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The PS5 is the ugliest console I have seen and I love it so much. It reminds me of the fake PS4 images people used to make.


Not that it was really a question, but yeah, PS5 here I come!


Okay real PS5 Predictions: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a launch title, Spidey 2 and God of War 2 get teased two years too early, Resident Evil 8 officially revealed, Silent Hills coming "soon", new Crash and/or Spyro, and PS1/2/3 BC still not happening.


Escapist Indie Showcase is going on RIGHT NOW. Join me in the comments, I'm lonely.


My PS5 Event predictions: Ridge Racer, Ape Escape, Onimusha, Gravity Rush, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, inFamous, Twisted Metal, Legacy of Dragoon, and PaRappa the Rapper fans will be very disappointed. Also no PS1/2/3 BC.


Ten year anniversary.


So I got Screen Cheat on the Switch today (it was on a steep sale). Only played single-player with bots so far but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Wish I'd gotten it sooner. This game is great!


Well if everyone else is posting it.


Sometimes the YouTube algorithm works.


Looks like Mr. Sounders has started a petition.


I feel like hurting you all today.


I bought so many socks and underwear today.


I think I might be in a bit of a gaming funk because Xenoblade is also just not doing it for me. Going to just take a break (minus Animal Crossing) so I have time to recharge before TLOU2. Don't want to be burnt out when that comes out.


Going to shelve Tales of Vesperia for a while. Game has too many issues for me and the story isn't compelling enough for me to look past them. May pick it back up down the line, but for now I'm out. Going to start Xenoblade instead.


A "cumic" if you please.


Sony's delaying the PS5 reveal that was going to happen on June 4th. Source in the comments.


Strange. One of my villagers sent me a statue. Like one of the ones for the museum. And it was real. Not complaining, mind you, just found it a little strange.


Does anyone know why Tales of Vesperia wants me to be online so badly? Tries to connect every time I start up the game. I don't think it has any online features?


As to the responses of my last post I started Tales of Vesperia. I have a question about it though. Is there a point where the combat starts not sucking? Because atm it feels like an unholy mashup of hack n' slash, action RPG, and fighting games.


I feel like making a poor decision (in this case starting an RPG even though XC:DE will be coming in a few days). Need some input. Which of these should I tackle?


So Revenge of the Bird King is pretty neat. Bought it for one whole penny on the eshop and it's a fun time. Well worth the money.


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