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I've never had to wait to have anything posted. What triggered it? "Cuck"? "Fetish"? "Papa Niero"? I don't mind, I'm just curious.


True story: My best friend ended up dating and then marrying my ex-girlfriend. I worked at a Classic Rock radio station at the time and would play this anytime I thought he might be listening. #PettyToid


Speaking of people we haven't seen in awhile- is Morpho ok? Has anyone heard from him recently?


There's a very slight chance that I will get tickets to see Beck open for U2 on their Joshua Tree tour. Beck is bae, so please keep your fingers crossed for me!


Just found out that there was a Legend Of Zelda board game in 1988 and now I want a copy. Badly, but not 125.00 badly.


A huge THANKS to the Dtoiders that played MK8 Deluxe with me this weekend! You guys rock!


What's the over/under on the details of Nintendo's paid online being featured at E3?


My Switch code is sw-5818-0680-6890. Add me and put your code below! I'd love to get some Mario kart action going one night!


So I was dubbed by Andre Churrosworth, so shall I be. Hello. I'm Michael. Michael Fishington.


Dtoid gets a shout out on the Official Nintendo website! Does that happen often?


Supposed to write a music review on an unreleased EP... and I've never written a review before. Already past deadline. Fuck.


I assume some of you nerds will be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tonight. How do I get in on some o' dem races?


I'm having a problem with my Nintendo Switch and would like to see if anyone else has the same issue. Details in the comments.


In honor of Occams' birth, I defeated Calamity Gannon today. You're welcome, Hyrule.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out next week and we still know practically NOTHING about Nintendo's online service offerings. WTF?


The boss is in the office today, so I'll have to use my best ninja skillz to keep up with you fools.


I would pay for my phone's messaging app to have a Persona 5 skin so that it uses the font and appearance of the game. I haven't even played the game, I just like the way it looks. (Example in the comments)


My Switch tells me that I've played BotW for "95 hours or more" and I'm nowhere close to wanting to beat it. Good lord.


When I hit the fapbox, I hit it for all I've got- which is only 10 faps. More followers for me = more faps for you. **wink**


I'm super interested in this game. It looks like a ton of fun and, at 14.99, it's going into my collection.


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