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Happy birthday Alphadeus dude. I hope you’re ok. I love your music and it makes me happy. Thank you.


Beat Ragnarok last night, 10/10, goddamn did I love it to pieces. I'll do some post-game cleanup but my heart already can't take not having this game in my life anymore. What a beautiful story. I may linger in the world a little longer.


Love love love being a small part of this book. Thanks Darren!! Also TIL I never knew about Mr X in RE2 bc I never played the B scenarios! 😂😂😂


Am drunk. Is bueno. Apparently still have to work tonight? Fml.


So Hogwarts Legacy reviews have been pretty unanimously great. This excites me. I was waiting on it & figured it'd be shit, but now it's my first purchase of 2023. Huzzah. EDIT: I do not support JKR’s positions on anything. Just excited for the game


Goddamnit Disney, first Owl House and now Benedict Society? Canceling the best content on there. Oh and also this season and the last for SNAP are really killing my enjoyment, Surfer and Zabu are hot p2w in decks. At least Leader is nerfed.


Alright Phil, here’s my nasty deck and lane control setup I put together today. Ideally spend rounds 1-3 adding shit to their deck, drop Sandman and restrict to one card plays, drop Ronan on turn 6 for 15-17 easy. I mostly get quitters so far 😂


I can respect what Immortality accomplished as a gaming medium, but goddamn if that wasn’t some tedious bullshit. I did play on mobile though so apparently there’s controller rumble on secret scenes? If I had to scrub thru 200+ I’d have lost it.


Well I’ve just had major stomach issues on the ride home from a NYE party and slightly pooped myself. How’s everyone else doing? 😂 FML


So Anthem is $1.79 on us psn…maybe that’s the right price? 😂😂😂 online is dead but … sp still functions, no? Otherwise they’re selling a broken game knowingly…


Ok WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS and also I need it immediately. How is this a Barnes and noble exclusive game???


Definitely checks out. Gosh I love Elden Ring. Before that most of my gaming time was on Xbox so this isn’t super surprising.


Thank you so much to my Secret Elf whose name I totally don’t recognize on the package 😂 Never heard of Look Back but it seems great, and thanks for starting my Chainsaw Man series!! Hope everyone is doing great, this brightened my day!


Any of you all playing Arkham Horror - either board or card version? Or Eldritch Horror? Or Marvel Champions? Recommendations? Looking to dip my toe in perhaps. I realize any of these options are madly expensive though.


Goddamn, I was not expecting Chainsaw Man to absolutely break my heart, but here we are. Spoilers in comments.


Not loving that the Callisto Protocol review embargo drops at like 12:01am Eastern Dec 2 (release day). Oh well, not preordering anyway - excited to see the reviews for this and Midnight Suns.


I wish all Seymours a very Merry birthday. Love you bud.


Still whittling down my Black Friday psn purchase like I do every year. Anything full price is out, wwe is out bc it’s a forever game and I ain’t got time fo dat. GK will def get cheaper. I won’t revisit GoT & I own the DS games on disc. Help! 😂


Look, I'm really enjoying Marvel Snap - but if the devs think folks will drop $10 every 3 weeks for a season pass that includes a single new card & doesn't allow you to earn currency to pay for the next pass, they can kindly go fuck themselves.


Pat over here still getting wrecked by COVID. Marvel Snap my only companion other than you all lovely folks. Been a real rough week here. Lost taste and smell like Tues and was def not prepared for that.


Flavorless take: every Robert Pattinson movie is just a different variation of The Lighthouse.


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