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The top comment for this was, "I feel like if Terry Crews was a song he would be this´╗┐" and I fucking died.


I finally beat World of Light. I only used Kirby for the whole thing, no other characters. It was fun, even if it was 99% padding. Now I just need to get all the spirits, music, and whatnot.


I would have posted this for #Cursedmas proper, but I only just found it today. I don't know what it is, but it looks like Eddie Brock took a dump.


My entry for my own #BandofBloggers theme is up. Give it a look, if you would. It's a few examples of moments when video games made me feel naughty (in this case meaning guilty). Link in the comments. BUMP


BoB - My Naughtiest Gaming Moments

Video games can make you feel a spectrum of emotions. Pride, joy, sadness, you get the idea. One of the most interesting emotions a game can make you feel though is guilt. Games are not real. The people in them are just lines of code ...


Cursedmas was a rousing success. Now that it's over though I'd like to make amends with some cute shit to cleanse this place a bit. #Cleansemas


In non-Cursedmas news, check out this book I got my nephew for Christmas.


'Tis the final day of #Cursedmas! So if you are holding onto something truly cursed, let it out! Don't hold back! Btw this #Cursedmas is continued in the comments.


Okay, so Into the Spider-Verse has created a weird (but kinda cool) new internet trend. People are now creating their "Spider-sonas". Imagine fursonas crossed with Sonic OCs, but Spider-Man so better.


I'm squeezing one more #Cursedmas in tonight. Also Merry Christmas Dtoid! And also a quick reminder that there's still time to write your Naughty or Nice #BandofBloggers blog. Mine is late, because I'm naughty.


You did me proud Dtoid. I am very grateful for those of you who celebrated #Cursedmas in my stead. Here's one quick one from me. PS, I had a good Christmas. Good night everyone (unless you're on the opposite side of the world, in which case Good morning)!


My family's doing Xmas tomorrow (the 23rd), so I won't be here to spread #Cursedmas cheer. So I'm counting on you guys to curse this place well and good in my absence. Merry Cursedmas everyone!


There's only a few days left in #Cursedmas. Let's really get this place good and cursed. Here's a ceramic Kirby.


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Recently I've been trying to "break out of my shell" by getting out of my comfort zone and trying things I normally would not. Because of this I have discovered lots of new games, books, manga, shows, and movies that I now love. I do my part now to try to help others expand their horizons and get out of their own familiar space and try new things.

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