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Wow, I forgot Hellblade is coming out so soon. And Shin Godzilla comes out next week here in the US. Also Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Batman & Harley movie, Sonic Mania, and Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash. Going to be a very expensive next few weeks.


Well @Midnight's getting cancelled. Shame, I really liked that show.


Just finished the first chapter of Life is Strange so I'm fulfilling Angie's wish and posting my thoughts. Longer rant in comments, but tl;dr version: Awesome start. Lots of difficult decisions. Chloe's kind of cool. Good atmosphere. Enjoying it so far.


Dtoid Book Club Reminder: You have one week left to finish reading the book and send in your surveys. Here's the first blog for the survey and e-mail address:


You know how Youtube lets channels disable comments on their own videos? Can they let every user decide to just disable their own ability to see comments? Because Youtube comments make me wish everyone was dead.


Hypno Birthday Happycoffin! I hope all your birthday fetishes come true!


Was going to try and platinum Tomb Raider but then I saw that almost half the trophies are tied to multiplayer so fuck that.


Just beat Tomb Raider (2013). Gameplay was solid, the action well paced, story mostly good. Lara was a dud for most of the game, but hopefully she's better in the sequel. All in all, I'm glad I played it and might even do so again some day.


My god the new Lara Croft is stupid. Or Square Enix thinks its audience is stupid.


Really enjoying Tomb Raider so far. Though I have to admit, Lara's a bit of a boring protagonist. Doesn't help that she's got an unexpressive face and dead eyes. Still gameplay is fun, and the story is engaging.


I've finally decided to get around to playing the new Tomb Raider series. I never played the originals (blasphemy, I know) so the only thing I have to compare it to is Uncharted. Which I've heard it's a bit like so that bodes well for me.


Dtoid Book Club Update: Would it be alright if instead of doing a poll for the next book, we just did River of Teeth (the killer hippo book from DaddyZ's #librarybookoftheday)? It was the book that inspired the club initially. Let me know ASAP. BUMP


I'm still technically taking a break from Dtoid (getting my life organized) but I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm doing a lot better and remind people that the deadline for the Book Club's first book is July 31. Send your *survey e-mails by then.


Taking a break away from here. Hope to be back before too long to deal with the whole Book Club blog thing, but to be honest, I don't know. Sorry in advance if I end up flaking on it. Got some shit to work out & I can't do it when I spend all my time here


Ahem. 1) Hot dogs are German. Named Frankfurters after Frankfurt Germany, the town of their origin. 2) Sandwiches are named after the Earl of Sandwich, who discovered Hawaii, an American state. Therefore Sandwiches are American. Suck it #TeamTaco!


Apparently Sony wants a sequel to Baby Driver and Edgar Wright is considering it. I hope he decides not to as the movie raps up perfectly imo and does not need a sequel. It would be completely unnecessary. But Hollywood so it'll probably happen. Bummer.


Just got home from Spider-man Homecoming. Pretty good movie over all. Probably my favorite Spidey so far, and Michael Keaton was great as Vulture. Do have some minor issues though. Details in comments.


Here's a fun game. I'll start a story, you guys finish it. Let's start: As the sun set, the wind began to pick up. Before too long, the power went out as the wind began to howl. Fearing for my safety, I went to the cellar to wade out the storm...


Well I beat the Crash 1 remake. Didn't 100% it, probably won't. At least not anytime in the near future. Gonna take a break from Crash before I take on 2 or 3. Final thoughts: Game was fun when it was fair, frustrating when it was unfair.


So after losing almost all of my 20 lives, I decided to take the low road on The High Road. I walked on the ropes the entire time and I don't feel the least bit guilty. Not at all. Nope.


And now I'm on The High Road. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it.


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