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I hope the goose memes never end.


If a portal to another world suddenly appeared before you, would you step through it?


Man I hope Capcom makes a Monster Hunter Stories 2. Love that game.


Ring Fit Adventure sure does give you a workout. My legs feel like jelly.


So, uh, Okami 2 may have just been sort of announced. And I'm about to explode. Please be real.


I finally beat a Zelda game that wasn't a spin off. I'm proud of myself.


Where are the Metroid Prime and No More Heroes collections for Switch? WHERE ARE THEY?!


I bought Tales of Vesperia. Are you happy now Dere? ARE YOU?!


Now that downvotes are back on Disqus I propose we do the same for Qtoid. To counterbalance the faps we must have what I am choosing to call "flaccids". All in favor?


So did we all know that Deadly Premonition Origins was getting a physical edition? And with a collection of pins no less?


They cooked a steak with a fucking laser.


Untitled Goose Game should pull a Cadence of Hyrule and have a spin off that's Zelda themed. I wanna steal the Master Sword and wear Link's hat as a goose.


I have to work tonight so I'm going to miss Sony's State of Play thing. Hope there's some good news to come home to.


Today is a profoundly stupid day.


Platinumgames should make a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game.


Platinumgames should make you fucks stop stealing my bits. This is my gimmick, get your own!


Platinumgames should make a Monster Hunter game.


Platinumgames should make a Mortal Kombat game.


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