NE: Are we going to pretend Mario didnt just get murdered?
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A buddy from work made me these vinyl decals to put on my water bottle. I think they turned out great.


Fuck me, I may have to go to a concert in the nearish future. Ludo is coming back from the dead for one night, so this is most likely the last chance I will ever get to see them perform live.


Yo, that Ridley Amiibo is up on Amazon. Get it while you can. Link in comments. EDIT: Wolf is up too. Added link to Wolf in comments.


I really need to catch up on My Hero Academia. I haven't got any new manga in a looooooooooooong time.


I just saw a fucking Christmas commercial. In July. Fuck everything, burn it all to the ground, let's start society all over, this time no fucking Christmas.


Started Dragon Quest Builders again (this time on my Switch) and man I still love this game. Kept telling myself, "Just one more thing, then I'll quit," over and over before I finally forced myself to put the game down. It hits all the right spots for me.


Do you think if Starlink does well on Switch they'll add Samus and her ship to the game?


#RIPSteveDitko Spider-Man is legitimately one of my favorite superheroes. I wanted to be him so bad as a kid, and so it's a shame to see a man who had such a big impact on the character go.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how erect will this make Mike "Torchman" Sounders?


So I found the perfect reaction pic for if Limo ever posts a bad opinion. Feel free to use at your own discretion.


Just a rumor, but this would certainly be an interesting choice.


Also I finally beat Mega Man Legends 2 over a decade after I first got it, and I wrote a blog for #BandofBloggers about it. Please check it out if you would.


Seriously Smash Ultimate better have a fucking Adventure Mode. It is one of the best modes in the series and I have no idea why Smash 4 didn't have one.


Band of Bloggers - Mega Man Legends 2

I remember when I first beat Mega Man Legends. It had taken some time, and I was quite proud of myself. And I remember the small teaser of “Game Over?” at the end that got me excited. I became very happy at the prospect of...


I'm officially retiring Deadpool from my backlog. I did not beat it, and I do not wish too. It sucks soooooo much. Such a waste of potential. Just a truly poorly designed game.


So you know what I hate? Sites that won't let you look at the stuff they sell unless you make an account. They'd have an easier time selling stuff if the people who might potentially buy it could actually browse and see shit they'd like.


Why do we still have shoelaces? We've had slip on shoes for quite some time and also several much better alternatives (like magnetic "laces") so I don't see why we hang on to such a cumbersome and outdated method of keeping our shoes on our feet.


The new God of War's "omega" symbol is really cool. In addition to being reminiscent of the omega symbol of the original series, it's also the lake of nine with the towers, and the World Serpent.


Oh just a heads up, no #BookoftheMonth this month. After pinching a nerve in my arm last month, and trying desperately to put out a blog for my own Band of Bloggers prompt I didn't have time to come up with one. So, I'm taking the month off. Pic unrelated


Hey, the art book for Bayonetta 2 is finally getting released in North America! Hopefully it's not delayed as much as the first one was. Supposed to come out November 20th.


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