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‘Chernobyl’ is the best bit of TV I’ve seen in recent memory. The tightly paced five episode run is perfect with no filler. I hope it wins all the awards. A tremendous accomplishment.


Hey all - real-talk from Pat. Are any of you like legit good with budgeting? Our financials are fucked and tbh I’m too ashamed to go to anyone we know in finance bc I feel like it’s my fault. Our expenses exceed earning and I’m getting real nervous.


Just got a redemption key for the Code Vein PS4 network test. Tbh I’m unlikely to take advantage of it. Let me know if anyone wants the key!


PSA: Devolver Digital sale on eShop 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Working my way through Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, and now Facebook keeps telling me to friend someone named “Susan Delgado” (a primary character, but not someone i know). Be less obvious with your Big Brother act, FB. You’re too obvious.


Mega Man Legacy Collection 1, 2 and X1 are on sale for Switch (X2 as well but I’ll skip it). Worth more buying those or diving into Dead Cells and either Katana ZERO and/or Cuphead?


Last night I had a dream I was playing indoor baseball with Wes Tacos, only the bat and ball were cookie dough. I’m...not sure what that means but maybe I’m having a life crisis? 😂


I know this is a heavy topic, but it’s absolutely insane that a group of men (predominantly white, old and rich) get to decide what a woman can do with her body. Just absolutely baffling and I’m so sad to see this is what the US is doing right now.


Sekiro travelogue: I’m in a misty area full of cocks. Think I’m lost? Beat the monkey again. Still enjoying the game but it’s draggginnnggg onnnn.


As a non-creative type helping my wife with some marketing work, fuck this Canva tool and its garbage UI, horrible lag for a cloud service, and completely unintuitive copying and saving functions. #endrant


I mean, I expected this level of emotion from Endgame, but boy was I weepy. I loved every minute of it and want to own every last one of these movies. What an accomplishment to pull this all off over 10 freakin years.


Happy birthday, Torch!!! Pic maybe unrelated...


Sekiro Update: Stomped a boss (in comments) on my third try, feeling pretty accomplished - although tbh the game is starting to feel like a grind :/ I’m ready for it to be over but it looks like I still have a good bit left...


You guys ever scroll comments and see someone commenting on things as you scroll? It's kinda neat. Just had that on the sonic article with Soulbow, watched him comment on things as we cruised the comment section of life. #IncredibleThoughts.


Bump: BEAT HIM! So I’ve been enjoying Sekiro so far, haven’t really hugely struggled anywhere or raged out....but this f’ing Genichiro fight can eat a dick. What a load of hot garbage. If I can’t beat it this week I might put the game down [...].


Stop logging me out! 😂😂😂


PSA - if you wanted MK11, it’s currently $59.99 at Target.com, plus a $10 gift card. Redcard holders get another 10% off. Finally, after ordering you can call to price match vs. Amazon and save another $7-10. Gift card thru today #PatSaves #tmyk


Happy birthday Occams!!!!!!!! I know you’re ageless like Cthulhu, but HBD all the same 😘


Mortal Kombat 11 is the Anthem of fighting games 😂


I hope all these rumblings about the MK11 microtransactions are overblown. If not, it’s a real bummer.


Allegedly the DLC roster has leaked online for MK11, so gird your loins. I looked but will keep my thoughts to myself. Tbh - the only character I loved in the Injustice 2 DLC was Red Hood, the others felt lukewarm. Maybe I'm picky.


Happy Easter to anyone who believes in that 😁 Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Sekiro update: killed a cow, painstakingly killed the Drunk’s followers then barely beat him, noped the hell out of places, stumbled upon a mountain temple...it’s crazy - I feel pretty accomplished so far and it hasn’t busted my balls too bad...


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