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Well I now have Deadly Premonition in my hands as well as Clubhouse Games. Yes I succumbed to peer pressure. I better not feel ripped off by Clubhouse or I swear I will turn the rest of this year into Cursedmas.


I found some baby advice for our resident expecting parents.


On this Saturday of no real importance I would like to share with you one of my favorite personal stories to tell. It is about fireworks, although that's hardly relevant.


I'm not 100% sure, but if you're having trouble catching a Gigas Giant Clam in Animal Crossing try chasing it toward another big diving creature. I caught 3 in a row doing this. They seem to turn around when faced with another similar sized creature.


Drawfee is now 100% independent from CollegeHumor, they have a merch store and a Patreon (both I will link in the comments), and I'm just so happy this was a good news update because it is 2020 and I don't get that often.


Rare footage of the Human Torch and Ghost Rider fucking in a dumpster.


I brought you all some poetry.


Aaaaand it's finally July (at least where I am). That means the year is half over, it's about to get even hotter, and Animal Crossing is getting - let me just check my notes - ahem...TWENTY-ONE NEW BUGS! (and three new fish)


I realized I accidentally left my Switch on while I was at work. Luckily though that ended up working for me as Min Min downloaded while I was gone. She's a pretty good fighter! Going to play around with her for a while.


Wish I could get a better pic than this but oh well. My friend 3D printed a Chozo statue for me. I'm going to make it hold my pencil.


Just finished up TLOU2. I have...mixed feelings about the game. I can't say I didn't like it, but I can't say I like it either. I just don't know how to feel about the game.


God I'm so hyped for Biomutant! It looks like the bizarre mash-up of BotW, DMC, Monster Hunter, and late 90s/early 00s mascot platformers I didn't know I needed. Hope it doesn't take too much longer to finally release!


Don't you just hate it when this happens?


This is nature's Batman and Robin. Owl and Duck. One is an alpha predator that stalks the night. The other is a literal sitting duck.


Now that Min Min is confirmed I felt like trying to guess the rest of the roster. I'm sure I'm wrong, but fuck it.


Happy Father's Day!


Well I see there's copies of TLOU2 out in the wild so I guess it's time to log off the internet. See ya guys again after I've finished the game!


Fuck it. Here's a song.


I want Into the Spider-verse, but with Batman.


I miss the post office pelicans.


I'm sure I will regret this, but let's do this.


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