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DOOMs day happens for me tomorrow! Awwwwwwwwwwww, yiss!


MY Nintendo has BotW DLC Pack 2 wallpapers up, but no actual release date. C'MAN, NINTENDO!


I was just given a 10-minute lecture about a customer's religion. A week or so ago my coworker was given a 15-minute lecture on a different person's religion. Maybe it's just me, but a company's lobby doesn't seem to be the right place for a sermon.


Want this 3DS theme? No coins to get it? First to claim it, gets a free download code! #GiftToid Edit: @GetNekkid got it! See ya next time!


Apparently, I'm not getting DOOM until 11/14- next TUESDAY. Thanks, Obama (and Amazon)!


Springfield, MO artist Gary Bedell is claiming that MDHR (the studio behind Cuphead) stole his idea for a 1930's animation style game. He points to this video as the first bit of proof. Pretty interesting.


Happy birthday, DeadMoon! You're the coolest!


Unpopular opinion (?): Sonic The Hedgehog comes off as an asshole. A heroic asshole, sure, but an asshole nonetheless.


Need this 3DS theme? No coins to get it? It's yours if you want it- just DM me! #GiftToid Edit: Congrats @Hypno Coffin!


It's Friday and the 3rd of the month. If you work in customer service- stay safe!


Happy brithday, Mr Churros! May you have a mighty nice birthday night!


Super Mario Odyssey is a very fun game. I love playing it- but I do not care one whit for the Rabbit bosses. They are generic placeholders for the actuals bosses that Nintendo meant to put there. They're really just bland and... yeah. Bland.


Thank you, everybody, for making your posts mostly SFW here lately! I know it's a big change for everybody, but for those of us at work it means a lot and makes our Dtoiding way safer.


New person in training at work saw me surfing DToid. Asked me what I'm doing...


Trent Reznor and producer Atticus Ross take on the "Halloween" theme. #MusicToid


Has anyone heard any word about when the next Breath Of The Wild DLC will be released?


As an avid board gamer, this bullshit needs to stop. Source: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/settlers-of-catan-movie-sony-1202587485/


Re: The new Beck album "Colors"- I've listened to it 3 times through. I love every minute of it. Pic: Wes gets me.


Is there such thing as fishgirls (Like catgirls, bunnygirls, etc.)? I don't wanna google it at work, but I'm REALLY curious (not in a sexual way).


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