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I'm torn on Tira being pre-order DLC for Soul Calibur VI. But I also noticed something interesting in the Create-a-Soul news. Looks like one of the races you can choose might be bunny girls. #WeslikesSoulCaliburVI


So the recently announced Naruto Complete collection, which will contain every single chapter of the Naruto manga in one collection is literally two tablets slapped inside of a book cover with the books programmed in. I don't know how to feel about this.


Well, the True Facts series is back. Gotta say, did not expect a new one ever again.


Well, I'm playing Uncharted: Lost Legacy again. I should be playing Octopath instead, but my depression has decided to ruin that game for me at the moment. Lost Legacy is one of the only games that sounds good to me right now, so Lost Legacy it is!


I have something for Friday this week. Hope you all enjoy.


Explosm have released a larger box for Joking Hazard now that the amount of cards is too much for the original box. Because I backed it on KS I got a code for 99% off the special Shiny Red Box version. And yes, without the code it does cost $1,500.


Ran into this randomly today. Slightly #NSFW so watch at your own discretion.


I find weird shit on Amazon sometimes.


I hope none of the people excited for the live action Mulan remake were hoping for a live action version of "Make a Man Out of You". It's not a musical. Also rumor says The Lion King live action remake won't have Scar's "Be Prepared" song. #FuckDisney


Did you know you can buy a King Kaiser t-shirt?


So there's an official manga where Ultraman villains are reborn as high school girls. It's a real, official spin off. What?


I just bought this Okami HD poster. I absolutely love the cover art for the most recent release and I can not wait to put this up on my wall. Now I just need a frame by Wednesday. I'll put a link in the comments for anyone else interested.


Favorite Dum Dum Sucker flavor?


Bonus #plushtoid from me featuring the oldest stuffed animal I own. I have had him since I was about two. One of my cousins gave it to me, shortly before he died. I've kept it with me for practically my entire life since. I did lose his hat though :/


GameStop is selling all of their clearance items at 50% off currently. I got this Harley Quinn Mad Love statue for $50 (which is relatively cheap considering it's a limited edition, one of 1,500). Also Injustice 2 Legendary Edition got marked down to $30.


In honor of #plushtoid gaze upon my Pikachu plush which I have had for almost 20 years. He's one of my most valuable items (sentimentally, he's worthless in terms of monetary value).


Book of the Month - The Dark Portal

My arm is back to 100(ish) percent and so THE BOOK OF THE MONTH IS BACK! Yay? This month’s book is this first entry in a trilogy I read a long time ago when I was still in middle school. It’s not a terribly long read, and ...


If you could choose how you were to die, and it had to be violently (none of that "peacefully in my sleep" you unoriginal hacks), what method would you choose? I'd take a lightning bolt to the face. Or being thrown into a black hole. Or by Angie's blade.


Someone recut the Godzilla: King of Monsters Comic Con trailer into a 1964 Toho Godzilla movie trailer. It's pretty good.


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