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Tonight me sons, some friends, and I start a campaign of this game: Charterstone. I'm super excited to dig into this. Anyone had any experience with it?


I got my chair! It was too short! The thrilling conclusion to CHAIR SAGA will be in the comments!


Behold: The best selfie I've ever taken.


Nintendo announces the Smash Tournament players for E3. Spoiler: It's 8 dudes Tweet in comments.


Torchman is my waifu. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sounders!


Chair saga continues: A chair came in today. They sent the wrong chair. Chair.


Suggestions wanted: What is your favorite, fairly inexpensive bluetooth headphones (I'm picky about how earbuds feels, but name those too)?


Broadcasting live! How's YOUR Saturday?


I'm watching "Dropmix" at Toys R Us to see if the price drops significantly. Has anyone played it? Would you suggest picking it up?


Yesterday the company sent me a link to a new office chair. It's awesome and I approved. They ordered it. Today a new chair arrives and I start putting it together- it's not my chair. I put someone else's chair together. I hope they like it.


BREAKING NEWS: Literally. My office chair is breaking and I need a new one to hold my fat ass up to the counter. :/


I've been away from the internet for a bit. I hope this hasn't been posted yet!


A Keebler ad popped up on my twitter feed and I noticed that people had replied to it. What do people say to a fictional, cookie-making elf? More examples in the comments.


I'm not religious, but I loved this!




It's a me- OnAirFish! Need these themes? Don't have points? First to say they want them will get BOTH Mighty Mustache 3DS Themes!


The "Weird" Al show was amazingly good. The opener, Emo Phillips, absolutely killed. It was really an honor to get to see him on stage. Setlist for Al's show is in the comments.


#ShoutToid to the CBlog Recappers and the COTW team. You're doing awesome work and it's GREATLY appreciated!


Amazon answers are a weird place.


Just preordered Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. I missed out on it on Wii U, so I'm pretty excited to play it on Switch!


I get to see "Weird" Al Yankovic Thursday night and I'm kind of freaking out. I cannot wait!


I saw the 90's band Bush in concert last night. It was a pretty solid show. Gavin Rossdale has had two hairstyles in the last 20 years.


Twitter seems to be down. How are you?


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