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Here's a cool Bayonetta wallpaper Platinumgames/Sega released.


And thus begins my quest to breed all the flowers. Wish me luck.


Finally upgraded Resident Services. Now I can finally change my island's flag. And I know just what to do.


Question for the community: Should I wait to play Xenoblade on the Switch or should I finally get around to playing my Wii copy? It's important to note that I probably wouldn't play it right away on Switch anyway.


Been playing a lot of ACNH got me wondering, what is everyone's five favorite villagers? These are mine: Mitzi, Lucky, Lolly, Clay (who I just got to join my island and I fell in love with him), and Tangy. As you can guess, I like cats.


PSA: If a deer named Beau moves onto your island keep an eye on him.


If you eat fruit in Animal Crossing and are worried about breaking rocks due to that built up energy apparently you can release that energy by sitting on a toilet. Just poop all that fruit right out.


There's a meteor shower on my island and so I'm farming wishes.


Does anyone else keep confusing the tree shadows for like REALLY BIG fish shadows and then get disappointed?


Nintendo is evil for creating Daisy Mae. How do you not buy turnips from that adorable little piggie?




Target didn't ship my copy of New Horizons until literally today, so I had to go to Gamestop and get a copy because I have had a shit week and this is the one thing that was getting me through it. I'll just sell the other copy I guess.


Happy birthday CJ! I hope you enjoy this gift. I had to dip into my #Cursedmas files early for it.


Can someone who understood the PS5 presentation explain it to me? Because I feel like I did back in my high school math classes. Did not really get a damn thing.


I just remembered that Dust: An Elysian Tale exists. Is that game worth getting?


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