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There, I can uninstall the game again now because grinding for orbs to roll the gacha is unbearable.


*Fire Emblem 10 Spoilers* I don't even play Fire Emblem Heroes anymore, but this? This is personal.


This man is Polygon's best asset right now and I hope they treat him well!


Here's hoping Square Enix announces something related to Nier on the Game Awards.


Things we can be sure that Fire Emblem has been getting 100% right since Awakening's launch so far: The final map music is GOING to hype you up.


Sapphire's covers are so good at times that some of them are my favorite covers.


Please be better than Definitive Edition Age of Empires 1. Please.


Is there anything more romantic to be said?


I love the GBA and it's library so much it's not even funny. And yes, 60% of that is having like two complete kickass megaman series on it, plus two incredible Metroids, Medabots, Fire Emblem, Pokémon (my fave ones) and mooooore.


John Wick 1: 6.5/10. John Wick 2: 8/10. John Wick 3: I want chapter 4 injected in my veins right about now.


Happy Birthday to our resident best dorothy cosplayer, Scruff! Hope your day's been good, and that we can all find a bro/sis as cool as Jill/Dorothy in our lives.


Men at Work - Overkill, I can relate to this more than I would hope.


A pure song for a pure soul. Happy birthday, Chris! We all appreciate the hard work and effort you put in keeping this place upbeat, hope the day and week find it to be one full of joy and good vibes towards your way.


So, I'm waiting on this revival, Capcom!


Megaman Battle Network 4.5 just got it's english patch finally ready! https://www.therockmanexezone.com/general/2019/10/26/mega-man-battle-network-4-5-real-operation-english-translation/


My... freaking heart rate, Tetris is doing me dirty as physical education classes once did, holy crap.


I really would like to just use a keyboard for this game in particular though.


I bring violins and chill tunes to ye', o' weary soul.


Xeno X's OST was divisive, but I stand on the ground that it was pretty damn good, even if crazy and half impossible to look up some tracks because Sawano or something.


Howdy folks, you should check out this game that just popped up on steam, even though it had a kickstarter. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1046920/Bushiden/ It's spritework alone is worth a look and I'm hoping the rest is just as good!


The new design kicks ASS.


It has come to my attention, after playing the new smash for roughly 15 hours... That it does indeed deserve the ULTIMATE moniker, goddamn. Sakurai and his team really went the extra mile, goodness sake this feels GOOD.


Happy birthday, Ravenclaw! Have a gif on the comments!


I got 3rd place on Tetris 99, and died to a very stupid mistake... OH WELL. Got that sweet Kirbo theme and a medal of honor.


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