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So this is kind of scary.


An artist named Tim Klein noticed some puzzles have the same die cut patterns and created my current favorite form of art.


So I just found out that William Goldman passed away. He wrote The Princess Bride novel and *wrote the screenplay for its film adaptation, as well as many other iconic books and films. If you've never seen it, The Princess Bride is a magical film. EDITED


The memes are starting to crossbreed. Get your bunkers ready and stocked.


The artist behind Sunstone has been making drawings shipping Lara Croft and Wonder Woman and you know what? It works. Also a fan of his depiction of WW. Wish artists were more willing to beef her up a bit. She is an Amazon after all.


Apparently it's Pocky & Pretz Day. So....happy Pocky & Pretz Day?


I can't express just how much I want this Harley statue. I just want it so, so badly.


I've developed a strange habit of drawing monsters with Sharpies. My mistakes being permanent makes drawing them more fun since I have to accept every line for what it is, which leads to me drawing more slowly and with more thought. Here's a sample.


I wish this was a trailer for one of DC's animated movies and not for Funko toys.


Oh the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch Pro Controller is also back in stock on Amazon as well. Guess this is the day Nintendo stuff gets set up on Amazon.


Ice Climbers amiibo is up on Amazon for pre-order. Piranha Plant and K. Rool have pages, but aren't up for pre-order yet. Link to Ice Climbers in comments. I'll bump this with Piranha Plant and K. Rool when/if they go up for sale.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is exactly one month away. For the next 30 days hype levels are expected to rise. Please hype safely.


If there was an RPG where you played as a school teacher, would the character classes be like Science, Math, P.E., etc? #RandomThought


Oh good to get the Piranha Plant for Smash you have to register your game on My Nintendo. Fuck that. I don't care about My Nintendo and I'm not making an account for the Piranha Plant. Why can't Nintendo just have a DLC code, like most other games?


I'm eating ice cream and watching YuYu Hakusho to celebrate what little bit of Halloween I got left.


Well my Halloween is off to a great start. I get to go into work TWO HOURS EARLY, because a co-worker called in "sick". Luckily tonight should be slow, what with all the trick-or-treating. Still, grumpy.


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