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US Dtoiders PLEASE go out and vote! Pixie said it best: "Go do that vote thing today! Preferably for someone that is not supporting children in cages."


Happy birthday, Chris! I’ve got an 8:30 rez at D’Orsia for you!


We did a family costume this year and I lazily chose Remus Lupin. I actually think it wasn’t terrible (pic in comments). Having a nice ‘stache made me lament my awful natural facial hair 😭


Man, continuing my run of emotionally brutal games, just finished The Gardens Between (thanks to Dtoid!). Gameplay was simple, delightful most of the way, not what I was expecting. Thoughts in comments.


Just beat and Platinumed Spider-Man. Wow, what a hell of a game. I’m bummed it’s over for now and definitely buying the season pass in the new year when all 3 eps are out. What a great game! Its positivity is refreshing and the music is ace!


Apparently part of adulting means paying attention to your kids’ schools. So instead of playing Spider-man more, I’m at middle school q&a night 😭 What have I become??


I weep for the America my daughters are growing up in. What a shit show with ramifications for generations to come.


Happy birthday, Mike! Only the coolest people have that name.


*another bump for Coco for free. Someone take it!* MOVIE GIVEAWAY MONDAY (on the right day for once!) Code in the comments, enjoy!


PSA: Cave Story+ and VVVVV(VVVVVVVV) are on pretty decent eShop sale today!


Anybody run into any weird bugs in Spider-Man? (NO BUG PUNS) 😂 In a major character’s first scene, his face was completely neon green and I just assumed he had already become a villain. Halfway through the scene his skin matrix kept changing to norma


Just watched White Boy Rick. Didn’t know what to expect going in but I really liked it. Hoping McConaughey gets an Oscar nod but that’s a total crap shoot. I was initially going to see Predator, so I feel like skipping that was the right call.


MOVIE GIVEAWAY THURSDAY (bc the last one expired and I’ll punish myself). Code in comments!


*Bump - SOMEONE CLAIM THIS!* Ah nuts, I screwed up already 😂 MONDAY (on Wednesday) MOVIE GIVEAWAY! Free in the comments, enjoy!


*Shameless self promotion bump* So I FINALLY did a thing and published my Blade Runner 2049 fanfic. This has been long overdue but is a labor of love for me and something I'm really proud of. Link in comments.


So today we had 5 tornadoes touch down and work locked us in the building until almost 5:30pm. How was everyone else’s Monday? 😂


Lukewarm take - so far (Level 11) I'm not liking any of the unlocked Spidey suits more than the basic one with the white overlay. It's so sharp looking! I hope I'll eventually find one I like more, but for now #basic is the new #hotness.


Movie Giveaway Monday: free digital movie code in the comments, enjoy! I’ve got a few and will plan to space these weekly until I’m fresh out! Quality of movies - dubious.


My Deadpool giveaway copy (in comments) is better. Wes’s will give you herpes.


*bump* Uhhh what? I certainly didn’t intentionally post two blank shitposts... OR DID I?


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