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You guys asked for Pokemon fishing lures, right? No? Well too fucking bad.


If anyone's interested, an acquaintance of mine made a complete archive of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, including a *TON* of scrapped features. Link in the comment section.


Something something Wall Street taking a dry one up the ass.


Finally joining the Animal Crossing train. Currently trying to come up with what my character should look like (I'm too self-conscious to even try using my real appearance).


To my understanding, this is Resident Evil Village in a nutshell.


What's with all the monkey business!?


After several years of trying to get proper funding, Dino Run 2 is officially underway! https://twitter.com/pixeljamgames/status/1352304699727368201?s=19


So, I finally got a Switch last week, and since yesterday, I've been playing the hell out of BotW. Controls were a case of needing to get used to, but overall, I'm having a blast.


Alright, I have a rant (with context) that needs to be said, because this is absolutely infuriating for so many reasons, and I'm tired of having this be the elephant in the room.


TIL Espresso Monster exists


A very good reminder that the MonHun movie is a steaming, hot pile of Slagtoth dung.


Question; Who would have the gall to justify $50 for a game with only 30 minutes of content?


Admit it, those of you who've seen WWD read the caption in Kenneth Branagh's voice.


If your poem doesn't include Kill-Prick, Dildoe or "Thus was I rook'd of twelve substantial fucks," it's automatically trash. Medieval literature taught me this.


I have returned from my slumber, I come bearing a gif, and yes, that's Nigel Marven narrating.


So here's that Jurassic World short I mentioned. All I intend to say is that I'm glad the carnivore featured actually got some proper screentime, especially after years of neglect from the films prior.


So Jurassic World's getting a short film (out Sunday) and two animated series (one being Lego-based and one coming to Netflix). I'm actually surprised it took this long for the latter to happen, especially after learning of previous attempts.


With Mandrills confirmed, that's one step closer to building a Lion King-themed zoo.


This is a good water boi. 2 more subspecies in the comments.


So I just learned The Lion King's gonna be almost 2 hours long.


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