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Good news: The numbness is finally wearing off. Bad news: The numbness is wearing off.


Got one of my molars ripped out of my head today. It's okay though because they gave me a titanium screw as a replacement. Also sorry Occams, I forgot to ask for my tooth back so I can't sell it to you for black market prices.


If we're telling people eshop deals, Sparklite is only $10 right now. I adore the game and think that at that price, it's a steal. Also features a great soundtrack by Dale North. This was the game that got me started on roguelikes/lites.


Beat Stela. Interesting game with some great atmosphere and decent gameplay. Reminded me of Limbo, as these types of games usually do. Definitely glad I grabbed it on sale though. Bit too short for full price imo. Still, pretty neat little game.


Happy birthday to Absolut and a happy late birthday to Gus! Though if you think about it, your birthday isn't for another 364 days, so it's actually a happy early birthday! Picture (hopefully) unrelated.


Having a new Ratchet & Clank coming makes me reeeeeeeally want a new Sly Cooper game.


I can't believe we're just a little over a month away. Game is looking great.


Suppose I can dip into the Cursedmas files in honor of Occams birthday. Keeping it tame with some white nonsense. Happy birthday Occams and Jasondm300!


Kotaku out here pretending like they know me.


I am taller than a Charizard.


Beat A Hat in Time. If you're a fan of the "mascot platformer" types of games, it'll satisfy you. Thoroughly satisfying game that has a very unique feel to it and some great ideas packed in. Going to have to dig into the DLC soon.


Good news followed by better news.


I didn't get any of my unrealistic hopes and dreams realized, but there was a lot of good shit in that Indie World. TMNT is looking great, Aztech looks dope, Never Yield looks promising, and I'm excited to see There Is No Game come to Switch.


Last minute Indie World (pipedream) wishlist: Re:Legend finally coming to Switch, Monster Crown too, more cat games, Untitled Goose Game 2 with the goose invading Nintendo worlds, and a new mascot platformer to fill that hole in my heart.


Have we considered that Lady Dimitrescu is definitely going to be a character in the next Capcom Vs. game?


It's weird to think that technically cannibalism could be vegan.


I fell down a rabbit hole today.


I stumbled upon this trailer just now. The game looks intriguing.


I finally made it out of Hades.


So Hades is good, right?


Been playing Hades in between sessions replaying Ghost of Tsushima. Took a couple of loops and unlocking a couple different weapons but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Really like the characters. Always make sure to pet Cerberus in between attempts.


Pretty excited for this. Looks like Clue mixed with The Dark Portal.


Just got done watching a movie called Free Fire. It's...interesting. Light on story, with some decent characters, and a real bloody and realistic shoot out. Was pretty enjoyable all in all. Dunno if I would recommend though. Good, but not a "must-see".


My physical copy finally came in so now I get to find out what all the hubbub about Hades is.


Oh yeah. This is the day the Snyder Cut of Justice League comes out. You know what that means. Social media is going to be INSUFFERABLE.


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