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Welp, finished Boku no Hero season 2 today. Binged the final 6 episodes. And holy shit, even with little to no action, what a tense final episode that was! (Late to the party, I know)


With the current flash sale I'm thinking about diving into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure universe, game (and anime included). Any opinions on it? Both the game and the anime.


(Not every) anime is a mistake.


Netflix is officially desperate.


Sub-Zero doesn't know shit!


Testing if I still got my freedom of speech around here.


Are the qposts fixed? Couldn't post yesterday, no matter what I did.


Tekken 7 pro tip: If frame data is interesting to you, download this app.


Since all the big ones are out of the way, E3 2017 top 10: 1-5. Spiderman 6-8. Dragonball Fighter Z 9-10. Days Gone


I'm living for the end of the semester. Sorry for disappearing everybody. Quick Update: My Tekken 7 CE shipped yesterday, can't fucking wait for it!


I feel like a Soul Calibur character is pretty much obliged in Tekken 7. #EmailHarada


I love those kind of things! Especially when its about my favorite fighting game franchise ever!


For as much shit as I give about SFV, this has picked my interest. If only the gameplay of Street Fighter wasn't so uninspired in general... Then I'd be all over it right now.https://youtu.be/XXU5LL6GAQk


Note to self: Don't ever buy a 2D fighter again. They're just not your thing, dude.


You can never have too much backlog apparently. Also, where is SC VI???


Dammit! Been playing waaay more Final Fantasy Ex Bravius that I should. I'm addicted! Send help!


Sums it up pretty well. One of the bests videos on this channel in a while.


Watched Logan tonight with my girlfriend. First half was pretty much the plot for the Last of Us. But overall It was a awesome movie! I really liked Laura's character!


Truth has been spoken. But seriously though, you all beautiful creatures deserve equality. Happy international women's day!


Today is my birthday. I'm two FFXV's development cicles and four years old today! *Yaaaay*


OH YES! I officially don't care who they release anymore, was just waiting on this motherlover. Now I can finally give my heart some peace.


Anyone knows if this is sold out? I wanna find one, specifically one that ships to Brazil. Send help!


I just got a partial scholarship at my college. And I couldn't be happier! With all the money that's gonna help me save for other stuff, such as them games! Current Status:


That feeling when you finally find your main in a game.


What if the Echoes in FE Echoes - Shadows of Valentia is actually a cue to more 'echoes of the past' (remakes) being made? Wouldn't that be awesome to know?


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I'm 24 and living in Brazil on a city called Caxias do Sul. I played Rock N' Roll Racing once and never looked back since.

I am:
- A student
- In the best relationship of my life
- An aspiring writter
- Forever a fan of the Avatar(the last airbender and Korra's) universe
- A great fan of Boku no Hero
- An avid Tekken player
- A below average Kingdom Hearts speedrunner (but i'm improving)
- A fan of great storytelling in general on all their media and form.

My favorite games in no particular order are:
- Tekken franchise
- Kingdom Hearts franchise
- Soul Calibur franchise
- Tales of Xillia
- Tales of the abyss
- Tales of Graces f
- Final Fantasy XII (and the rest of the Ivalice Alliance)
- Final Fantasy VIII
- Devil Survivor Overclocked
- Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2
- The World Ends With you
- The Last of Us
- Life is Strange
- Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix
- Burnout Dominator
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted (the 2005's one)
- Resident Evil 6 (fight me)
- The Evil Within
- Silent Hill 4: The Room
- Megaman Zero: Collection
- Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3
- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
- Dynasty Warrior franchise
- Spider-man: Web of Shadows
- Red Dead Redemption
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle