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PSA: If you download the Hitman Legacy Pack but don’t own Hitman 2 yet, you can download the Hitman 2 prologue free on PSN and play the Legacy Hitman 2016 levels within that client. Basically you can play the Legacy content without owning Hitman 2 yet


Happy 100th year of independence to Latvia 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m honored to be a part of its history and culture. #themoreyouknow


Ahhhh. Bought RDR2 at launch but am too overwhelmed by its scope to play it. Have massive backlog but want to buy Detroit and Vampyr on sale. What’s wrong with my brain? 😂


US Dtoiders PLEASE go out and vote! Pixie said it best: "Go do that vote thing today! Preferably for someone that is not supporting children in cages."


Happy birthday, Chris! I’ve got an 8:30 rez at D’Orsia for you!


We did a family costume this year and I lazily chose Remus Lupin. I actually think it wasn’t terrible (pic in comments). Having a nice ‘stache made me lament my awful natural facial hair 😭


Man, continuing my run of emotionally brutal games, just finished The Gardens Between (thanks to Dtoid!). Gameplay was simple, delightful most of the way, not what I was expecting. Thoughts in comments.


Just beat and Platinumed Spider-Man. Wow, what a hell of a game. I’m bummed it’s over for now and definitely buying the season pass in the new year when all 3 eps are out. What a great game! Its positivity is refreshing and the music is ace!


Apparently part of adulting means paying attention to your kids’ schools. So instead of playing Spider-man more, I’m at middle school q&a night 😭 What have I become??


I weep for the America my daughters are growing up in. What a shit show with ramifications for generations to come.


Happy birthday, Mike! Only the coolest people have that name.


*another bump for Coco for free. Someone take it!* MOVIE GIVEAWAY MONDAY (on the right day for once!) Code in the comments, enjoy!


PSA: Cave Story+ and VVVVV(VVVVVVVV) are on pretty decent eShop sale today!


Anybody run into any weird bugs in Spider-Man? (NO BUG PUNS) 😂 In a major character’s first scene, his face was completely neon green and I just assumed he had already become a villain. Halfway through the scene his skin matrix kept changing to norma


Just watched White Boy Rick. Didn’t know what to expect going in but I really liked it. Hoping McConaughey gets an Oscar nod but that’s a total crap shoot. I was initially going to see Predator, so I feel like skipping that was the right call.


MOVIE GIVEAWAY THURSDAY (bc the last one expired and I’ll punish myself). Code in comments!


*Bump - SOMEONE CLAIM THIS!* Ah nuts, I screwed up already 😂 MONDAY (on Wednesday) MOVIE GIVEAWAY! Free in the comments, enjoy!


*Shameless self promotion bump* So I FINALLY did a thing and published my Blade Runner 2049 fanfic. This has been long overdue but is a labor of love for me and something I'm really proud of. Link in comments.


So today we had 5 tornadoes touch down and work locked us in the building until almost 5:30pm. How was everyone else’s Monday? 😂


Lukewarm take - so far (Level 11) I'm not liking any of the unlocked Spidey suits more than the basic one with the white overlay. It's so sharp looking! I hope I'll eventually find one I like more, but for now #basic is the new #hotness.


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