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I know Gamestop is not exactly popular, but they've got some decent holiday prices for games. I nabbed Sackboy Adventure ($30) and Deathloop ($25) when I picked up Kena. Also it was Buy 2, Get 1 Free, so Deathloop was $0 for me.


Surprising no one, the Uncharted movie looks bad.


Beat Dread. Dropping my thoughts in the comments. There will be #spoilers. You have been warned.


Happy birthday Mike!


I can't believe hell froze over while I was asleep.


Just beat In Sound Mind. I think this might be my Game of the Year. Absolutely fantastic game. Don't sleep on it.


Play In Sound Mind.


I'm looking forward to the day when we get to look back at the live action Super Mario Bros movie and be able to refer to it as "the good one."


Happy birthday Ravenclaw! I bring you both a blessing and a curse as a gift. I hope it's a good one and I am sorry to your wallet!


I may have found my new favorite mashup. Created by DJCummerbund.


I miss Modnation Racers...


If you were one of the people who enjoyed Nexomon: Extinction you might be interested to learn that the first game in the series is now on consoles. Only $10, too! I really liked Extinction myself, so I'm pretty stoked.


I'm sure there's folks here that'll get a kick out of this.


New Joker just dropped.


Product pitch: It's a trading card game, but all the cards are recipe cards.


Norm Macdonald has passed away. Never going to be another like him. Truly a unique comedian.


Was just about to start New Game + on Tsushima but it does the annoying thing New Game + does in Horizon Zero Dawn where it just skips the beginning of the game. It's like re-reading a book but you skip the first few chapters. Why isn't this optional?


You ever wish the AAA games industry weren't such cowards?


Capcom, one more proposal....Okami 2. That's all.


Capcom, my proposal: A Mega Man game where most of the world is covered in water, and there's these ruins, and Mega Man is stuck on the Moon, but Roll is working on getting him back and also there's this monkey in a metal diaper and...


So one thing about me playing Tormented Souls that I forgot is that I am a scaredy cat and hate feeling tense.


I started playing Tormented Souls and the subtitles and dialogue don't match up so we're off to a great start!


Throw in Wesker, Nemesis, and Dimitrescu from Resident Evil, Frank West from Dead Rising, and maybe Blanka and Charlie from Street Fighter and watch it print money Capcom.


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