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Beat Creature in the Well. Was frustrating at times, but overall was fun. Missed two pieces of gear, no idea how. No plan to go back in to gather them, especially since no guides for the game seem to exist. May replay it someday. Would recommend.


Started playing The Creature in the Well. Game is quite challenging, but a lot of fun. And the world the devs created is interesting. Though a few of these puzzles make me want to punch someone.


If you don't like the name "Xbox Series X" just do what I do and call it "Thicc Scarlett". Also a Merry #Cursedmas in the comments.


Also here's an interesting movie trailer.


I wish I had one ounce of the resolve of someone willing to try this.


So those Game Awards. That sure happened, right?


I got a #Thiccmas that's just a tad too spicy for qtoid. Come check it out in the comments.


Time for my TGA predictions (AKA pipedreams): Okami 2 is announced, developed by Platinumgames with Ikumi Nakamura as director and Kamiya as producer. Fifth Smash DLC character is revealed as Dante. Batman: Court of Owls confirmed, not an Arkham game.


So the Sonic movie is doing a promotional deal with Build-A-Bear? Could you imagine if they'd have stuck with the original design? Magic. Pure, unadulterated dark magic.


Also while we're choosing sides in a futile attempt to define ourselves are we calling the Resident Evil 3 Remake RE3make, R3make, or ThREemake? Discuss. #TeamR3make


Okay, I feel bad about that trick I did with Baby Yoda a few days ago. So I left you all a real Baby Yoda pic in the comments. Definitely not a #Cursedmas trick again...


Here are the five games I am most looking forward to in 2020. Unless Horizon Zero Dawn 2 comes out next year then GOODBYE BIOMUTANT (which I am not even sure will come out at all, let alone in 2020).


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