NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online
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Parenting perk - I get to buy Captain Toad for Switch as a bday present for my son and play the absolute hell out of it on my own. Bonus!


Happy birthday WILFoftheblues! Wishing you a quiet household, not painful knee recovery and all the good vibes!


Happy birthday JC Dent. Have this Scandinavian man gif from everyone’s favorite piece of cinema, Frozen.


PSA: Friday the 13th the game, rarely on sale, is at GameStop for $19.99 aka the price it should have started at. If you buy it, we can have private matches and slay some horny teens / escape Jason and continue to be horny teens! For science.


Wife and I celebrate 11 years married today. 3 Kids to boot. Life is super weird 😂


Really glad to be spending Friday at the USPS Passport office, where time both stands still and moves at an accelerated pace all at once. This is Hell.


So the plus side is an internstional trip on the horizon. The downside is ALL THE WORK until then, plus constantly getting sick. Anything getting in the way of rampant shitposting MUST GO!


Reminder to workplace DTOIDers, there's a big ole booty pic at the header for COTW 55, LOL. Boy do my coworkers wonder about me now :D


So I'm mildly proud of myself - I resisted the urge to buy Vampyr and Detroit until I beat some other games first and am maining Dad of War with Metal Gear Survive as my side piece - but not playing anything else (except Fortnite...). This is new to me :)


Whew, it's been a hectic few days at work. Looking forward to a nice quiet birthday/Father's Day weekend of...wait, shit has already been scheduled every weekend day and night? #oops


Super bummed that playing Fortnite on PS4 locks it off Switch. I’d MUCH rather play it on Switch and mobile but so much for that. What a bummer


My job is pretty f’ing cool and has a bakery that does custom cakes REAL cheap. Also my 10 year old went ballistic over how cool this cake was 😂


So there are “dick” number of comments on this article? Ok cool thanks.


Anthony Bourdain, you beautiful bastard. Left us way too soon 😢


Current status: still not feeling great. Follow up tomorrow morning with the urologist to see what’s going on. FML.


PSA: If you buy Far Cry 5 for PS4 at Target, there’s a discount to 49.99. Works with any Ubi game. If you get South Park Factured But Whole, it’ll be free PLUS the codes for Stick or Truth aren’t expired even though it says they are. #tmyk


I hope everyone is doing well today. I, on the other hand, just accidentally pissed all over my pants while using the toilet and oh yes it definitely shows through the other side. Guess I’ll just stay in here until 5pm 🤷🏻‍♂️


Someone stole an armored personnel carrier and rode it through downtown last night. I swear, if this is the beginning of the Republic of Gilead I’m getting the hell out of America.


Watching all the Asian country episodes for Parts Unknown reminds me how much travel i have to do, how much i love food, and how much I really need to dive into the Yakuza games


Here, Torchman, you bastard. Thanks to you I now have “Homoerotic Spiderman” locked into my browser history. See you in prison. Here’s Spidey fresh off of a dogging session


Anyone else feel compelled to play series games in order? I was forcing myself to play through God of War 3 Remastered before starting Dad of Boy, but 1/4 of the way through realized I wasn’t having fun. It took all my effort to put GoW3 down and skip.


PSA: The Surge Complete Edition appears free in cart for PS Plus folks. #tmyk


Look, I’ll just go ahead and say it. DONTNOD missed a golden opportunity for this to be their main menu theme in Vampyr.


It’s happened. I’m burnt out on Fortnite Battle Royale. That freaking Trap Elimination quest did me in.


Boy are y’all gonna be sorry I figured qtoid out. Is it ironic that I only want to beat Swords of Ditto once? I feel like I’m letting Devolver down not playing at least twice...


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