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I don't know how to play Mahvel 2, but Servbot is the cutest thing on it.


I can't even look at other games without ending up back here, the game's got a lot, a lot of room for improvements and stuff. But if the developer keeps at it, this will be one of the greatest roguelikes on steam. A custom deck mode would already be nice.


How come no one tells me there's a Megaman fangame of THIS caliber coming up? Entirely new artstyle from the ground up, damage numbers, aditional playable characters... This is the good shit.


So, that Roguelike Battle Network game came out on Steam yesterday, I'm gonna go ahead and do my civic duty of streaming it, I guess. https://www.twitch.tv/haklen57


I'm not willing to break this record, not anymore, not ever. Sticking to 150 Lines after this.


And I finally went back to that Lunatic Mode run of Golden Deer I dropped last year, except I was the one breaking the entire game apart this time... Except the final boss, but we don't talk about that one without spoilers :(


I'll be damned, Squeenix got FFVII Remake right if the demo is anything to go by. Probably their best attempt at transitioning from turn based to real time action. I'll eat my crow, they did goood and I'm happy for everyone's who going to buy it.


Feels good to come back into 3 Houses Maddening and suddenly things are just clicking into place and you're taking things slow and baiting enemies into swift merciful death. Probably because Sylvain+Hilda+Leonie just works oh so well.


Berwick Saga is what happens when Fire Emblem's Father says 'I'll reinvent my invention' and goes balls to the wall and reworks everything into an entirely new experience. What I'm saying is: English patch is out, play it, it good, it really good.


I'm doing my civic duty and informing everyone that still hasn't played one of the best fighting games available out there that it is currently priced 1U$ for the full package on PC. https://www.fanatical.com/pt/bundle/skullgirls-complete-bundle


I go play Tetris 99 because of the daily tickets, half asleep to the point of being half zombie and then somehow I wipe out almost 1/5 of the room? Where the hell were the T-Spinners?! They always insta-murder me, I don't even T-Spin, for god's sake.


Monster Hunter Generations Ending Cinematic - Live Action Ver.


I've been listening to this non ironically for almost two hours, send help. SUPER SONIC WARRIOR TOOT TOOT SUPER SONIC WARRIOR


Everyone's talking about Valentine's day and here I am spending god knows how many hours trying to just play a fighting game with a friend... I made my choice, dammit. Btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcpdVUNzbxg


Almost a killcombo, dang.


*Spends 4 hours or so playing DB FighterZ, only gets to play casual with two top rankers, actually goes and beats them twice in 21~ish rounds.* Now that's something for the day.


#musictoid Pearl Jam is my Jam and I don't feel one little bit guilty of that pun. New single for their upcoming album.


I'm having an absolutely crap time trying to actually download all the files out of my dad's Google Drive account so I can properly restore his computer. It's being a complete pain, to an extent it just popped 11 downloads at once... without the 8th one.


Delta was right, they buffed the crap out of the Hunting Horn in Iceborne.


And that's the 2nd game finished in 2020. Janky, so, very, janky. It wasn't a bad, bad time per se, but the game gets a lot better when you level up enough that Frank can actually do some damage. Also, you'll love small chainsaws by the end, trust me.


https://store.steampowered.com/app/809020/ZeroRanger/ This is literally one of the best games I've played all year, Xenoblade 2, Three Houses, Devil May Cry V, Resident Evil 2 and all the other hot stuff included. A shmup crown, holy crap.


I didn't expect GaijinHunter of all people to talk about Touhou.


Haaapppy xmas, you lovely weirdos. Hope you have/had fun today!


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