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After putting in another 2 hours, I’m really enjoying Control. I did notice one instance of slowdown in a heated battle but was quick and no big deal. I love Remedy and the game is giving me serious Psi-Ops (Xbox) vibes. Also Ahti is best character


OpenCritic shows reviews landing for Control at ~9am Eastern tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee 🥳🥳🥳


Sorry Claude, I’m a Black Eagles girl.


Happy birthday Amna and Nekkid!! Just let me know where to mail this ziploc bag full of my “love”.


Ugh, idk when I became this indecisive gamer, but staring at the house choice in FE 3 Houses is legit stressing me out 😂 I know it’s stupid, but I’ll realistically only play the game once. Initially I’m drawn to Claude and the Golden Deer...


Sekiro status update in comments to avoid spoilers. Peak frustration 😩


Finally at the last boss in Sekiro. What a not fun fight this is. Bummer. I’ll stick with it though!


For those that finished Stranger Things 3, spoiler question and comment in the comments!


Anyone going in on the Stranger Things 3 game? I’m getting a Zombies Ate My Neighbors vibe from it and it looks lovely. Apparently need to finish the season first though.


#watchtoid question - What side do you wear your watch on, top or underside of wrist, and why?


#watchtoid - I’m a shameless Apple Watch guy since Series 1. Ceramic floor demolished my first one but am on Series 3 now. Don’t @ me 😂


Godzilla: King of Monsters was awesome. Just the movie I was looking for lately. Now to rent John Wick 2 so I can see John Wick 3 and that breathtaking Keanu!


Whether your #saladtoid is an ass, greens, fruit or something from Cthulhu, Pat’s advice is:


Happy birthday to my birthday brother Gundy!!


Pat’s plug: I entered my Blade Runner 2049 fanfic in a writing competition. I’d hugely appreciate any willing readers. Massive thanks to those who’ve read already! Link in the comments - thanks all!!


Look, I’m all about giving Dauntless a shot to enjoy real crossplay with the community, but the performance on a base PS4 is absolute garbage :/


‘Chernobyl’ is the best bit of TV I’ve seen in recent memory. The tightly paced five episode run is perfect with no filler. I hope it wins all the awards. A tremendous accomplishment.


Hey all - real-talk from Pat. Are any of you like legit good with budgeting? Our financials are fucked and tbh I’m too ashamed to go to anyone we know in finance bc I feel like it’s my fault. Our expenses exceed earning and I’m getting real nervous.


Just got a redemption key for the Code Vein PS4 network test. Tbh I’m unlikely to take advantage of it. Let me know if anyone wants the key!


PSA: Devolver Digital sale on eShop 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Working my way through Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, and now Facebook keeps telling me to friend someone named “Susan Delgado” (a primary character, but not someone i know). Be less obvious with your Big Brother act, FB. You’re too obvious.


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