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So this actually looks really good.


Okay here's my review. It works great for like, watching movies and shit but I can't see myself using it to sleep because it has just enough space for your head and I feel I would slip off it in the night. Good quality though. Worth the price imo.


Hey my physical copy of Mare Internum finally came in. I backed this Kickstarter so long ago! Btw if you've never heard of it, Mare Internum is a very cool sci-fi webcomic set on Mars. It's really great. I'll drop a link in the comments for the intrigued.


Btw, it came in while I was super sick so I didn't mention it yet, but I bought that butt pillow. So now I have to ask: SHOULD. I. REVIEW. THIS?


So I'm not the biggest Sandler fan, I haven't seen Uncut Gems, and I already think the Oscar's are a joke we should've retired decades ago, but the Academy's reasoning for denying Sandler a nomination just ticks me off. This is pure bullshit.


Pokémon trainers are just summoners.


I recently made a pepperoni and pickle pizza. It surprisingly actually was pretty good. And so I ask the community, what odd flavor combos have you tried that you were surprised by how good it actually turned out?


This is a weird day.


Hot take Pet Edition: All your dogs are good boys/girls and none of them should exist. Dog breeding is a dark science and we are monsters for it. I am not saying any of you are bad people for liking your dogs though. Just that our ancestors sucked.


Mr. Peanut's dead. Good.


I made the mistakes of both posting my hot takes right before I had to go to work and also wording them very poorly. So here's a succinct redo. I think BotW's ideas are better than their execution and I do not understand the love for the N64. Better?


Bonus spicy take: All of Rare's N64 games have aged like milk and most, if not all of them, weren't that great to begin with. Also this could apply to almost every N64 game. The N64 was not great is what I'm really getting at here.


Since Dere has decided it's fight day, here's my spicy take. Breath of the Wild is a great tech demo. But it's all (or mostly) style and very little substance. I felt empty when I beat it, like I'd wasted hours of my life for nothing.


Happy birthday Panda!


Happy birthday Wes, my son. I know it isn't Wednesday but I got you a bunny girl anyway.


Y'know what would have been a better bonus for the fighter pack 2 instead of a Mii Fighter ancient armor costume? Give Link an ancient armor skin. In fact, stop making Mii costumes and start making more skins for the characters.


Health Update 2: Things have gotten worse. My viral infection has upgraded to a bacterial infection and I have bronchitis. I'm on 4 meds, not one of them acetametaphine, because I was starting to get poisoned by that. I won't be around much for a while.


"Were you napping in my clothes again, bug?"


Health Update: I'm still sick. 6 days now. While physically I'm improving over the last couple days my depression is devouring my mind. I've pretty much completely lost my appetite and I'm becoming just oh so tired of this shit. Wish me well.


For those interested.


I still don't understand why we don't have Pokémon Snap 2 yet.


I appreciate GameFreak's dedication to the bit that instead of ever putting effort into Venusaur's special forms (Mega Evolution, Gigantamax) they instead just make its flower bigger.


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