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Darth Vader Barbie is real.


I'm gravely concerned at how good Soulbow is at converting people to things.


Infinity Train reminds me of The Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland. Basically a story of a young girl on a strange journey, accompanied by odd companions as she tries to find a way home. History says this format tends to work well.


Remember this?


Should we start a pool on how long it'll take before someone makes an irl Galar Weezing bong? You know it's coming. And it's coming soon.


If dragons were real, would you eat one?


Oh btw, August's Band of Bloggers prompt is up. Was actually up yesterday due to some issues (mostly I didn't really notice it was still July) and then I forgot to promote it today. Geez my brain is fried. Anyway, I'd be delighted if you checked it out.


I totally thought after I beat Builders 2 I'd be done with the game for a while. Figured I'd be burned out. But yet here I am, totally still playing. Sorry backlog, daddy's going to be buying cigarettes for a while.


Band of Bloggers - August 2019 Edition

As many of you may well be aware, July was the last month for Boxman214 as a member of our merry Band of Bloggers. He had a good run and provided us with several fun prompts to blog about. And his last prompt, Heroes, not only inspire...


So I've noticed there's space on Smash Ultimate's stage selection for the next three DLC characters plus one more space. I wonder what, if any, stage it'll be? Personally I'd like a proper, official version of the desk from the Smash 64 intro.


Just beat Dragon Quest Builders 2. Fun game with a lot of heart. It did a lot of stuff better than the first game, but had some flaws of its own as well. But over all I loved it and already cannot wait to see what they do with Builders 3.


Okay so which is better/worse? Having sex with a half-sibling that shares the same father as you or a half-sibling that shares the same mom? #Hypnotoid


I took down my #WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesday because I didn't realize how bright the flashes in the gif were. I don't want to risk someone with epilepsy having issues so I'm putting the gif in the comments. Possible seizure warning within.


At least we're getting some laughs out of the Cats movie.


Hey, you nerds hear about this yet?


So I completely forgot about my own CYOA thing. I'm gonna be honest, I haven't really been feeling this one much anyway. I'm thinking of cutting it from 6 chapters to just 4, making the next one the last. I'll try to get it out soon either way.


I bought two Harley Quinn statues and a Harley Quinn Nendoroid from Gamestop today. God I am weak.


Holy fuckballs Dragon Quest Builders 2 is soooo much bigger than Builders 1. It's MASSIVE! I love it!!


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