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Hottestest take: Sekiro is the Rick-Roll of the Soulsbourne series, played via the DK Bongos of our hearts.


FINALLY got another brief Sekiro sesh. I'm still only by the second idol but I love just creeping around and stealth killing dudes (and DOGS!). Took out that mini-boss general dude in 3 tries and need to remember to breathe when I play. So good.


Wow, Us was freaking amazing and creepy as hell. Jordan Peele is at the top of his game and please someone give Lupita Nyong’o an Oscar! Damn.


Wow. Aquaman was SO bad. Awful dialogue, awful music, astronomical depths of cheese. What a shit show. Good work DC. At least have the courtesy to make your shit movies less than 2 hrs long. Whew.


Assassin’s Creed III Remastered is out. Free for Odyssey season pass-ers. Having never played it originally, looking forward to it at some point.


PSA: Twitch Prime (free with Amazon Prime) comes with a free year of Nintendo Online (in a 3 month, then 6 month redemption). Link in comments. Membership terms stack iirc.


That Borderlands 3 teaser trailer is straight fire. Reminds me I need to dive back into the Handsome Collection (thank goodness for PS3 save ports!)


Played the first hour of Sekiro. I think I’m hooked already. Just a total mindshift though - slow down, breathe, don’t spam, L1!!! Live/Die. I just need to remember you can beat any enemy - just take it slow. The rhythm game analogy helped :)


Just finished Odyssey Family story last night and I’m legit going through some withdrawal already 😂 I don’t think I’ve ever played such a massive game straight through over 2 solid months. Hot damn did I love that game. Still loads to go...later


Unofficial Dtoid March Madness bracket on ESPN - Link and details in comments! [Bump the Last - brackets must be in before tomorrow!]


I know they killed the 20% preorder discount, but did you know amazon also quietly killed the $10 credit for preorders as well? Bastards.


PSA: Kingdom Hearts III is currently $48 on Amazon and comes with a $10 credit - deal is up thru today.


AC: Odyssey cool little mini feature spoiler in the comments!


Y’all ever do real good not buying too many games, then spend >$50 at a restaurant and think, well shit, may as well buy more games? 😂


Ordering DMC5, Division 2 and Sekiro would be crazy and no sane person with a backlog should do that...right? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️


Happy international women’s day to the Dtoid community!!!


Happy birthday Bass - you’re awesome!!


@ChandlerS04 - I enjoyed the hell out of the Division 2 beta and own, but haven’t played, the first game! I just can’t comment on your Qtoid 😭😭😭


Rumor has it that Sony is giving refunds over this Anthem console bricking debacle. That's...quite something! In other news, very cool looking spy/real-time investigator game, The Occupation, is out tomorrow and looks neat!


Took a brief AC:O break to check out Division 2 beta... I actually like it quite a bit. I’m itching for character customization and more cosmetic gear, but it’s been pretty fun so far 🤷🏻‍♂️


Happy birthday, Limo! You’re an awesome human and the planet is better with you in it!


Happy birthday to the bday dtoiders! I want to comment on your qposts but can’t 😂


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