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Welp guess that’s the end of good ole Pat’s ability to comment on articles 😂


Whatever the result is, thank you all for your tireless work on this site. Much love and respect.


TFW it seems like everyone around you is enjoying abundance, vacationing, with well-behaved kids, and effortlessly joyful relationships - while your own life feels like a constant struggle with no payoff. Normally I’m pretty upbeat but not today.


Boss Level - 9/10, great movie. Well acted, well written, dripping with 90s action movie vibes. Well worth a watch.


Well I guess this is my week of watching well-intentioned but poorly done movies. Following up Army of Dead with Hitman: Agent 47. What room temp garbage and an insult to the series. Timothy Olyphant version was better, which is saying something.


Updated review after finishing Army of the Dead - I’d give it a 4/10. Bautista and Tig Notaro are great, but man is Snyder a mess and it’s really just a wasted premise that could have been fun instead of so dour. Also 45 min too long.


Any of the 12 PS5 users have any experience with the current Pulse headset? Wondering if it's worth the upgrade from my PS4 Gold Wireless ones. Thanks!

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I play for the feels

[When Destructoid reader PatBateman17 blogs, we listen. -Jordan] If you've seen me lurking on any number of AMA posts here, you know by now my absolute favorite gaming question is, "What is your most emotional gaming moment?" Gaming is by f...


I love story driven and emotionally gut-wrenching games so much, it’s my go-to AMA question. I even wrote a blog about it! Please read or you’ll break my heart 😂


I’m supposed to believe Angelina Jolie is a veteran firefighter with the strength and stamina to be on that patrol AND fight off villains? Come on Hollywood, y’all can do better than this. Also I’m Team Brad.


Conquered Resident Evil 7 last night and the Not a Hero DLC. Spoiler thoughts in comments.


Apparently Zombies Ate My Neighbors is coming to the Switch end of June. Hell yeah.


Looks like someone modded Lady Dimitrescu into casual clothes. Link in comments and I can’t vouch for anything other than the OP 🤷🏻‍♂️


I love y’all. But y’all are spoiling the fuck outta RE8 in posts even in vague terms. I know, I’m sensitive. But even interview articles on other sites are spoiling massive stuff. Be kind and put spoiler thoughts even on the end feeling in comments


Tonight I make a year-long dream come true. My partner is out of the house until 10ish, kids will be in bed, and I’ve got a naughty delivery of some post dinner Bdubs wings and fries coming my way. It’s the simple things sometimes.


Been regularly getting the CE-108262-9 “software error” message when putting my ps5 in rest mode, which I use all the time. Super weird. Everything is up to date and I can’t figure why it’s doing that. Anyone have this issue?


Has anyone played the game In Rays of the Light? It’s on PSN for cheap and looks pretty neat.


I like games. You like games. We have different opinions on things. Let’s remember this is a great and kind community and not slag each other for these opinions. Now everyone put their genitals together.


Boy this Returnal patch drama is becoming a dumpster and a half.


What's the likelihood RE Village gets an 8/10? Review embargo up at 11am Eastern tomorrow, woop woop.


Happy birthday to Gus and AbsolutFreak! I'm not even mad about how crisp your business cards are.


PSA kind of: the Apple TV app, even without a subscription, is a great way to find if the movie you’re searching is on another streaming service. It’ll always tell you (unless it’s on Netflix which apparently doesn’t play nice). Helped me fast.


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