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After some forbidden guide usage (oops) I finished Varre's questline and found that sweet rune farming spot. So long, next 20 hours - hello LEVEL 100! This is the Souls power fantasy I've always wanted. FWIW - I only beat Godrick lol.


#angsttoid - Remember folks, if you truly love someone, don't gaslight them on a daily basis about their behavior. Brought to you by Pat's relationship.


What’s the worse predicament? I have no mouth and I must scream, or I have no anus and I must poop? #sundaywonderings


Bump: claimed! Will re-up if i can nab any others later!! *** Anyone want a disc-version PS5? I nabbed one from the Direct queue on random yesterday and am happy to sell at cost plus shipping. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Just lemme


Man Ash vs. Evil Dead is S-tier television 😂 “I’ll be like a ninja losing his virginity. Quick and discreet” 😂😂😂


Goddamnit they Peter Parkered my beautiful Joel. Guess I’ll be skipping this after all. Bump: Watched the trailer, rage overblown. He looks good still and not as haggard as this screen-grab. Preordered bc I ADORE this game.


Ghostwire Tokyo currently $29.99 on psn- whoever has played it, thoughts at that price? You know good ole Pat is a bargain hunter.


Beat Rogue Legacy 2 last night - I don’t think I’ll dive into NG+ but I played a little of it and loved feeling proper OP. 10/10 improved over the original in every way, a great game. Personal favorite. Go play it. Now maybe it’s Elden time.


Spending $95 to fill up the car with gas makes me think “yeah you know what? I’ll just get that $40 game” lol. Fuckin inflationary economy making me think of expenditures in videogame cost again.


Currently watching Drag Me to Hell. I didn’t know what to expect but then saw Sam Raimi at the helm and it is suitably campy as fuck. What a banger so far. Makes me want to rewatch Evil Dead trio.


Since reviews aren’t in the wild yet, please give me all your Evil Dead Game takes. I’m hesitant on another asym mp game, but looooves Friday the 13th…when it worked 😑 Haven’t gotten into DBD at all bc of the grind tho.


Watched Prisoners of the Ghostland while continuing my Cage-athon. I have a high tolerance for his cheesy movies but man it was not at all good. Just all sorts of wacky and not in the Face/Off sense where there’s a solid movie behind it. Oof. Testes/10


Happy birthday Occams! I hope your orifices get whatever pleasure and/or torment you desire today, that you receive an abundance of bodily fluids to your heart's content, and have an easy molting out of last year's flesh suit. Love from Pat.


Maybe this is on brand but I must’ve fucked up on Instagram watching some rando video on people eating raw meat bc now all I get are vids by some dude The Liver King who eats bull testicles instead of vegetables and what even is real anymore.


Remedy remaking Max Payne 1 and 2 and I can die happy once I’ve played them. Link in comments. Absolutely the thing I’ve longed for all these years.


Just went to my first concert since COVID which, other than being a little uncomfortable, at least required masks and vax cards. I went from not knowing about Mitski yesterday to being a massive fan today. Amazing show.


Whyyyy can't I log in on the FPs anymore??? LOL. Ah well. HERE I AM, HERE I REMAIN.


Kinda dropped off my Sifu Logs…just back to say I beat it! Was struggling hard on level 2, which is a real skill check pain. But I was determined to beat this before playing Elden. I’ve run each level maybe 10 times. Might beat again.


Ahhhhhh I am in packing and moving hell and have no time for social shenanigans. Missing this bunch but I’m here lurking before I pass out each night 😂


Man, Sifu is breaking my balls. Got to 2nd level at 25 (I really don’t want to rerun the first level more), but then the 3rd at 50 😑 then got my ass handed to me by that 3rd boss. Def a tiring game sometimes esp when death compounds.


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