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Aaaaand it's officially my birthday. To celebrate I am inviting you to Ask Me (Almost*) Anything! Picture Unrelated. AFTERNOON BUMP


The rest of this comic will be in the comments.


I finally got my #BandofBloggers blog for Shadow of the Tomb Raider done. Link will be in the comments. Also just a reminder that there's still time to write your own blog about this month's theme, Leading Ladies. BUMP


Check out my new avatar for the spooky month.


The new Star Fox is looking good.


This presents some interesting ideas.


Is this what happens when Peach uses the crown power-up? Picture by Serena Samborski.


If Bowsette made it into Smash Bros Ultimate, would it be as a Peach echo fighter or a Bowser echo fighter?


Taking a break from games for a bit to catch up on my other backlogs. Read the first volume of Tomo-chan is a Girl. Loved it! Full thoughts in the comments for those interested.


And I'm done with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hope to get my #BandofBloggers blog for it up in the next couple of days. Over all though I'd say the game was thoroughly enjoyable, although it's by far the stupidest of the trilogy.


Thanks to Laterry's Uematsu post YouTube recommended me this 70s German disco song about Rasputin, performed in English by a band whose lead singer has some sweet ass dance moves. Enjoy.


I'm picking the most basic choice for this Uematsu lovin', and I shamefully admit that I prefer the Advent Children version. But this is a great piece of music nonetheless.


Oh also Nero apparently has a vibrating arm that he uses to massage Kyrie's "hips and shoulders". Sure. That's what people use vibrators for. Hips, shoulders, and NOTHING ELSE.


We all got so distracted by Dante's theme sucking so hard we all completely ignored this TGS trailer for DMC5. Trish and Lady are in the game. So that's cool, right?


So with Peachette being a thing, this was kind of inevitable. Fan made, not official. Sorry to disappoint.


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