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Oh fan-fucking-tastic! My PS4 controller decided to crap out on me for no discernible reason. Now I gotta drop money on a new one. Would sure have been nice for it to last longer, considering my PS1 controller still works.


Kirby: Star Allies continues the tradition of Kirby games having surprisingly fun minigames. Chop Champs' highest difficulty is pretty addictive.


My backer rewards for the Samurai Grandpa Kickstarter campaign came in today. Check out this sweet Okami watercolor commission I got as part of my reward. Need to get this framed ASAP. Book, t-shirt, and art print were cool too. More pics in comments.


I hope this somehow becomes a thing.


Book of the Month question: How do you feel about the amount of info I've shared about the books thus far? I worry that perhaps I should include more, but I also fear spoiling the story. What do you think? More info? Or should I continue on as I have?bump


Opinion: Outside a potential E3 trailer showing (a little) gameplay and a release date, Nintendo should not release any other trailers for the new Smash. Especially not individual character trailers like they did for Smash 4.


#StripSunday from a webcomic called Alfie. It is #NSFW so bare that in mind if you decide to look it up. Some might call it a fantasy porn comic, but I prefer to think of it as a fantasy comic that happens to have porn in it.


Has anyone considered that since the new Smash seems to have BotW Link that maybe Mario will be Odyssey Mario, as in Mario with Cappy?


Kristen Wiig has been confirmed to be Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. Not the actress I would have gone with, but a decent pick I think. I'm interested to see how she does playing a supervillain. #CatgirlFriday


I'm also quite excited for the new Smash, Kirby, Warioware, Captain Toad, No More Heroes, Luigi's Mansion 3DS, and Undertale. Pretty damn good Direct. Can't wait to see what they're saving for E3!


Well looks like I'm buying Okami again. I don't even fucking care. It is made for the Switch, it's Okami on the go, I'M BUYING IT AGAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME!!


Btw happy International Women's Day!


So right now the only thing standing between me and 100%ing Super Mario Odyssey is the Bound Bowl, Jump Rope, and Volleyball mini games AKA the most bullshit parts of the game that really aren't fun (to me) at all. So I might not ever 100% Odyssey.


Do you like manga? How about lesbians? Tales of crippling depression? If you answered yes to all three then this month's Book of the Month is for you! Also you might be a bit fucked up. Link in the comments. Warning: Not Safe For Work!! NIGHT BUMP


I have not laughed so hard at a video in a long, long time.


You know what show I miss? Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. No idea why this didn't get a season 2.


Update on my brother. Surgery went well. No signs of nerve damage. Unfortunately he'll have some limited mobility due to 5 of his vertebrae being fused together and two metal rods being in his back. Still recovery time will be shorter than with the brace.


March's Book of the Month blog is up. Fair Warning, it's a bit NSFW, so check it out at your own caution. NIGHT BUMP


You know that feeling when you finish binge reading a webcomic only to find out it's on an indefinite hiatus with no clear indication that it will ever be updated again? That's where I am right now. Webcomic blue balls.


My brother has decided to get the back surgery. He goes in around noonish and should be done sometime around 5ish. Glad he went with the surgery. Hope it all goes well.


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