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Thankful for this community. Each of you, for sure. Thanks for being here.


Spent thanksgiving cooking for 7 the entire day, getting criticized the entire time by 3 family members, then being told “what a lovely day” watching tv with everyone at night. I just can’t w this shit sometimes.


30 min into GotG and I can already tell it’s going to be a blast. Any game that kicks in with Never Gonna Give You Up is alright in my book. Already laughed at the dialogue too. Loving it and am hooked on finding costumes.


Uh so I think I just snagged a Series X from GameStop through All-Access? I mean... I don't *love* a new credit check and loan, but I'll just pay it off immediately... I guess we'll see. 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate to boot... I AM SUSPICIOUS


I think I’ve narrowed my PSN BF cart down but am still TBD: - Guardians of the Galaxy (definite) - Far Cry 6 (maybe. kind of want a silly shooter but not 100 hour one) - Pathless (maybe. I think it’ll go deeper later) - tales of arise (maybe)


Oh no. Vanguard’s mp was super fun. Playing the free weekend. I guess if I’m being principled I’d say don’t give them money no matter how fun it is. Ughhhh. Fine 😑 If I could quit chick-fil-a I can quit abusive game companies 🤷🏻‍♂️


1 - free CoD Vanguard mp weekend, probably to get Kotick out of the news cycle; 2 - watching Scanners for the first time and hoo boy is it total dogshit.


Sweet Jesus all I want for Dtoid Christmas is a cameo from Nolan North. Link in comments


Anyone want to sell me a Series X? LOL. Would also combo brand new N64/Sega NSO controllers w/ $ if that works. The hell with eBay price gouging and scalpers.


FYI Battlefield Twitter saying the EA Play 10 hour trial is live rn. Good luck out there! I might drop a $5er for it.


What an amazing movie. 10/10. Jonathan Majors is actor of the year for me.


Anyone going in on Battlefield 2042 either at release on 11/19 or early access starting 11/12? Beta felt terrible to me but I’m interested still TBD by reviews…


Happy birthday Flanx! May you feel the power of love, and realize this year it’s hip to be square.


I love Remedy and all their prior games (never played Quantum Break tho), but Alan Wake is not what I’d call a fun game to play. The mechanics are rough, sprint system is horrendous, and loads of bullshit enemy spawning. Glad I’m almost done.


Happy birthday DeScruff!! You’re also great people and your bday is important too!! 😬😬😬


Moyse, you are a bright spot on the Internet & a consistent positive impact here. You’re a well good laugh, a wrestling dynamo, my compatriot at D’Orsia, and just a good human. Have w/e birthday you want, but know you’re liked and loved.


Anyone going in on CoD Vanguard on Friday? Or wait-and-see on reviews?


Man, I love Remedy and am digging the Alan Wake storyline, but good lord the action and gameplay loop is tedious. Especially when compared to Max Payne or CONTROL. And who greenlit 500 collectibles?


Not a fan of the source (GamesRadar) since the site is wonky as hell and a ghost-town community, but sounds like RE Village is getting DLC. I'm all for it. Link in comments.


Tom Cardy is a legend and this song always puts me in a good mood.


Ho. Lee. Shit, Dune was incredible. I figured the hype was overblown but even from a home tv it was beautiful, powerful, and just amazing. Chalamet kills it, I loved everything about it and want more immediately. Wish I could watch in IMAX


Nintendo: Aw yeah, our sweet new Expansion Pack drops 10/25. Me: At 12:01am Eastern? Nintendo: No, 9:45pm Eastern. Me: Ok...and those special controllers, they'll arrive on the 25th too? Nintendo: Nope. They'll ship then but take 9 business days!


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