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Played the RE3 demo for the first time and didn’t really like it. Felt like I got bitten every time a zombie came on screen and it took 8 bullets to put down a single one. Please tell me RE2make isn’t like that :/ Definitely wasn’t fun.


I hope from a dev timeline perspective, FF7R’s episodes take a cue from RE2 and RE3 🙏


Limo’s opinions are justified. Soulbow was right all along. Boxman loves Siege.


I would love Ring Fit Adventure for less than $100 😂😂😂


Trump now talking about ending social distancing soon...because he wants the economy to “bounce back” - ok cool. Never in my life has someone made me this angry. I honestly can’t handle it.


Nice to see Ring Fit Adventure going for $285 -_-


Happy birthday Zer0t0nin you sexy bastard.


Well, this pandemic is doing wonders for trimming out all my Facebook friends who are absolute fucking idiots. I weep for humanity and anyone thinking Orange 45* is doing a good job.


You guys are the best. We'll get through this together!


Since the Animal Crossing games play out in real-time, I’ve always worried that I’ll constantly be playing the game at night - when I actually have free time. Any downside to that? Mentally I dislike this feature but maybe it’s no biggie?


I’ll keep checking in but I’m hitting some pretty dark headspace with this quarantining and no end in sight. Work has been an absolute bear and every new request is dragging me down. I’m grateful for this community and just wanted to be proactive.


I was today years old when I learned that the original Doom 1 consisted of 4 episodes with a mission breakdown within each one. I started the series at Doom 2 (which is just 30 straight missions) and had no idea, I just thought 1 was short 😂😂😂


A brilliant read. TBD on whether Death Stranding is fiction or not yet -_- (link in comments bc I'm a dummy and can't figure out hyperlinks in the main qpost)


CDC recommending not gatherings of more than 50 people for 8 weeks. Lordy. I guess there goes school for my kids and working anywhere but home until summer?????? 😳😳😳


Quarantine + kids at home for weeks really sucks. Can’t even hog the TV for gaming bc there’s always shit to do for everyone 😂😭 But we’re for sure privileged and it could be worse...just venting. Can’t even go to Dorsia 😭


Pretty decent eShop sale going on at the moment. Blasphemous for $15 anyone? Also - if hypothetically a friend I know (not me) was interested in getting the Siege Year bundles, is there any particular Year's operators that are skippable? Thx


So I guess now there's plenty of time to play both DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing?


Well, our state’s universities are closed and going remote, almost all major employers told employees to work from home “until further notice” ... shit is real, but also there’s so much panic and hysteria. I guess Pence isn’t praying enough?


@riffraff hope you and yours are safe during the Italy lockdown! Thinking of you! Stay safe and clean out there Dtoiders! Shit’s gone crazy!


Happy birthday, Bass! You do so much for the community and I’m so glad you’re here!!


Soooooo the One Punch Man game came out last week? Reviews are kind of shit :/ Anyone here play it?


Man, the FFVII demo was fun, although I’m not sold on the quasi real-time combat. Also spoilery thoughts in comments.


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