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The End Is Nigh, but my day has just begun. Good morning, DToid!


A friend of mine said she shares a birthday with Rob Zombie, which made me wonder with which celebrity I share a birthday. No of note note, except:


Finished SteamWorld Dig 2 last night. That was a lot of fun! Now, to finish Axiom Verge. I also dipped my toes in Oxenfree too so I got that going for me.


Temps near 60 this morning and freezing rain this afternoon. Oh, hey, Missouri!


I need SMB2 and SMB3 on Switch, people. Going through those withdrawals! (I have them both on Wii U and could easily play them, but I've been too lazy to swap the HDMI cords.)


My son downloaded Oxenfree from the eShop and is imploring me to play it. I'm in the middle of both "Steam World Dig 2" and "Axiom Verge" at the moment. I need more time in the day!


"Why is my bill so high?" "Because you added Hustler @ 24.95/month" "Well, that just doesn't make any sense." Welcome to my day, folks.


I was told by my boss that I can clock off early everyday this week so I don't lose unused vacation time. HELL YEAH!


A warning for Nintendo Switch owners and the reason I bought this case with my Amazon giftcard in the comments!


I won a 25.00 Amazon Card at work. Trade it for an eshop card NOW or save it for Octopath Traveler LATER? VOTE NOW!


Tried reading LaTerry's blog to no avail. Tried reading Greenhornet214's blog to no avail. Any word on when this site will be fixed? It seems that the CBlogs are going to waste until a fix comes through. Pic unrelated.


Earlier this month, my car was repossessed. Got it back. Then I got an eviction notice. Dodged that one by spending $2500 last Saturday. Barely bought Christmas for the boys. This month has been hell. Thanks to those who made miracles happen! Yeesh.


I was retweeted by the official Twitter account of the Amazon show The Tick. I guess that means I'm famous now, folks.


Nintendo has its own podcast now. I found the first episode to be pretty boring. So much so that I didn't listen to the whole thing. Link in the comments.


Follow up speculation regarding Octopath Traveller: Will it all fit on the cartridge or will there be a fucking download?


That Octopath Traveller hype is welling up in me! Any guesses on when in 2018 we'll be seeing it?


I was listening to Run The Jewels radio on Pandora and heard a Portishead song pop up. WHHHAAAT?!?! It's a Killer Mike song with a Portishead hook. #MusicToid


I've been having fun with the BotW DLC Pack 2, but I'm a little miffed about the whole thing. A rant and SPOILERS in the comments.


Spoiler: Link gets a new weapon and it immediately breaks.


Today I was showing someone my Switch and- because I wasn't fully paying attention- deleted my DOOM save file.


Good lord, Nintendo- give me themes for Switch, please!


It looks like I'll have to wait for my prize. http://www.sadtrombone.com


I won a prize at work. Last time I won a prize from this person, they sent me a decorative motorcycle (similar to the pic). It's still in the box that it was shipped in. Yeesh. Here's hoping the next prize is better (should have it today).


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