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After initially being disappointed that there’s no permanent progression in Slay the Spire outside of card and relic unlocks, I think I’ve hit my zen moment and brain-shifted back into deck building bliss 😂 Here we goooo


The chick-fil-a chicken sandwich is boring. Tots are better than fries. A hot dog is both a taco, a cake and a sandwich. Small boobs are better than big boobs. Dorsia is overrated.


Medium take: the original Hitman: Codename 47 for PC is the best in the whole series and had the superior physics and OST.


How come no one told me how dope Astral Chain’s soundtrack is??


Welp, at 15 hours that’s my first game of the year beat with Luigi’s Mansion 3 (entirely in handheld). I’d give it a 6.5/10. I liked it and it was charming and fun for a while, but had major filler towards the end and collectibles felt pointless.


Happy birthday, Wes. You're a stellar guy and I'm glad you found happiness this last year. Hope you get some good lovin on your Westicles.


Because I just learned the movie Guns Akimbo, in which Danie Radcliffe has guns bolted to his hands and plays a real world GTA game, exists - now you do too. Thanks for nothing 2020. #darksiders3


Just think of this whenever you downvote.


All hail Baby Yoda https://www.gamesradar.com/baby-yoda-build-a-bear-toy/


Looking back in my year this feels accurate. I guess one cannot “git gud” sub 40 hours.


Fun! “I had a dream of my wife. She was dead. But it was all right.”


Anyone ever play The Church in the Darkness? Looks interesting and conducive to short play sessions. Cult simulator 2020 😂


So with Kentucky Route Zero wrapping up on 28 January and the Switch version dropping then, having never read or watched anything about it, I assume it's a must-buy? :D


Just left Knives Out - I think I enjoyed it until halfway, then it built me back up and I enjoyed it until the end, which I disliked. Spoilers in comments.


Happy birthday Soulbow! May the G-Fuel and rage make you live forever. This Siege is for you.


Whew. That’s the end of the Dark Tower series and my 16th book of the year (same # last year). I’ll do another Games Beat and Books Read cblog in January, but man did I love this series. IT is still my favorite book, but this takes top series for sure


Happy birthday to my NJ brother, RiffRaff! Stoked for your new tattoo and welcome to a new decade! You rock.


My Christmas haul (not pictured - whatever spoils come from the current psn sale). And yes, I love and read YA books often 😬


Happy whatever holidays you do or don’t celebrate - to my favorite community that’s more like family than lots of my family. Love you people.


Just replaced a ceiling fan in my 100+ year old house and didn’t electrocute myself. I’ll consider that a Christmas miracle...especially if it doesn’t fall out of the ceiling.


This feels accurate. Been a PS4 heavy year for me. Most of this was FE: Three Houses and MUA3.


After finishing Jedi Fallen Order, I finally settled on Outer Worlds for next. Proceeded to spend ~45 min in the character creator, which I loved, followed my heart and accidentally created Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday, so that is how I'll play.


I’m truly surprised and greatly appreciative, my Secret Santa has spoiled me this year - thank you, whoever you are!! Massive thanks to Bass for putting this together again. I’ve hugely been looking forward to playing this! #cursedmas is a turned imag


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