic World's getting a short film (out Sunday) and two animated series (one being Lego-based and one coming to Netflix). I'm actually surprised it took this long for the latter to happen, especially after learning of previous attempts.


With Mandrills confirmed, that's one step closer to building a Lion King-themed zoo.


This is a good water boi. 2 more subspecies in the comments.


So I just learned The Lion King's gonna be almost 2 hours long.


Forgot to post this here before, but eh, better late than never. I will say that I like how we can customize those terrariums to give them a bit more flair. Definitely adds some replayability to it.


Now, if we get War of the Monsters remade, I'll be set.


Just gonna drop this off here...


So... I know I usually don't post for a while at a time, but this instance is different. Details in the comments.


So, TIL Disney had the balls to greenlight a villain-based dating sim(?), with the art done by the mangaka behind Black Butler.


Genndy Tartakovsky's doing a new project for Adult Swim, and it's right up my alley!


I WAS just going to post the gameplay trailer, but screw it. Main event starts at 30:20.


Everyone else taking about Avengers while I'm just sitting here hoping Godzilla turns out to be good. :>


Ok, that was the wrong link, and I could have sworn that I already replaced it... Regardless, my childhood has just been tapped.


Happy Weed Day, ya filthy animals!


So, Mordhau's coming to Steam in about 10 days.


TMW a hairy-ass elephant does a better job at killing Valkyries (10:35 for those curious) than the former God of War.


Looks like Shelter's getting another sequel, and this time, you're an herbivore.


Fishing Special 2: Blastblight Gamaloo


So this is the first time I've posted here since the end of November. Well, for the most part... I think it might be best to explain in the comments, provided this'll actually be public at all (this is a second attempt at posting).


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*injects an entire crack into his veins* GTA 2 WITH MOUSE AIM AND SWIMMING


Happy Birthday to the best (objectively :P) dtoider, Inquisitive Ravenclaw!


Happy Monday




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