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The turnip market and turnip exchange game already makes me not want to play ACNH 😂 I should just ignore it and have fun, but damn do I want to sell for 500+ bells lol. I’m such a mark.


And that’s the end of the Internet.


it only took under a week to go from “I will never play Animal Crossing, what a pointless game” to “paid off two loans, tracking turnip prices on two independent websites and hunting for fossils every chance I get.” That drop box % is dumb tho


Happy birthday Wes! May you one day find a suitable climate and moisture level for your taint.


Finally a post on how progression carryover works in Hitman 3. God I love these games. https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-pre-launch-guide/


If Paper Mario Origami King follows the same progression as the first two streamers, it should clock in around 900 hours.


Ughhhh so many changes at work, so busy. Send help!


YMMV but Walmart online currently selling a $70 eShop card for $49.54. Limit 2.


Still in the early goings of Paper Mario Origami King. Have never played a PM game before but it feels like way too much random combat constantly breaking up the game flow. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Enjoying it otherwise.


My favorite from yesterday. God I love National Treasure 1 & 2.


Today in the US has been absolutely insane. I’m glad for this community and appreciate the hell out of all if you. Thanks for being my community and support.


Unless I screwed something up, my 2019 reading blog is up 😂😂😂 Bear with me lol.


Pat's 2019 Reading Accomplishments

Wait a minute, I know 2020 was long, but this is the wrong year! Look, I like to write. I'm also a massive procrastinator and felt enormous pressure to make an amazing blog full of pics and awesome content...But forget that! So, slight...


PSA: 13 Sentinels is 50% off on US PSN.


And that’s the first game of the year beat - Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Lots of fun, defo worth a play. Onto Murder by Numbers next!


Is this Pat’s new obsession? Pic in comments bc WHY IS IT SIDEWAYS


Not fit for a blog post, but I’ll save new purchases for January - so, thanks to Slimy and a list I actually enjoyed keeping, here are all 65 of The Games Pat Bought in 2020.


First ever gunpla build. Let’s gooooooo. Guess I better start watching Gundam Wing too 🤷🏻‍♂️


Happy birthday Riff! Hope you had some good eats and chillin today!


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all the Eurotoiders out there and anyone celebrating at the right time (24th)! Same to the Yanks tomorrow 😂


I love all the gaming Year in Review. 150 hours, 44 games, here are my tops. Looks about right.


Annnnnd Sony pulled Cyberpunk from the PS store!


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