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I think I did a bad thing...I traded red dead and fallout 4 (plus my 360 copies of mgsV) for FF XV royal edition and ps4 mgsV...I dont feel bad about it.


Possibly stupid question, but is there any chance of a similar black friday price for the ps4 around krampus day? Mi padre missed it the blackcyberfunday go around.


Been playing gundam battle operations 2...Interesting...definitely feels f2p, but for some reason I really enjoy it.


Random question on this hallow's eve. Do you consider the soulsborne games AAA or not and why?


For those of you that consume alcohol, what is your favorite game to play when you do so? Mine is monster hunter or dark souls ;P


Digging Torna so far, wish some of these mechanics were in the main game ;P


All this spider man talk makes me think insomniac should do a Dr. Strange game.


What are the odds we get a metal gear legacy port to PS4? I would be willing to give msgV another shot...but I need MGS4..😍


I am in the minority, but I think im digging Gen U more than world.


I would kill (read:colony drop) for a proper gundam game on the switch (in english, not cultured enough to read japanese :()


Been working on fallout 4, havent done a lot of side content, but almost done with the main story...spoilers in comments, but I have to say Ive enjoyed the ending thus far.


I want a final fantasy VI/Chrono trigger dual pack ala ps1 era combo games with both games softly remade in the octopath traveler engine. I am sure that has been said before...but the sexyness just crossed my coffee cup


I enjoyed fallen kingdom more than jurassic world. I guess I am in that weird camp now.


Hollow knight is pretty rad on the switch...who all waited to pick it up like me?


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