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Fire emblem is fucking great...can't stop playing it. Loaded rest of the year though too, any titles you guys gotta skip till later because of time/financial reasons? I think astral chain looks neato, but....


Downloaded path of radiance and started it on dolphin, digging it so far. With three houses coming soon, what is everybody's favorite fire emblem?


So far I've liked squeenix and Microsoft. Don't have an Xbox,but them talking about Eldin ring and cyberpunk is pretty cool. FFVIII remaster makes me happy, as well as VIIs. Unless nintendo fucks up, seems like they will take the cake this year.


As a big final fantasy fan, I have to say I am not enjoying ff12 as much as I had hoped. The music doesn't rustle my jimmies like older titles or even ff15. I like the combat in the Xenoblade games better (know they came later)...more deets below!


Really digging ffxii so far. The Gambit system is pretty neat and certainly helps grinding (especially at x2 speed). I don't enjoy the characters as much as 9 so far, but it is certainly a good time.


Fucked up, hanging out with some friends, smoking coffee hookah draanking bourbon wine. Happy Saturday yall ;)


Sekiro is kicking my ass in a way bloodborne never did. I haven't been this tore up since my first play through of Demon Souls. I'm digging that it is making me relearn the dance/Dodge/parry timing. Game looks great and feels fine to me on PS4 slim.


In Manhattan with lady face for a job interview (her interview). Food here is yum, digging the wine stores open on the main streets. Gonna play me some FFIX soon. Y'all droogie droogs ready for Sekiro ninja souls bonanza?


It was smart of them to release FFIX before VII, got me to buy it at least. Im glad I did, dig it so far. The daemon x machina demo is neat, the customization will be awesome. If I get to submit feedback Id say the weapons need more weight and.....


I will try to stop mentioning FFXV, but the music player is the tits. Rolling around listening to FF music from other games is a joy


I think one of my gaming white whales is FFVI. Ive started it a bunch of times, got pretty far a few years ago. I have the gba version on my phone and the snes classic version, but my brain is really hoping for some version on the switch...anyone else?


Question for all you PC peeps. Im looking into buying a gaming laptop (not big into pc gaming, just replacing my 2009 gaming laptop). Brands I am looking at are lenovo, asus, MSI. My budget is like 700-900 USD...from what ive looked at (continues inside..


Glad everyone is enjoying resident evil. Random...but holy fuck the end of iron blooded orphans is a gut punch.


I know the general consensus is that FFXV is kind of a mess, but im enjoying it so far, and honestly find it more enjoyable than some other open worlds ive played. Gameplay is enjoyable too.


So GOTY top 5 2018? 5) Hollow Knight (switch) 4) Monster Hunter world 3)Dark Souls Remastered Switch 2) Smash Bros Ultimate 1) Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate


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