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Happy birthday Wes, my son. I know it isn't Wednesday but I got you a bunny girl anyway.


Y'know what would have been a better bonus for the fighter pack 2 instead of a Mii Fighter ancient armor costume? Give Link an ancient armor skin. In fact, stop making Mii costumes and start making more skins for the characters.


Health Update 2: Things have gotten worse. My viral infection has upgraded to a bacterial infection and I have bronchitis. I'm on 4 meds, not one of them acetametaphine, because I was starting to get poisoned by that. I won't be around much for a while.


"Were you napping in my clothes again, bug?"


Health Update: I'm still sick. 6 days now. While physically I'm improving over the last couple days my depression is devouring my mind. I've pretty much completely lost my appetite and I'm becoming just oh so tired of this shit. Wish me well.


For those interested.


I still don't understand why we don't have Pokémon Snap 2 yet.


I appreciate GameFreak's dedication to the bit that instead of ever putting effort into Venusaur's special forms (Mega Evolution, Gigantamax) they instead just make its flower bigger.


So CollegeHumor and all its sister sites and channels like Dorkly and Drawfee are dead.


After trying to play it multiple times over the last couple of years, I think it's safe to say that I just do not like Super Mario World. I don't know what it is exactly, but that game just feels off and I lose interest in it very quickly.


I beat Super Metroid. It was pretty good. Though I do not think I will ever play it again.


You know what sucks in Super Metroid? Wall jumping. I hate it.


You know I used to have a good immune system. I went two years recently without even a cold. And now, over the past two months I've been getting sick every other week. Either it's given up or it's sick of my cocky attitude and decided to learn me good.


Nintendo Direct predictions: Dante revealed as fifth Smash DLC character, Metroid Prime Trilogy announced for Switch, No More Heroes Collection announced, Mario 3D World comes to Switch, Mother 3 still not coming.


The Pokémon games should let you play the games like the anime where you can get a badge by like bringing the gym leader their lunch or some other stupid bullshit. Just have 'em be like, "Oh hey thanks for the jelly donuts, here's the rock badge."


Hot take: Cats is okay. The movie, not the species. Cats, the species, is great. Cats, the movie, is okay.


I have seen Cats. And therefore I hereby adopt all of the cats in Cats as my new children. And just like GM plans to make mermaids real, so do I plan on bringing my new children to life. You have been warned.


Happy birthday Soulbow you strange, enigmatic man. I will never understand your power of persuasion and I can only pray that one day you will use it for good, not evil.


I almost missed out on wishing RiffRaff a happy birthday. Happy birthday, RiffRaff! I hope it was a good one!


Cursedmas is over, thus begins the #Cleansemas. Gotta purge the cursed outta here with saccharine sweet wholesomeness.


When I was a kid I would boot up the first Dragon Quest each Christmas morn and see how far I could get before everyone else woke up. In honor of that tradition I have started a new save file for Dragon Quest Builders 2. #MyGOTY


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