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I've decided, in an effort to try to get more games off my backlog, to try and beat at least one game for every console I own by the end of the year. I already got the Switch and DS out of the way with Gris and Trace Memory. So 2 down 20 more to go...


I started playing Trace Memory for DS this morning. Between playing it before work and playing it after work, I beat in within one day (sorta). Short, but really fun game. And surprisingly dark for a Nintendo game. Highly recommend.


Happy birthday Robo Panda Z!


Happy birthday Wes, my son!


There is a slightly #NSFW Sonic picture in the comments waiting for you.


So there's rumors of a new Batman game circulating. Supposedly going to be based on the Court of Owls story arc. Might be an Arkham game, might not be. I would rather it not be. That series should stay dead.


Spider-Man: Far From Home's trailer confirmed for me that I won't be seeing it in theaters. I don't deny that Homecoming was a good movie and a good MCU film. But it was imo a bad Spider-Man movie and Far From Home looks worse.


What do you guys think, does this sum up the series?


Allegedly the Fox/Disney merger has killed the X-Force movie, as well as the Doctor Doom and Gambit films. Can't say the Doom or Gambit films will be missed by me much, but the X-Force film? That one stings. Hope this turns out to be BS, but I'm unsure.


And Gris is the first game I beat in 2019. It was good. I'm not sure I actually "get it" or at least I don't think I get exactly the message it was going through. But I enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll glean more in another play through some day.


I've had more time to dig into Gris and I'm liking the game a lot more. Some of my issues with it have been resolved and I'm intrigued by its strange, surreal world. Gives me similar vibes that Thomas Was Alone did, despite being significantly different.


I wrote a blog for this month's #BandofBloggers about Punch Out!! and giving up. Give it a read, if you would. Link in the comments.


Happy birthday Shibboletho!


So I finally got around to seeing Into the Spider-Verse. Hands down my favorite Spider-Man movie. Visually a treat, and just a damn good, solid film. The only complaint I had was negligible and was so nitpick-y even I hate myself for it.


I saw this on Twitter and thought it would be fun to play along. I'm not caring about the whole 1 like 1 answer thing, I'm just throwing my answers for all of them in the comments. Feel free to share your own.


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