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I started playing Golden Sun. What a nice little RPG. It's not the meatiest game I've ever played but I'm enjoying it quite a bit.


GT Goku is coming to FighterZ. Yes, yet ANOTHER Goku.


After 13 hours I finally have power again. I'm still cut off from town due to every bridge being underwater, but at least I can look at anime tiddies online again.


I may end up with an unscheduled day off due to record flooding in my area. (Sarcastic) Yay.


Have you noticed that Qtoid broke right after Dere started playing Siege? This is what happens folks. Siege is destroying Dtoid. #SiegeNotEvenOnce


So here's a picture of Bubsy fighting nazis.


Imagine a face with the eyelids closed. Now imagine they open and instead of eyes they open to reveal teeth. And then the eye mouths open and a tongue licks the lids. And then they laugh.


Very on brand of Dante to be into it. Source in comments.


Happy International Women's Day!


Suddenly I feel a distance grow between me and MK11.


As you can see, I mostly lean towards the cute ones.


This is a really great Zelda pic. I wish the artist would sell it as a poster/print. Source in the comments.


I bought this poster today. Can't wait to mount it on my wall. Artist is Micaela Dawn.


When did society get too good for cloaks? If I ever get stupid rich I'm bringing cloaks back. Fuck, if I'm ever stupid rich I'm going out each day dressed like a full on thief/rogue class character from fantasy games. #fashiontoid


Love whenever Drawfee does Pokémon.


Hey everyone, got a quick survey for y'all: On a scale of 1 to 10?


So according to the chart, the correct order of the new starters in terms of best to worst would be Sobble > Grookey > Scorbunny. I can't say I completely agree, but who am I to argue with science?


It's Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho's birthday. When I was a kid he annoyed me and I didn't like him. But as I got older and rewatched the series I realized what an interesting character he is. Also, if you haven't watch YYH yet, do it.


Grookey looks like they just fused Turtwig and Chimchar together.


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