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Godzilla: Singular Point finally wrapped up its first season in Japan, and it should be airing on Netflix next week. I've heard nothing but good things coming out of it, so I'm excited.


Got my second COVID shot. The croc-ening is going full steam ahead!


Paralives really do be scratching that Sims itch.


Well, this is officially a thing for Jurassic World Dominion. More info in the comments.


Summer Games fest is tomorrow.


So, Jeff Goldblum's making an appearance at the Summer Games Fest next week. Couple guesses as to what that entails.


Welp, website updated and it doesn't seem to let me use my DToid account... I think this sums up my thoughts well enough.


Got my first COVID shot. If Bolsonaro's warnings are true, then let the croc-ening commence!


So... Carnivores is having another go at IP revival. More in the comments.


NGL, I feel the fact that an animated series winding up being more anticipated than the films (especially sequels) it's based on is something Jurassic Park and Star Wars both have in common. Also, this is the first time I've heard dingus in a cartoon.


If someone wears a shirt like that unironically, they deserve to get roasted.


When nostalgia goes too far, don't be surprised when you get chastised in the process...


You know a meme is worth it when Diogenes is involved. Who wouldn't want to hear the ramblings of a man who lives in a barrel and shits in the marketplace?


Primal Carnage is finally kicking things up a notch. Hopefully this means Triceratops will appear in the future.


My contribution to the Miitopia character creation craze. Couldn't figure out how the QR scanning worked, so I just took a photo. For those curious, this is Spear from Primal.


Babby's first time cooking turkey. All the hours basting away and one incident where the towel was on fire for five seconds before putting itself out have paid off in the form of juicy, out-of-season goodness.


There's a traveling exhibit coming up in Japan this summer focusing on fossil Pokemon and the prehistoric creatures they're based on. Pikachu's also channeling his inner Dr. Grant.


So, the Dino Crisis soundtrack dropped on Steam at random. Wonder if this is a prelude of things to come.


Why the fuck does Singular Point's opening song slap so hard?


Saw Godzilla vs Kong and Godzilla: Singular Point premieres tomorrow on Netflix. What a nice week.


Welp, PS4 somehow got fucked and I had to initialize it, meaning anything I had on there is gone, progress-wise.


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