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I've probably posted this before, but in high school I was writing a script for a movie about vampiric tampons called Tampires (Vampons in Europe). Everyone I told about it hated the idea, which only strengthened my resolve.


The most popular depiction of werewolves is with a wolf head and a man body. But I propose that if you want werewolves to be scary you make it the wolf's body with just a human face on it. Imagine finding that in the woods. You'd never be the same.


Catherine: Full Body is coming to North America and Europe on September 3rd. There's also a premium edition which is pretty neat, though I still have the CD from the first game. BUMP with links to the Amazon pages for pre-orders for North America.


I don't know if anyone else on here subscribes to CollegeHumor's DropOut service, but I do. And this new show of their's is...something. It's actually kind of hard to watch for how brutal it kind of is. But it's interesting. #NSFW warning for blood.


WB's making a Batman vs TMNT animated movie. Direct to DVD. Troy Baker is playing both Batman and Joker, which is interesting. Looks like the Bat family designs are New 52 inspired while TMNT look like a fusion between the IDW and Nickelodeon iterations.


K. Rool's amiibo releases tomorrow and is currently up on Amazon for pre-order. If you're interested might want to get it while you can. Link in the comments.




Hey I've got a very cool Kingdom Hearts pic for you fine folks. It's spoiler free, but a bit #NSFW so it'll be in the comments.


Favorite graphic novel/series? All types eligible (that includes manga). Please reply with cover art if possible. I would say mine is Lucky Penny by Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsch. I own two copies. The left and middle covers.


Disney is allegedly working on a live action The Nightmare Before Christmas. Excuse me while I spend the next hour or so just screaming "NO" over and over.


I recently (yesterday) read the first volume of Aho-Girl. It's a nice, little manga about a very, very stupid girl and the people that have to deal with her aforementioned idiocy. Over all, its a funny and cute book I liked. Full thoughts in comments.


It's Mewtwo's birthday.


Just finished reading the first volume of Dragon Quest Monsters Plus. It's pretty good, if a bit basic. But it's Dragon Quest, so I can't complain. I'll put my full thoughts in the comments for those interested.


So I got this Gamecube game, Darkened Skye, off Amazon recently. Still factory sealed. And lo and behold it came with an amazing extra gift. It came with a $20 prepaid phone card! You hear that?! $20 worth of free phone time!


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