On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs
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Yesterday I received an invitation to co-host for a couple of days on a radio morning show. Of course, I accepted. Of course, I'll kill it.


There are 2 people in my office that order out everyday. One gets a $15.00 sandwich the other gets an 18.00 sandwich. I can't even fathom spending that just on lunch everyday.


I love you, Nintendo, but I don't like you.


PSA: As of today, I am at 69% of my sales goal for work. Carry on.


Here you see the daddy Switch passing along vital information to the baby Switch (the data transfer between the 2 was extremely easy).


Alex Jones/ Space Ghost Coast to Coast crossover tweet in the comments. Holy shit.


I haven't played NEARLY as much Octopath Traveler as I've wanted. Reason and a story in the comments.


nintendo tweet in the comments, i guess.


My yorkie was sprayed by an overly amorous skunk last night. Cue a late night trip to Walmart to purchase a list of items that could also be used to clean a murder scene. Cripes.


If you wanted these slick printable Octopath Traveler game covers (one for each hero!), but didn't have the points- there's a link to download them FREE in the comments.


I'm guessing it won't be, but if Link's Awakening were to be included in the Switch Online service, I would be sooo happy! I never got to play it and I hear over and over again about how good it is.


$264.83- That's how much I've spent in the eShop. I've got a lot more than that spent in physical games, but I felt like I had spent more on the eShop. I guess I did better than I thought.


@Alphadeus strikes again! I really enjoy this song! I'll post a link to the song I gave him for inspiration in the comments! Evening bump because he deserves the accolades!


Stray observation: Soulbow is the thirstiest motherfucker on this site. And I love them dearly for it.


Is this the first time Nintendo has confirmed cloud saves?


Confirmed: I GOT TICKETS TO SEE BECK!! I haven't seen him play in 15 years. I am so stoked!


Cosmo and Wanda paid me a visit! Isn't she preeeeetty?!?!?


I got a super cool Mega Man radio the other day. It's a promo item, but I'm unsure how old it is. I'll say this: The foam on the earbuds had degraded into a gooey mess. More pics in the comments!


Discussion: Do games on your wishlist count toward your backlog or just games you own? Can you delete a game from your backlog if you've decided you will never play it or is it forever on your backlog? Backlog.


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