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My beard's growing back in rather fine. Although it's made the grey ones more noticeable at the moment. I'm 26, why do I have a salt and pepper beard already?


So I teased a space-themed story for next month's BotM, but that's going to change. Long story short, I didn't own the book in mind, and my budget book-wise is tight with Xmas coming up. So I'm swapping it out with a book I already own. Hope that's cool.


EDITED: Figured out the bumping issue. Thank @MikeSounders for the help! The blog is now bumped up. Anyway, here's a quick mid-month reminder that the Book of the Month is a thing. This month is River of Teeth, a book about murderous hippos.


Book of the Month - River of Teeth

Just a quick mid-November bump. No big deal. Welcome to inaugural Unofficial Destructoid Book Club. Like a phoenix rises from its own ashes, so to does this blog rise from the ashes of its predecessor. Or something. Let’s just c...


Y'know, The Flash writers are going to seriously have to come up with better reasons for the bad guys to get away. The Flash is "the fastest man alive", yet he loses criminals that ran maybe ten feet away from him? Yeah, no.


Prehistoric Spider Megarachne. Said to have a body the size of a human head. #Spidertoid


Happy birthday Spiders For Sale! In case you were wondering, I'll take zero. Seriously, keep them away from me. Especially this one.


Check out what I found! I found these at a Goodwill when I was a kid and begged my mom to buy them (which I'm sure was unnecessary since they were like a buck). After a wash, these are going on my bed.


With so many allegations against celebrities going on I thought I'd share something more positive. Danny DeVito is a national treasure.


I forgot how much I liked Horizon. Haven't even touched The Frozen Wilds yet, I had some loose ends to tie first. I just really like this game's world.


Finally got Horizon's Frozen Wilds expansion downloaded...then I had to re-install the game, so I did that...then I had to redownload the updates...modern gaming is pretty stupid. I just want to kill more robot animals!


People warned me the first hour or so of The New Order was rough, but damn. I honestly don't know if I can stick it out to reach the good parts. It's borderline unplayable for me. First impressions are important, so why does this game start so shitty?


I just shaved my beard off for the first time in over 3 years. It will also be the last time. Screw that. Took forever, I got several cuts, and now I look like a giant child. I will still shave my neck, but I'm letting the hair claim everything else.


Oh man this GamePro DVD is great. It has previews for Devil May Cry 2, Metroid Prime, and Wind Waker back before anyone knew what the games would eventually become. The narrator is skeptical of WW and Prime, and optimistic for DMC2.


Someone mentioned Andrew WK yesterday which jogged my memory. I hunted down an old GamePro demo disc and looked through the trailers. This is the same one I found. And now I share it with you.


The first blog for the Book of the Month has been out for a week. If you haven't checked it out yet, maybe you should. This month's book is River of Teeth, a book about killer hippos in 1856 Louisiana.


Anyone else here read the manga "A Bride's Story"? I found it last year & have fallen in love with it. Unfortunately due to how intricate the art is & how well researched the story is (periodic accuracy) only 1 volume per year gets released. I need more!


Happy late birthday Deadmoon/Kevin. Sorry we all missed it. Hope it was a great day.


VA-11 HALL-A finally comes to Vita next week. Final-Fucking-Ly! Been holding out for the damn Vita version this whole time. I sure hope my patience is worth it.


Just realized Horizon Zero Dawn's expansion comes out tomorrow. Not that it really matters since it'll probably take a few days for me to download with my shit internet speed. Still, MORE HORIZON YAY!!


Happy birthdays DeScruff and Chris Moyse! I hope its filled with fun and merriment, and not at all filled with snakes. Unless you're into that. Then I hope it's filled with snakes. Btw did you know snake pits are actually snake orgies? Weird, right?


As much as I love Super Mario Odyssey and Monster Hunter Stories, I'm shelving them for now. I have too many things I keep neglecting due to being distracted, and both are major culprits. Dtoid is too, so while I'm not "going away" I will be on here less.


So uh, the new villain team for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon was revealed to be Team Rainbow Rocket. It's a rebirth of Team Rocket with villains from all the other generations' teams serving under Giovanni.


Gundy shall be avenged. I know what the mecha man truly fears. Sandwich truth. #TeamSandwich


Happy birthday Sr Churros! I hope it's filled with fun and good memories!


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