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So you ghost of tshushima hopefuls, gonna be a samurai or a ghost? I'm leaning towards being a spooky.


This has been my fucking jam the past few days. This band is great, thee oh sees out of LA. Part of that whole new wave of psych/garage groove shit that I think has been a wonderful addition to music


Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is fantastic. I forgot how much much more I liked the music than in 2. Here is hoping we get X on switch one day 😬


Who is splatting tomorrow !!??? TEAM CUM VS TEAM BLOOD! THE ULTIMATE METALLICA ALBUM ART FIASCO!!! Team Mayo all the way yaaall


You guys getting hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition?


So finished FF7R...thoughts in the comments (not that anyone should care haha).


Getting close to the end of FF7R... definitely mixed feelings about it, thoughts in the comments with spoiler taaags


Only got to play FF7R this morning for a few minutes before the work, but it got my emotions moving. Here is a floof pile!


If you correct or edit a cblog, does it "bump" it back to the top? I wanted to correct or update some info in my last one, but I really don't want it to be bumped up to new. I stuck the info in the comments, but I'm a bit compulsive with that stuff so..


Looks like Boris "baby bird" Johnson tested positive for coronavirus https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/27/uk/uk-boris-johnson-coronavirus-gbr-intl/index.html Stay safe y'all! Happy Friday, play some games, drink some booze, pet a cat!


Awesome, xenoblade comes out in MAY!!!! FARK YEAH. I'm glad for the exciting stuff for other folks as well. Am curious if we can just get borderlands 1 though, I do not care for 2 and haven't played the pre-sequel...likely not though


(Morning bump after reading some more crazy news). I made a blog with some coronavirus information that may be helpful to folks (if they are interested) Update - In the comments https://www.destructoid.com/--584552.phtml#post


Bout to play meself some Switcher 3 and drink in the dark spirits this Friday Eve. Happy Friday you bunch of lovelies! What plans have ya this eve?


Bahamut the FFVII remake is pretty. Game play is pretty fun, I like the shift to action meself. Excited about the final product!


So I've been looking for a good tablet type device for ps4 remote play. Tried an amazon Fire hd (on sale) and it says the ds4 isn't recognized :(. Gonna try one more app on there , but does anyone have any experience with this issue? Or recommendations?


So coronavirus has officially entered my state. After looking at the data, it is in fact more deadly than influenza, with a 2% fatality rate and approximately 10-15% hospitization rate. Still unsure of the way it transmits, obviously droplet,cont below


So I have to say I was wrong about the Witcher 3. Playing in death March at the insistence of a friend. Fucking love it, normally not a big story guy in games, but the writing is really good so far, glad it's on switch. What games have you flipped on?


Finished up another playthrough of Doom 16 last night on switch. That game is fucking demon killing Zen. Ordered the switcher 3 today. Looking forward to finally trying it.


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