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Well this could be interesting.


Fobia was such a pale imitation of Limbo I ended up buying Limbo for my Switch. Fobia is a pretty pathetic game, but it is an EXCELLENT advertisement for Limbo.


Sometimes I fucking love the internet.


Beat a game called Fobia this morning. It's like Limbo. But bad.


So the first game I beat this year was Abzû. It was...interesting. A bit of a dry game, if you know what I mean. Fairly soothing, with beautiful art design. Glad I grabbed it on sale though. Not a lot of meat on that one's bones.


So what's the deal with games that don't save multiple saves? Like, some games (like Pokémon) I can kinda understand. But why do so many games only let you have one save so that starting a new game erases all your progress? At least do New Game + then!


Looks like that Monster Hunter movie is flopping. Good.


After deleting it from my PS5, also deleting another version that somehow came out of my PS5 disc, re-copying, and finally spending 13 hours to download the update(s), I can finally continue playing Immortals.


So Immortals updated and made all of my save data incompatible. Dunno if anyone else has this issue, all I know is I'm pissed because I was actually starting to really like the game and now I lost several days worth of progress.


Been playing a lot of Immortals: Fenyx Rising and a random thought popped into my head. What if they remade the first Final Fantasy, but in a similar, BotW-esque style?


I started Immortals: Fenyx Rising last night. It's alright. Gameplay is okay over all. Pretty much every line of dialogue is a joke and they miss more than they hit, so that kinda sucks. Also these accents are all over the place. Why is Zeus Italian?


If you could recommend just ONE game you played this year to AVOID, which game would it be?


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