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Pro-tip: your garbage disposal likely can’t handle a pound of potato peels without stopping up the pipes. Let me and my $237 plumbing bill for something I probably could/should have fixed myself be a lesson to you 😭😭😭


11 hours in and I just opened up the Cult of Kosmos tab. Excuse me while I spend the next 45 hours tracking these mf-ers down.


Has anyone played Yesterday Origins, preferably on Switch? It’s on a deep sale and it looks on the border between intriguing/enjoyable and total shit.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Dtoiders. If no one else is in your life, Pat loves you and is grateful for you!


Happy birthday Xeo! Wishing for a stellar next year of life for you.


I didn’t realize Tetris Effect was basically an interactive EDM concert. I would’ve bought this ages ago :)


Happy birthday Shoggoth! You're awesome and I love reading your posts. Keep it up! You old bastard.


Community survey: which game brings you the most joy at the moment, DQXI or KH3?


Pat’s 2018 gaming update: I put Vampyr on ice for now, started (and am loving) both Detroit and AC: Odyssey. Still maining Night in the Woods for Switch time.


Beat Owlboy last night. It was...fine. That’s two games for the year so far, Yoku’s was first. Started Night in the Woods last night. Doubting whether i can finish Vampyr before February. :/


Man, the difficult spikes in Vampyr really drain the urge to keep playing. The enemy leveling is totally screwed / really pushes you to “embrace” as many people as possible to buff up. But I’m staking with it and my pacifist run!


This feels accurate as a representation of my gaming in 2018. Also why is “III” written like that??


So here's a probably dumb question - is it absolutely essential that I play the Kingdom Hearts prior games (or pick up the "Story So Far" compilation or whatever it is) in order to really enjoy KH3? I've never played any of the series but it looks ace!


Vampyr is sucking the life out of me. The game tricked me with what seemed like the best decision only it turned a pillar into a vampire and the district is fucked. And I’m on a pacifist run! Why, damn you!!!


A Melissa McCarthy movie last night and Bird Box tonight. One movie featuring a horrible monster that makes people want to kill themselves when you see it, the other stars Sandra Bullock.


It’s been a while since I watched an irredeemably terrible movie, but Melissa McCarthy’s “Life of the Party” was AWFUL. I can’t remember seeing such an unfunny “comedy” in a really long time. Avoid at all costs!


Happy birthday Panda and Larx! I'm being lazy and posting together :) You both ROCK!


Happy birthday, Wes! You were my first real deep contact here at Dtoid and I'll never be able to thank you enough.I know shit's been real lately, but you're an amazing person and we can't do without you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old, dirty bastard.


So far this year I can tell that I, for some reason, have been playing games just to rush through them and beat them. This is dumb. I need to slow down and enjoy whatever I'm playing. Ugh - the dark side of having a list-loving brain for completion :\


Few hours in and not really feeling Vampyr. Combat is shit and the load times are really bad. We’ll give it til chapter 4 or so before stopping 🤷🏻‍♂️


This article on the Irishness of Skellige in Witcher 3 reminds me I need to actually play this game more. I gassed out after solely doing side content after the Bloody Baron and am surely missing out on an amazing experience. Link in comments.




I can’t handle hearing Archer’s dulcet tones repping Arby’s. Why God, whyyyyyyy


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