On NE: Here's a useful mechanic that Fortnite: Battle Royale doesn't teach you
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#ConfessionToid I don't know what over half the damn games or anime characters are that you people talk about, but I still love it here. Tolerate me, please!


If anyone was looking to get me an early Christmas present...


My oldest son has been at Explosives Camp at Missouri S&T all week and he's been sending me pics and updates. I am so jealous, folks!


Walking into a business, barking your name at the person behind the counter, and expecting them to know exactly who you are and what you're there for. #WhitePeopleThings


What surprise Nintendo E3 release should I have my Amazon bucks ready for, folks?


Nintendo Labo should not be as fun as it is. I am stunned.


The BEST "Weird" Al polka. Fight me. Wait- don't do that. You're totally allowed to not like things that I do like. Hug me.


If you're anywhere near Springfield, MO on 06/16/18, cme join us for Greater Ozarks Pridefest! I'll be hosting for awhile and we can hang out afterward! it'll be a blast!


Rocklahoma was a complete success! No rain, plenty to drink, faces rocked off! This is me on Day one. There's more pics in the comments.


#Rocklahoma, here I come! 3 days of rock concerts and band interviews. I may post some pics if you're interested. Stay safe and take care of each other!


With Octopath Traveler, I may have found my first waifu. Of course, I'll have to play the game first, but for now- H'aanit is best girl.


Hyrule Warriors on Switch is nearly unplayable for me. The map is so tiny and there's so much shit obscuring where I'm at, that I fail just because I don't know what's going on. So disappointed.


Tonight me sons, some friends, and I start a campaign of this game: Charterstone. I'm super excited to dig into this. Anyone had any experience with it?


I got my chair! It was too short! The thrilling conclusion to CHAIR SAGA will be in the comments!


Nintendo announces the Smash Tournament players for E3. Spoiler: It's 8 dudes Tweet in comments.


Torchman is my waifu. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sounders!


Chair saga continues: A chair came in today. They sent the wrong chair. Chair.


Suggestions wanted: What is your favorite, fairly inexpensive bluetooth headphones (I'm picky about how earbuds feels, but name those too)?


Broadcasting live! How's YOUR Saturday?


I'm watching "Dropmix" at Toys R Us to see if the price drops significantly. Has anyone played it? Would you suggest picking it up?


Yesterday the company sent me a link to a new office chair. It's awesome and I approved. They ordered it. Today a new chair arrives and I start putting it together- it's not my chair. I put someone else's chair together. I hope they like it.


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