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Just finished Prospect on Netflix and it was surprisingly really good. Lower budget, practical effects, good characters, and a nice 90ish min runtime. Also two random Latvian songs feature. Loved the ending and the credits song, here.


Started getting solicited for paid Amazon reviews at $50 a pop. Just in case anyone believes the Amazon review system is honest anymore. What a crock of shit. This is maybe the third or fourth time after slagging this company on an initial review.


I’ve passed the worst side effects the day Prince Phillip died. Not sure if there’s any relation to it. Still feel like crap but slept til 10 and are a decent bit better. Time to get that free Krispy Kreme.


2nd Covid vax. Prime pollen time. Pat is ready to die any moment now. Pray for Mojo. Nighttime update: I’ve now located my lymph nodes under my arms bc they hurt like a bastard. Really hoping to turn this around tomorrow 😂


My gift to all you Falcon and the Winter Soldier watchers is to confirm that yes in fact that is Riga, Latvia in episode 3. I heard about it, skimmed the ep since I haven’t watched yet and easily ID’d that it’s legit. Enjoy my second home.


Oh, right. Guess I’ll be staying off the Internet today. Lousy April Fools 😑


Happy birthday Goof. One gif to sum up the problem and the answer for you. You dick Bibling scoundrel.


6'9" Russian basketball Olympian cosplaying as Lady Dimitrescu and I've never been more here for this for anything else. Link in comments.


Pretty meaty list of spring sale titles over at PS Blog. Hitman 3 for me baby. Part 2 of the sale drops mid April. Fingers crossed for DeS.


Seymour says, Ashen is currently on sale at the US eShop for $13.99.


What a stupid release schedule 🤬 MIDNIGHT LOCAL TIME PEOPLE COME ON


Don't mind me. I'll just be constantly refreshing the PSN Store until Disco Elysium drops sometime in the next 24-48 hours.


Just beat Sackboy and...I’m sorry bc it’s an adorable and charming game but by the end I f’ing hated it. Cheap difficulty, bs floaty platforming physics, maddening level design. Awful. 4/10 bc it was playable and ok for a while.


Happy birthdays to Fake Plastic Tree and Ooktar!! I got you both an 830 rez at D’Orsia. Don’t miss it.


Just wrapped The Dead Don’t Die. What an odd movie. I think I liked it? Maybe 7/10. Dry humor, self-aware dialogue, interesting premise. Not 2 hours long 😂 More of an Adam Driver than Bill Murray vehicle.


Folks in the US with Hulu, do yourself a favor and watch Another Round. Mads Mikkelsen is, as always, a revelation. Edit: Everyone should watch this. Just made specific bc it's currently here streaming.


Just wrapped Snyder Cut and, as someone who didn’t see the theatrical release, I enjoyed it. It was good. Not phenomenal. But great even at times. Defo best watching it in hour sittings. 8.5/10 with some proper dumb decisions made.


Any ebay sellers have experience ending a listing to sell to the highest bidder? Idk what it is lately but all my sales are getting jacked by bots and/or people who win and then don’t pay. I don’t feel like waiting til Monday night to be disappointed


So is Crash 4 as unbearably difficult as the N. Sane trilogy? I can't hang with that nonsense and the slippery edge physics :\


If you can, find a way to watch David Byrne’s American Utopia. It is jubilant.


Happy birthday Dtoid! Easily the most meaningful community I’ve been a part of. Thank you all!


Thank goodness they’re casting someone with actual physical presence as Reacher. A book a season tells me it won’t last that long, but the first book is the best - so I’m interested after Cruise’s bs. https://apple.news/ADosR8vFWQWucz7P9UGZB%20


So Cyberpunk is just never getting relisted or what? Wild.


Got my first vaccine dose today! What a time to be alive.


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