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March is my birth-month. Beck is my favorite music artist. What are your thoughts on me posting a Beck music video each day of March?


I searched for "bayonetta switch special edition" on Amazon and found this on the 1st page of results. Is there something I should know about this game?


Happy: Remembered that Monster Hunter XX was released in Japan for Nintendo Switch and tried to order it on Amazon. Sad: Realized there's no English language support and I won't understand a damn word of it.


I'm not sure why there's a men's and women's Curling team. We all know that, when it comes to sweeping, the men's team will just do a half-ass job so that that the women's team will come in and finish it. #2018Olympics


My son is waffling between Skyrim or Darkest Dungeon on Switch. Opinions, folks?


I made comments of the week for the first time! Woooooooooo!


I took 3 days off from work (and, unfortunately, you) and I feel refreshed. What did I miss, lovers?


ANSWERED IN COMMENTS 1)I am friends with the mayor of a small town and was given the keys to the city. 2) I hung out with N'SYNC in their dressing room for 2 hours prior to one of their shows. 3) I fell out of a moving car at 30 mph. Had only scratches.


What a weekend! Finally got a date night with the wife and took her out to see this legend of a comedian!


I had accidentally deleted my DOOM save file on Switch and then just never started back up. Now that the audio and menu issues are getting patched, I guess it's a good time to get back in!


I wasn't aware that there was a physical release of Axiom Verge, let alone a Special Edition. I can't bring myself to pay for the game twice, but that SE is pretty sweet!


I'm considering deleting my save file for Breath Of The Wild to playthrough again. I'm struggling to find reason not to do it.


I made a joke QPost earlier and it was in poor taste. I sincerely apologize. I truly want nothing but the best for this community.


MRW looking for new info on Octopath Traveler...


Super Meat Boy, The End Is Nigh, Celeste, Dandara.... others that I've forgotten. Are you getting your fill of difficult platformers on Switch?


Customer: Did you hear about all the horrible accidents on the highways yesterday? Me: That's why I walk everywhere. you never hear of a 30-person pileup on the sidewalk.


My oldest son currently has a 4.4 GPA (he takes weighted AP classes- 3 this year) and told me that he got an email from Yale. It basically said that they see how well he's doing and that his family's income might be very helpful in getting tuition help.


Well, I just preordered Octopath Traveler. It's the first time I've preordered a game that doesn't even have a release date. EDIT: Almost 18 hours later and I'm feeling no ill effects. Phew!


The My Nintendo dude (Mii!) is playing a Nintendo Switch today, but there aren't any Switch rewards available. WTF?


I have some Amazon credit that's burning a virtual hole in my wallet. I considered preordering Bayo 1 & 2 or Octopath (WHEN WILL IT RELEASE?!?!?). What are some suggestions from you guys for Nintendo Switch?


Confession: I have about a dozen versions of Monopoly (including Inflatable Monopoly). Hasbro is releasing a version called "Cheaters Edition" that I'll have to get. Link to story in the comments.


I haven't seen anyone mention this game, but I'm intrigued by it! BUMP because it buried in the Wes/D-Volt wars yesterday and i want get others' opinions.


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