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Y’all ever do real good not buying too many games, then spend >$50 at a restaurant and think, well shit, may as well buy more games? 😂


Ordering DMC5, Division 2 and Sekiro would be crazy and no sane person with a backlog should do that...right? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️


Happy international women’s day to the Dtoid community!!!


Happy birthday Bass - you’re awesome!!


@ChandlerS04 - I enjoyed the hell out of the Division 2 beta and own, but haven’t played, the first game! I just can’t comment on your Qtoid 😭😭😭


Rumor has it that Sony is giving refunds over this Anthem console bricking debacle. That's...quite something! In other news, very cool looking spy/real-time investigator game, The Occupation, is out tomorrow and looks neat!


Took a brief AC:O break to check out Division 2 beta... I actually like it quite a bit. I’m itching for character customization and more cosmetic gear, but it’s been pretty fun so far 🤷🏻‍♂️


Happy birthday, Limo! You’re an awesome human and the planet is better with you in it!


Happy birthday to the bday dtoiders! I want to comment on your qposts but can’t 😂


Real talk - parenting is hard and exhausting. Also I’m single-parenting for a week and after day 1 I’m ready to drop. Maybe I should’ve taken the week off from work 😂 Also screw you, school lunches!


Lots of varied takes out there, but I thought Alita was freaking ace. Also killer score too - listen to “Motorball” from the OST. I hope people go see it so we can get more of the story - although it looks to not be doing well at the box office.


In case anyone cares, it looks like Target is running a $10 gift card offer if you buy Anthem. I'm not suggesting doing this, then returning Anthem for full price without a receipt, but you do you.


Come on @Soulbow, get a PS4. They are literally giving Siege away 😂 PS Plus Promotion: Buy 12 months of PS Plus, get Rainbow Six Siege free. Offer runs through 2/25. Terms apply play.st/2tqyIrD


Pro-tip: your garbage disposal likely can’t handle a pound of potato peels without stopping up the pipes. Let me and my $237 plumbing bill for something I probably could/should have fixed myself be a lesson to you 😭😭😭


11 hours in and I just opened up the Cult of Kosmos tab. Excuse me while I spend the next 45 hours tracking these mf-ers down.


Has anyone played Yesterday Origins, preferably on Switch? It’s on a deep sale and it looks on the border between intriguing/enjoyable and total shit.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Dtoiders. If no one else is in your life, Pat loves you and is grateful for you!


Happy birthday Xeo! Wishing for a stellar next year of life for you.


I didn’t realize Tetris Effect was basically an interactive EDM concert. I would’ve bought this ages ago :)


Happy birthday Shoggoth! You're awesome and I love reading your posts. Keep it up! You old bastard.


Community survey: which game brings you the most joy at the moment, DQXI or KH3?


Pat’s 2018 gaming update: I put Vampyr on ice for now, started (and am loving) both Detroit and AC: Odyssey. Still maining Night in the Woods for Switch time.


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