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I've started reading Delicious in Dungeon. I really want a game of it now. Either like a top down Zelda or like Dragon's Dogma. Just think it would be fun to hunt some monsters. And then cook them.


I have no opinions on Porgs whatsoever. That being said...


Looks like I'm going to break a multi-year streak and buy an EA game. Ugh, it feels dirty. But I want to support Fe and Zoink, and I feel like the sudden announcement of its February release is part of EA trying to make the game fail.


Been a while since I've bugged you fine folks about the Book of the Month. This month it's The Transall Saga, a sci fi-ish, survivalist story written by the guy who wrote Hatchet. More details in the blog.


I feel terrible that I laughed as hard as I did at this.


So I know at least one person here was looking for podcast type shows with people playing tabletop RPGs, so I thought I'd plug this one by the Continue? guys. I've been loving it so far. Bonus episode in the comments where they discuss their characters.


I'm thinking of including some trivia about the Book of the Month's authors. I just read up on this month's book The Transall Saga's author Gary Paulsen and holy shit he led an interesting life. Ex: He ran away from home at 14 and joined a carnival.


Happy New Year! Btw a new year means a new Book of the Month. Check out the blog for details if you're interested. This month's The Transall Saga. BUMP #2


Book of the Month - The Transall Saga

Image from No Man's Sky A new year, a new Book of the Month! I hope your holiday season was filled with fun and merriment. If not, here’s hoping it’s better this year. For this month’s book I chose a book I haven&rsqu...


Also just gonna throw this out there: I watch the Drawfee Channel on YT a lot and recently they did a thing where over one weekend they and some indie devs made 5 new indie games. You can download them for FREE on drawfee.com/gamejam


DYKG isn't even trying to be subtle about this. They just went and said it. Bravo.


Top 5: 1. Horizon Zero Dawn, 2. Super Mario Odyssey, 3. Monster Hunter Stories, 4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, 5. Nier: Automata (although I still have to finish that one). Honorable mention to Okami HD on PS4, still my favorite game.


Finally beat Blockhead Grande in Okami. Never done it in any of my previous playthroughs. Special thanks to the Playstation Vita's camera. Without which this moment would not be possible.


I have no idea why this makes me laugh. But it does every single time.


I'm going to submit the first chapter of a story I'm writing. Will end up posting the chapter here in the blogs when it is ready, since I have to send a link and this is as good a place as any to "publish" it.


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