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Hoping everyone is doing ok and managing through these days. Your resident Bateman is feeling pretty flat and down lately. Having a tough time finding joy in what is my favorite, most joyful time of the year.


Should I assume that all prior Yakuza games are either required or preferred plays before Like a Dragon?


I know it’s just a game, but this is my favorite hobby - the news of Cyberpunk on base PS4 bums me out. Considering going all in and grabbing 13 Sentinels, P5R, and DoomE in the current sale to offset 😂


YOU MADE YOUR POINT, SAM 😂😂😂 also yeah I’ll charge my phone don’t worry.


Man, the internet is all over the map on Cyberpunk. What a weird situation. Pic (un)related?


PSA: Target has a “get $50 e-card for buying 2 eligible games” deal rn. I’m not saying you need to get Valhalla and Immortals (+Nioh 2 for $10), but you’re basically getting 4 games for ~$16 each 🤷🏻‍♂️


Just wrapped Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Intentionally an unpleasant game to play, but man it’s really something special and catapulted to one of my top games in a long while. Excellent use of music and action to nail the emotions as well.


So did Dtoid get Cyberpunk review code? Heard lots of places and people didn’t - outside of the Best Buy broken street date 🤷🏻‍♂️ I needs my review fix!


Massive thanks to my Secret Santa for the stellar House of Leaves hardcover copy. I love it. I’d attach a pic but it’s in quarantine for three days 😂😂😂


Dtoid Secret Santa gives me immeasurable joy each year. Thank you TheBlondeBass for giving it life and Torch for carrying this year. This community is the best.


So should I assume I didn’t win HW:AoC and just go ahead and snag it? 😂


It’s Thanksgiving and VA-11 HALL-A is on sale on Switch.


Happy birthday, Seymour - to you and your hot body.


Likelihood Cyberpunk gets delayed again?


That’s a wrap on Miles Morales. Absolutely nothing in gaming these days makes me feel as special and joyful as Spider-Man and now Morales. Absolute gems and tbh I could easily just keep replaying them and nothing else. Loved MM to bits.


Hmmm B2G1 free at US Target. Half a mind to snag Xeno and DQXI-S for Switch, and Valhalla for free. 🤷🏻‍♂️


We primarily have Black and Latinx Americans to thank for ending this goddamn nightmare. Time to celebrate, then get to work!


Happy birthday Moyse! I set up a party for you in my swank apartment overlooking Central Park. Nevermind the newspaper on the floor and plastic on the couch. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?


Almost 2/3 done with Ghost of Tsushima and I am proper burning out. Golden pathing it from here. I know Miles Morales is out next week but idk if I can handle another open world game rn 😩


If you’re in the US - PLEASE go vote. Our country cannot afford folks to sit home again and not take part in this election.


Happy birthday Churros, you delicious bastard.


It took me until now to finally watch Drive. Goddamn is this movie and soundtrack amazing.


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