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So... that's Spider-Man "platinumed". And the secret photo op done as well. Crazy fun from beginning to end. Now I'll do college stuff until Soul Calibur VI comes out. Peace out!


New avatar and the same old lurker from the last 5 years. Ask me anything.


Since I probably won't play RDR2 this year, as far as single player games go my game of the year goes to Spider-Man. Beat it yesterday and even still I can't wait to play more. This one was something special. I wanna platinum it!


Spider-Man has consuming alllll of my free time, some of my sleeping hours. But I don't mind, it's a amazing game. Specially on the hardest difficulty. (Wouldn't mind a fourth one, though)


My copy of Spider-Man came in the mail today. Too bad I'm outta town until tomorrow evening... Can't wait to play it though.


Milla update: She still hasn't developed the skill to poop in the right place. But she has the "guilty puppy" face locked down for when we scold her.


Update on Milla the puppie: Taking care of her is really taking a toll on my gaming time. On the other hand:


Sooo... I got a dog. Milla this is everyone, everyone this is Milla.




Oh, happy birthday for Gajknight and Kerri. Hope it's a good one!


Tekken 7 TOP 8 on EVO was HYPE. Was rooting for Lil Majin, but LowHigh truly deserved it. Now lets get those reveals going, please.


EVO is probably my favourite gaming event of the year, never disappoints. It barely started and already has me smilling from ear to ear.


So... in a last minute impulse I just bought DOOM, Darksiders 2 Deathnitive Edition and Overcooked Gourmet Edition. I bought my PS4 this year and I'm already on the 50 games benchmark. HELP.


Pretty much all I ever wanted to say about the subject.


The amount of stuff I repeatedly got scared of losing, because my jeans has some thin pockets gives the concept of "pocket universe" a whole new meaning.


Finally finished watching Westworld Season 1. Mind boggling genius. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 10/10. I hope Season 2 continues to deliver.


Ni No Kuni II's difficulty patch is up, for whom it might interest. I've waiting for it since the release of the game, so I'm STOKED to get back to it.




And here is my E3 thing. Forgot to put TLoU part 2, other than that, it's all here.


Between the last two PSN sales I got: TLoURemastered, Odin Sphere HD, Until Dawn, Yakuza 0 and For Honor Gold Edition. Also, my girlfriend got me NieR:Automata as well. I'm good with games until the September/October releases. EDIT: HOW GIFS WORK HERE?


So... since I don't own a Switch, E3 is pretty much over for me. It was okay. A lot of games to keep an eye on. But I was expecting more surprises to blow me away. If it wasn't for those samurai godsent games, I'd be disappointed.


Dead or Alive 6 seems alright and the world could always use more 3D fighters. Consider me interested.


Just one more day and then it's two weeks of from work. Alright! (Kind of)Current status:


2D figthers combos look so much fun and make me wanna pick them up, but the minute I see high level play and characters moving around I lose my interest. Go figure.


Even though Infinity War is the best Avengers movie it still got nothing on both Deadpool's movies (saw DP2 today) and Black Panther. THOSE are the real saviors of a saturated genre.


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I'm 25 and living in Brazil on a city called Caxias do Sul. I played Rock N' Roll Racing once and never looked back since.

I am:
- A student
- In the best relationship of my life
- An aspiring writter
- Forever a fan of the Avatar(the last airbender and Korra's) universe
- A great fan of Boku no Hero
- An avid Tekken player
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- A fan of great storytelling in general in all their media and form.

My favorite games in no particular order are:
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- Soul Calibur franchise
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- Devil Survivor Overclocked
- Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2
- Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix
- Burnout Dominator
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted (the 2005's one)
- Resident Evil 6 (fight me)
- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch