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Another reminder that Chapter 2 of my CYOA blog series is up. You can vote for how the story continues or suggest improv prompts to play along. I'm going to run this poll and keep taking suggestions for much longer than last time. Ended too soon I think.


Screw it. I bumped the next chapter of my CYOA blog up. It's out now. Hope everyone enjoys it, and remember you can play along by voting for how the next chapter will go and by suggesting the next chapter's improv prompts.


Destructoid CYOA Chapter 2

Quick notes: This is a Choose Your Own Adventure Type story. If you want to read this story from the beginning, you’ll need to read Chapter 1. There you can also find more info about how to play along. As for everyone who’s...


First draft for chapter 2 of my CYOA blog series is done. Need to clean it up a bit before I make it public. Played around with the options this time. The story can go into some pretty wild directions from here. Should be up by tomorrow or late tonight.


Happy birthday Inquistive Ravenclaw and Nathan D!


The tie's been broken, and I don't want another so I'm ending the poll. Also Wes won this time around so I have to include his suggestions in the next chapter. #CheckOutMyPhotoshopSkills


First, I just want to thank everyone who has already read and participated in my CYOA blog. It means a lot. Second, the poll results are currently tied so I need some tie breaking votes. If you're interested there's a link in the blog & in these comments.


Saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Pretty good. Not as good as the first, but it hardly could have been. I admire the chances they took, even if they didn't all pan out. Looking forward to Kingsman 3. Although I hope it takes after Kingsman 1 more than 2.


I started a Choose Your Own Adventure Blog. Chapter 1 is up. You can play along by voting how the next chapter will continue & leaving a comment on what I will be forced to include in the next chapter. I'll link to the poll in this post's comments too.


Well my super secret blog is up. I hope everyone enjoys it. I've been toying with this idea for a while now. https://www.destructoid.com/--462483.phtml


Destructoid - Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to the super secret blog I've been working on. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure style series.  Before we gets started, let me explain how this will work. I’m going to write a “chapter” of a story. Each ch...


Well Dere and Vadicta's comments remain tied 24 hours after my post about my secret blog, so rather than do a tie breaker I'm just going to use both in my blog. SEE WHAT YOU'VE MADE ME DO?!


I'm working on a top secret blog idea. It's going to have some improv elements to it, so what I need from the Dtoid Community is this: A location, an item, a silly name, and a type of food. I'll use the ones with the most upvotes in the blog. (BUMP 2)


So you guys see the Tomb Raider movie poster yet? Any theories on what's wrong with her neck?


Monster Hunter Stories is the first RPG where I find myself actually swapping out equipment and party members regularly. All of the monsters are pretty great and I love trying out new ones in battle. Although my Velocidrome and Zamtrios are never leaving.


So I know some people are assuming that the recently revealed Android 21 is Gero's wife, but I don't believe so. I think if she's related to Gero at all, she's his daughter. I mean, she looks way too young to have been Gero's wife or his son's mother.


I got a Zamtrios in Monster Hunter Stories. I've kind of fallen in love with the weird shark frog. He's kind of adorable in an extremely terrifying way.


Finally got around to watching Batman & Harley. Enjoyed it. Melissa Rauch did okay as Harley. She's no Sorkin, but no one is. It was nice to see Harley depicted as being clever, but ditzy instead of as an idiot. Also as a competent fighter.


New Metroid and it feels so good.


So I locked myself out of my house. Luckily a window was open because the spare key my dad hid isn't where it was supposed to be. That's what I get for going outside without pants.


I am now 100% on the "Okami should come to Switch" train after realizing that that would make Amaterasu's chances of making it into Super Smash Bros more likely. Also an Okami stage (perhaps one that makes the characters look like they're from Okami?).


I hope Mario turns out to be Ridley in Metroid Prime 4, who turns out to be Zelda in the next Zelda game, who turns out to be Meta Knight in the next Kirby game, who turns out to be Tom Nook in the next Animal Crossing, who turns out to be...


Well, I got my new screen protector on my Switch. But it is upside down, which shouldn't be a major issue. I hope. If it does, I do have a second one. Also despite steaming up my bathroom I still got a decent sized bubble that doesn't want to go away.


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