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How am I just learning about this game? This looks fucking wild.


Allegedly Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a remake...can we all agree THIS one is unnecessary?


I remember people suggesting they wanted this to hit Switch went they showed off that ib port. Well...here ya go.


Finished Stray. Enjoyed it. Would recommend. Few thoughts in the comments.


I finally got ahold of my physical edition of Stray (apparently Gamestop's corporate suits fucked up distribution within their warehouses fairly recently causing lots of issues) and I have to say it's been really neat so far.


If someone can tell me what game this is I'd appreciate it. #spoilers I guess? EDIT: It's The Quarry, for anyone looking to see more of...whatever this is. Shoutout to Chronolynx for doing the legwork I was too lazy for.


And the mystery of why Stadia failed begins to unravel. Turns out, Google is dumb and turned down multiple single-player exclusives during a point in the industry when single-player games are fairly popular.


This is the actual pic used on Amazon for Heartland bread.


Paramore is back. New single dropped, new album February 10, 2023. Gonna be hard to follow After Laughter, but this new single shows potential.


New Pokémon dropped. In the comments for dramatic effect.


In Sound Mind has been out for a full year as of today and many of you still haven't played it....play it.


An alternate, gender-bent DC universe where the Penguin is an arms-dealing nun.


Since we do periodically get hidden gems revived from time to time these days, I second this. Also Cubivore, Chibi Robo, a Viewtiful Joe Collection, Shadow Hearts Collection, Max Payne Trilogy, Shinobi/Nightshade, the Gamecube Pokémon games...


It's becoming increasingly obvious WB is concerned about Gotham Knights flopping because they keep spoiling their own game. Way too much, "Maybe this will convince you...please?" energy surrounding that game.


I can't believe I'm saying this and I know I'm going to get shit for it, but I feel like Square Enix is releasing too many JRPGs. They are oversaturating the market. So many of them look too similar as well and they kinda all blending together.


Idk what's up with Youtube these days, but they've been recommending me a lot of interesting videos from small channels instead of just trying to force feed me generic dreck all the time. Been refreshing.


Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City


Apparently the London police caught the kid that hacked into Rockstar and leaked GTA6. I do not envy him. He's in for some hell.


Bet you thought all the bread posts were over, didn't ya?


A future Pokémon Legends game should include the original idea for Wartortle's evolution. It would be neat to use a scrapped idea in such a way and would also just fit into the era better than "Turtle-but-tank."


Tried out the Jack Move demo on Switch. The RPG mechanics are pretty solid and the writing (while a bit trope-y and generic) is solid as well. Nice graphics too. Think I'm gonna nab the full game while its still on (a slight) sale.


Came back to Legends Arceus after many months because a friend only recently got into it and he reignited my interest. Ended up catching three more shinies in two days. Completely randomly. One ran right up to me like, "Here I am, bitch."


Capcom's doing a thing.


I also apologize for clogging up qtoid today but I ran into this video and thought it was interesting. Fishing mini-games are up there with being able to pet animals as things that will endear me to a game.


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