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Went to an article and wanted to comment. In the time it took to write the comment, I had an ad I couldn't see start running, and running again, on top of itself, inception-ing 'scotch tape brand' with no way to stop it minus muting all Shit's fucked..


Trying to use this site without an ad-blocker is like trying to punch myself in the dick and not having it hurt a lot...


Oh snap this new Vanillaware game's art is amazing... what little there is of it that is :( http://atlus.com/13sentinels/


Just made a terrible mistake: I've been Civilization free my whole life... and I just bought that Humble Bundle. Where to start? I'm a bigger sci-fi fan so is Civ:BE worth or should I just go with Civ5? Recommendations appreciated!


Yay, more SC2 for IEM Shanghai :D Violet vs Has time! Zerg (gogo!) vs Toss (boo!)


Tokyo Mirage Sessions doesn't have a perfect Jpop soundtrack, but when it hits, it FUCKING hits! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff4QtvPSYRU


Watching TotalBiscuit talk about MS vs Sony E3 Pressers. Interesting breakdown and helps me understand why so many people preferred this years Sony show. I normally don't watch and just check the actual announcements so the style is normally lost on me.


There are many things I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how... Admiral! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DvRCykzHy4


Love the Dtoid community. It makes me get the feels for stuff that happened a decade ago and I love ya'll for it!


I love Cat Girl Without Salad! It is stupid and I probably won't play it for super long, but I LOVE that WayForward made Holmes a not-lair AND the game is zany enough to just be awesome!


Dear Dtoid staff: Please remove "Here are videos of every character-specific Achievement in Overwatch" loading into the bottom of EVERY article I open. It is eating my computer alive and would very much like to read whole articles and comments...


Just got done for the night with a few fine Dtoid community members from some OW games. Had a blast and it went much better than last night (don't ask >.<)


Overwatch is quickly becoming my new addiction. Wish I had more time to play it and be less scrubby >_<


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