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I finished both Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite and Resident Evil 7 this last weekend, is the DLC for RE7 worth a shot? I've seen that there are minigames included on it.


So, I have to ask. Did Capcom never bother to patch the DLC characters on the PC version so you can actually COMPLETE all missions? Cause I already did Monster Hunter 5 times and nothing.




https://www.twitch.tv/haklen57 Annnnnd let's go suck at fire emblem, boys!




https://twitter.com/personasama/status/1301237982532231168 Fuck Mike Zaimont.


Anyone wanna see me fail at Fire Emblem? https://www.twitch.tv/haklen57


It's Gamescom! So, which game are you guys trying to will INTO existing?


https://twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/1298530753245057024 I wonder if they mean this as Iceborne's last content update... And if they do, WHERE'S TOKYO GAME SHOW FOR WORLD 2.


It's Hideaki Itsuno's birthday! https://twitter.com/tomqe/status/1298049548305063936 WISH THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO WE CAN GET DRAGON'S DOGMA 2 AND MORE RIVAL SCHOOLS.


It's here, but it's not looking particularly hot, if it ends up being enjoyable, NICE, if it doesn't, OH WELL... They tried.


I'm gonna need the next chapter of Chainsaw Man, pronto. I'm not even joking, it's that AAAAAAAAAAAAAA inducing for anyone who's been watching it every week.


If you have 37~39 seconds to spare: How's the audio/video transitions on this one?


As said, I'm trying something, if you guys can give suggestions/opinions, taking them to the heart/whiteboard. EDIT: Actually non potato quality this time around**


Today's handcrafted shitpost.


So, my sister's trying something related to games/movies/media in general. A little more details in the comments.


This song is still good as the first day I've heard it.


I did NOT hunt 12 crazy saiyan monkeys for me to NOT use it's armor well.


So, what's your Steam library poison, fellas?


Now that's what I call getting back at the damn beast.


The deed is done, now please, don't let me touch the franchise for at least a couple of years.


With one 1st gen glitch mew, and no Celebi because that's a 3DS VC exclusive 'patch' or something.


Alatreon is kicking my ass so hard it's making me question how the hell I'm a 'veteran' of this series and still feel powerless against him. I can go toe to toe with most monsters no problem, but he is just making me tilt completely at this point.


I don't blame Sig.


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