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Out of curiosity, when you're doing something that allows your mind to wander, what do you think about? Personally I basically create and tell myself stories pretty much all the time.


I just learned about this sandwich bed. Please nobody let me know where one could be acquired. This is not reverse psychology. This is me trying to make my wallet not cry.


Because I enjoy chaos.


I can't wait until Mario Kart Live comes out and someone posts a video showing Mario racing through a gauntlet of dildos and butt plugs and Nintendo has a fucking aneurism.


Ludo (my favorite band) released a song for the first time in TEN YEARS today! It sounds like the theme song to an 80's child horror movie. I kinda like it. Really hoping this means a new album is in the works.


So I try not to get too hyped for mainstream comic stuff (since it usually disappoints) but I can't lie, this has me feeling pretty psyched. #basictoid too I guess


I hope the PS5 finally gives us an Uncharted: Golden Abyss remake. That game's too good to be stuck on the Vita. Also an Ape Escape Trilogy remaster a la Crash/Spyro.


Not sure if anyone is interested, but apparently Showtime is bringing Dexter back. So...there's that.


So I guess the TMNT are gods now...?


505 released an official statement about the future of Indivisible since Lab Zero is dead. Unfortunately some of the remaining content that was promised in the campaign is dead as well, which sucks, but not surprising.


Castlevania, but Devil May Cry - or - Castlevania, but Dark Souls? If you had to choose, which would you rather have?


A couple nights ago some coworkers and I were talking about movies and I somehow ended up explaining the entire plot of Return to Oz, scene-by-scene.


The studio behind Summer in Mara just launched a Kickstarter for their next game, Deiland: Pocket Planet. It looks really neat and Summer in Mara, while not groundbreaking was a neat lil game. I'll drop a link in the comments for those interested.


I'm dipping into the #Cursedmas files a bit early in honor of Mike Martin's birthday. Happy birthday you lunatic!


The gall to think the cat was not already a god.


You ever watch a movie trailer that you think is going one way but then it just swings wildly in another?


The contraction "let's" bothers the absolute fuck outta me. You don't contract "let" and "us" together, it makes no sense! It follows zero fucking rules of the language. I hate it.


You ever see a video where the title just makes you say, "...Yeah, alright, I'll bite?"


One hand: Minecraft is very popular and Steve is a highly requested character that will probably feel fine to play as. Other hand: For some reason my brain just cannot see Steve in Smash and not think, "That looks like a mod." #IWantedToFeelIncluded


Looks like Nintendo is finally getting around to re-releasing the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Which is cool I guess. Maybe could have done it sooner, but I guess they wanted the scalpers to make some money first. How nice of them.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a business opportunity that I think you'll all agree is relevant to your interests.


I have found a new favorite story.


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