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A Melissa McCarthy movie last night and Bird Box tonight. One movie featuring a horrible monster that makes people want to kill themselves when you see it, the other stars Sandra Bullock.


It’s been a while since I watched an irredeemably terrible movie, but Melissa McCarthy’s “Life of the Party” was AWFUL. I can’t remember seeing such an unfunny “comedy” in a really long time. Avoid at all costs!


Happy birthday Panda and Larx! I'm being lazy and posting together :) You both ROCK!


Happy birthday, Wes! You were my first real deep contact here at Dtoid and I'll never be able to thank you enough.I know shit's been real lately, but you're an amazing person and we can't do without you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old, dirty bastard.


So far this year I can tell that I, for some reason, have been playing games just to rush through them and beat them. This is dumb. I need to slow down and enjoy whatever I'm playing. Ugh - the dark side of having a list-loving brain for completion :\


Few hours in and not really feeling Vampyr. Combat is shit and the load times are really bad. We’ll give it til chapter 4 or so before stopping 🤷🏻‍♂️


This article on the Irishness of Skellige in Witcher 3 reminds me I need to actually play this game more. I gassed out after solely doing side content after the Bloody Baron and am surely missing out on an amazing experience. Link in comments.




I can’t handle hearing Archer’s dulcet tones repping Arby’s. Why God, whyyyyyyy


Pat's 2018 Reading Accomplishments

New York Matinee called it "A playful, but mysterious little dish" Two blogs in less than a week? That's crazy talk, or rather, normal blogging. Actually, this is Blog Post 1.5, since I split my last one in two. Having foolishly boaste...


Pat's 2018 reading accomplishments blog dropping tomorrow morning. Gain another glimpse into my twisted psyche and leisure activities! :) Actually I enjoyed writing my second blog, this time with pictures THROUGHOUT!


Look, i know what I said about Pat’s 2019 resolutions, no new games unless on sale, etc. But that was before a Hitman HD collection of Blood Money and Absolution (neither of which I’ve played) was announced. I feel that is a reasonable exception.


2019: The year Pat discovers how to write a Blog, becomes fully functioning Dtoid community member :)


Pat's 2018 Gaming Accomplishments

I love a good list So at Christmas last year, I told my family I was sure I could read 100 books in a year. Looking back at 2018 I realize this was a foolish boast - I didn't even come close! I did, however, keep a list of the books I'...


Why can't I "Like" a post more than 7 times? Everyone else seems to be able to do it :\


Happy birthday, Soulbow! I meant what I said during your charity run - you’re the siegiest siege that ever sieged. Have a great one, you old bastard!


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and advanced Happy New Year Dtoiders. You’ve all enriched my life so much this year, you have no idea. I’m so thankful for all of you!


Anyone playing The Forest (preferably on PS4)? I read the pretty surprising review and see it on sale - but am curious for first-hand thoughts. I don’t generally care for crafting games, but am intrigued by both The Forest and Subnautica...


Donut skip playing Donut County, it’s a hole lot of fun! I’ll be countying the time until racoon up more points playing this one.


Yeah, I'll say it - this PSN Flash Sale is shit. Worse than the prior two weeks of Holidays Sales, in fact. Ah well.


PSA: Donut County (amongst others) is ~$8 on the Mexico eShop. If anyone can figure out how to use PayPal on the Russian eShop, The Missing is only ~$5 there 🤷🏻‍♂️ #tmyk


PSA: GRIS, Stardew Valley and Into the Breach are ~$7-8 each on the Mexican eShop. Pretty easy to swap over for the buy then swap back. Cheap as chips! #tmyk


Me: “I see you, PSN sale, but after Black Friday it’d be crazy to buy even more games!” PSN: “Deadbolt, Everspace, Uncharted: LL, Burnout, Life is Strange: BtS, and Hitman 2 disagree”


Made it to the final chapter of Celeste and, I'm sad to say, I'm really not enjoying this game that much. The first two chapters were lovely, but everything after that I haven't found enjoyable. Some of the tougher sequences (like bosses) feel like a drag


A massive thanks to my Secret Santa for making this an Undertale Christmas! So stoked to play this! Thank you!! (Edit: pic quasi-related, but not the gift :D)


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