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I fell down a rabbit hole today.


I stumbled upon this trailer just now. The game looks intriguing.


I finally made it out of Hades.


So Hades is good, right?


Been playing Hades in between sessions replaying Ghost of Tsushima. Took a couple of loops and unlocking a couple different weapons but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Really like the characters. Always make sure to pet Cerberus in between attempts.


Pretty excited for this. Looks like Clue mixed with The Dark Portal.


Just got done watching a movie called Free Fire. It's...interesting. Light on story, with some decent characters, and a real bloody and realistic shoot out. Was pretty enjoyable all in all. Dunno if I would recommend though. Good, but not a "must-see".


My physical copy finally came in so now I get to find out what all the hubbub about Hades is.


Oh yeah. This is the day the Snyder Cut of Justice League comes out. You know what that means. Social media is going to be INSUFFERABLE.


I'm piggybacking off KingofPangea's post and declaring #reactiontoid. Share your favorite reaction images.


Happy birthday Alphadeus! Hope it's a good one! Picture unrelated.


Friendly reminder that today is the today the Limited Run No More Heroes 1 & 2 preorders went live.


One more for #womantoid. Sarah Andersen (who you may know from the webcomic, Sarah's Scribbles) also has a romantic graphic novel about a vampire and a werewolf. I love her work and would recommend checking it out.


Happy International Women's Day! Here's my (first) contribution to #womantoid. Hayley Williams has been on of my favorite vocalists for a long time. And this is one of my favorite songs she and Paramore have put out.


I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier for #indietoid (especially since I literally just beat it two days ago) but seriously, play Aer: Memories of Old. It's worth it for the excellent flying mechanics alone.


This is why we can't have nice things.


Y'know, #indietoid could probably go on forever. Lots of great games out there. Anyway, play Sparklite.


Does anyone know how Bioshock runs on Switch? It's on sale on the eshop right now and I'm wondering if it's worth getting?


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