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So I just learned The Lion King's gonna be almost 2 hours long.


Forgot to post this here before, but eh, better late than never. I will say that I like how we can customize those terrariums to give them a bit more flair. Definitely adds some replayability to it.


Now, if we get War of the Monsters remade, I'll be set.


Just gonna drop this off here...


So... I know I usually don't post for a while at a time, but this instance is different. Details in the comments.


So, TIL Disney had the balls to greenlight a villain-based dating sim(?), with the art done by the mangaka behind Black Butler.


Genndy Tartakovsky's doing a new project for Adult Swim, and it's right up my alley!


I WAS just going to post the gameplay trailer, but screw it. Main event starts at 30:20.


Everyone else taking about Avengers while I'm just sitting here hoping Godzilla turns out to be good. :>


Ok, that was the wrong link, and I could have sworn that I already replaced it... Regardless, my childhood has just been tapped.


Happy Weed Day, ya filthy animals!


So, Mordhau's coming to Steam in about 10 days.


TMW a hairy-ass elephant does a better job at killing Valkyries (10:35 for those curious) than the former God of War.


Looks like Shelter's getting another sequel, and this time, you're an herbivore.


Fishing Special 2: Blastblight Gamaloo


So this is the first time I've posted here since the end of November. Well, for the most part... I think it might be best to explain in the comments, provided this'll actually be public at all (this is a second attempt at posting).


I'm in a good mood. A good mood that calls for Velociraptors.


NGL, I've been waiting all year for this, and in a way, it's paid off.


I just back from the hospital for knee pains, and to celebrate, have this high school photo of a Tsintaosaurus, back when it was a literal dickhead.


One more vid for the road. This time, Halloween-appropriate.


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