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New American Splatfest announced for next weekend. Sci-Fi vs Fantasy...Sci-Fi...duh...


Despite what seems to be the general consensus on Hyrule Warriors vs Fire Emblem Warriors, I think FEW does absolutely everything better. It is way less tedius thanks to no ridiculous bosses, and the post game content feels far more manageable. IMO 😎


So I finished that overcoming fear blog, shout out to Wes for getting me to finish it. Probably could have used some more time in the oven, but fuck it, read if you dare!


So far I think Fire Emblem Warriors is way better than hyrule warriors. No bullshit boss fights, switchable characters etc. 😎


I just called up my congressman to mention I oppose the FCC chair's net neutrality scraping bill. I then googled him after I left a message and realized he is a crazy conservative pro life + kind of guy and I think it was a moot point...(more in comments)


I think an "underrated" or seldom mentioned portion of Breath of the Wild is the impeccable sound design. Playing the game with headphones is a treat.


The evil within is like resident evil 4 took itself too seriously and the writers took acid. Voice acting isnt particularly great, but damn the atmosphere is cool, and it is fun 😎 Happy labor day yall!


Watching the netflix deathnote movie and holy shit....whoever came up with this did not watch or read the source material...and if they did, they need to go back to school.


Question for you more computer savvy peoples. Next year I plan on building a gaming pc specifically to play monster hunter world with a friend of mine. I don't give 2 shits about graphics, so do you guys think a gtx1060 6gb would suffice or what?


I beat the shit out of resident evil revelations on 3ds, and started the 2nd one on 360, but it never grabbed me. I'm pretty fucking stoked for the switch port.


Unpopular opinion: Borderlands 2's writing ruined the series for me.


Supposedly Deus ex HR was on sale for $12 on the NA eshop yesterday but is now back up to 49.99. I really wanted that digital copy 😢.


The fucking fission metriods in metroid prime make me want to fucking eat my eyeballs.


I'm working through SOTN as we speak, makes me super excited for Hollow Knight's switch release...hope it is soon.


The new castlevania series is hype as fuck. Gotta play through SOTN now.


That splatoon direct was good, but I'm still disappointed that the neon pink/green joycon set is not coming stateside =(.


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