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Man, I’ll keep playing it, but rn Crash Bandicoot can eat a dick. What frustrating platforming 😂


Just set up my new Apple TV box (treat yo self) and wired it into the router. It’s like I’ve never streamed media before. My smart tv is too old to carry many of the apps, so this is *chef’s kiss*


Hey mods - can this always be my background? 😂😂😂


PSA: Free codes on request for Rocket Arena: https://bit.ly/30i7JQz


So instead of staying up late to play games, I’m “going to bed early to wake up early and go for a hike?” - fuck this ride, I want off! 😂


I’ve given up trying to find all parts and collectibles throughout TLoU2. I check walkthroughs for completed chapters and missed SO MUCH exploration 😂😂😂 Maybe on a second playthrough if I do one. Just playing organically and less item hunting


Whew. Just finished the LOST finale. What a series to binge during quarantine. 9.5/10 - Spoiler reaction in the comments


Beat Outer Wilds tonight. Definitely didn’t 100% it but really enjoyed the experience. What a lovingly crafted, sweet, enjoyable game. Exploration was always rewarding and, except for a slight frustration at the end, well paced. 9/10.


Whew, not too late! Happy birthday Wilf! You and Blues are my parenting inspirations 😂😂😂 Hope you had an amazing day!


Happy birthday NinjaSpeed and Frosty!!!


This 4th of July i just want to point out that Metal Wolf Chaos XD is currently on sale on US PSN.


Only maybe an hour or two into TLoU2 and I need to get a spoiler comment off my chest. In the comments.


Just hit the credits on FF7R. Spoiler thoughts in comments.


Happy Father’s Day to the Dtoid dads. I realize today can be joyful but also very painful for those who are missing or never had father figures in their lives. Being a dad is really hard a lot of the time, but I’m grateful for it. Love you all.


Just a reminder that “bored with quarantining” isn’t actually a vaccine. Hope everyone stays safe despite states reopening and ignoring literally all the science and data. Fingers crossed this Mayan calendar thing is right 😂 #takemejebus


Code for 10% off the Squeenix store for whoever wants it - in the comments 😬


Happy birthday to my bday brother Gundy! We made it! 😂


FWIW - retailers seem to be restocking Ring Fit Adventure pretty regularly now. I was able to snag one from Target and successfully added one from Amazon to my cart just to check if it worked. Godspeed everyone.


I noticed the other day the right side of my Switch screen is I guess coming unglued and pops out slightly from the case - anyone else experience this? A Googled fix involves binder clips, tape, and a warmed up system... ughhh GD Nintendo.


Splatoon 2 gear codes in the comments. Might be trash gear but idk. Got an email from Nintendo and don’t need them. Just lmk if anyone nabs them. Thanks!


Ring Fit available on eBay for not a huge markup. If you use Wikibuy, you get $18 off coupon too... Basically a $20 markup at the end of the day - https://www.ebay.com/itm/143628578147


I don’t know why, but the orchestral soundtrack for DQXI-S really bugs me. Maybe I’m just not in the mindset for this type of game yet. Just the demo, so all good!


Police are teargassing peaceful protests in my city, with video proof - then lying about it on social media. Trump gassed protesters to clear the path to a bs photo op in front of a church. Wtf is happening.


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