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Had a good night. Got to see my two best friends, got my hands on a SNES Classic, ate filet mignon and lobster tail at a hibachi grill, and went to the Great American Comedy Festival and saw Joel McHale perform live. And now I sleep.


Be careful around the net, Avengers 4 details are getting leaked out. While none of the ones I have seen have been that bad, they're out there and they're still spoilers.


The Pokemon Let's Go Pokeball Plus Bundles are up for preorder on Amazon. For anyone interested. EDIT: Link to the Pikachu version now in the comments courtesy of Gmana.


Time for another weekly reminder for June's #BandofBloggers theme Parents and the #BookoftheMonth The Warrior Heir. Now that my arm is mostly healed I'm hoping to get my BoB blog on Venetica up in the coming week. Links in the comments. Gif unrelated.


The AT&T and Time Warner merger got approved (which is bullshit) and now they're going to go into a bidding war with Disney for Fox (which they will lose and just piss off Disney).


The only thing about Ghost of Tsushima I'm not a fan of is that they keep calling it a samurai game. It's not. The main character is a ronin, not a samurai & based on gameplay he behaves more like a ninja. I dunno, it's a nitpick I guess, but it bugs me.


Well, Smash Ultimate looks fan-fucking-tastic! December can not come soon enough!


Just watched Sony's conference. TLOU2 looks interesting, Ghost of Tsushima looks fun, Death Stranding is intriguing if weird, Spider-Man looks amazing, the RE2 Remake makes me want to start playing REmake, and Control was an interesting surprise.


Looks like Microsoft actually did good this year. Good. Unfortunately I also see they are already teasing the XBONE's replacement, which means I won't be getting one until they're cheap, since it will likely be abandoned next year.


The best thing I can say about EA's conference is that I had a lot of fun cracking jokes about it here on Dtoid. And really, isn't that what really matters?


Two gripes. Gripe No. 1: Why is so much Harley Quinn merchandise glamorizing her abusive relationship with Joker? Gripe No. 2: Why is 99% of Harley Quinn clothing for women only? Guys like Harley Quinn too and her diamond pattern could easily be unisex.


How much would the internet explode if Nintendo's E3 Direct announced that Metroid Prime 4 had been renamed Metroid Prime Federation 4ce?


Dead or Alive 6 announced. Btw did we miss E3? Has it already come and gone?


Weekly reminder for this month's #BandofBloggers prompt, Parents. I'm hoping to get my own BoB blog on Venetica up soon. Also there's a new #BookoftheMonth for June. This month is The Warrior Heir. Links to both in comments. Picture unrelated. BUMP

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Band of Bloggers - June 2018 Edition

Welcome to yet another installment of the newly revived Band of Bloggers. This time I, dephoenix, shall be your humble host. Last month my fellow Band of Bloggers-er Greenhornet214 blessed us with the theme of A Walk Through the Woods,...


Arby's switched to Coke products which means no more Mtn Dew Game Fuel at Arby's. Arby's is dead to me.


I decided to make this in lieu of a blog. Too much work, especially with only one good arm. I purposely didn't fill out the hype part. I'm not actually too into E3 this year. I'm not expecting much.


The sequel to March's #BookoftheMonth My Solo Exchange Diary came out yesterday. I just ordered my copy, thought I'd give you fine folks a heads up. I know that there were some fans of My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness that were looking forward to it.


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