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Thank god for gog.com bonuses.


Now excuse me while I ignore Diablo 3 until the next Season. Witch Doctor is stupidly strong, would recommend. Only reason I didn't beat it the first week around was me just leveling up other chars that turned out useless!


This is your PSA that One Step from Eden got a big update on Steam that adds SPELLS, ARTIFACTS, QUALITY OF LIFE AND ANOTHER SELICY COSTUME.


It is a new song, it's a bit different from the original one, but it still kicks ass. Just felt weird not to hear the OG one after having it in my brain after so long, that one was a lot more condensed, short and to the point, this one... is a party.


It took me over 17+ years, but I have actually finished Little Big Adventure 2, aka Twinsen's Odyssey.


This month = Vergil coming to PC and Sam and Max crawling back from the dead in a couple of days, anything else I should have in mind? There's also the FE1 port, but... leeeet's see that price first.


I'm really close to finishing Little Big Adventure 1, it's a strange feeling.


What sort of luck am I having in Diablo 3 that enables me to finish GR70 in less than a day?


I finally finished Borderlands 1, 2, Presequel and 3. Ask Me Anything.


This cover makes a relaxing song even more chill.


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition may justify a next gen console. That's it.


Guilty Gear's GGPO beta is so cool I managed to play about 20 matches with my friend, with only 2 or 3 actually having issues at times. Arc Sys, embrace it, please, embrace it hard.


Hexagons are the best polygons?


I have finished Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1 and Kiwami 2 in less than two weeks. I needed closure, I got it. Now I need something else.


Add another one in the 'things I never knew I wanted before being shown' list.


I'm in DEEP in the Yakuza crazy train, hoping Sega puts up 3~6 on Steam at some point. Also this: https://twitter.com/QuotesYakuza/status/1321965336577585165 I need a Kazuma in life.


How did a company like Bluepoint Games, whose catalogue is almost entirely made of ports, get this level of 3d artists working for them? Shadow of Colossus was already stunning on the ps4, but Demon Souls is some next level shit.


So, they took out PS3/Vita/PSP games out of the Playstation Store over on Browsers, just to make it functionally worse than before and harder to filter out things? Are we evolving backwards and shit?


I just spent almost 3 hours assembling my new computer case, and now I'm just thinking of something to cover up all the LED stuff that is in it. Also I have an assignment for midnight that I haven't even started. I swear I used to be an ace student.


How hard would it be for me to recover my Nintendo Switch account if I were to sell the console? And that's besides me having games in three or four different countries on the same account. I mean, do I have to deactivate it on the site or something?


Legendary Black Dragon meets Legendary Butter Knife Girl. Dragon dies.


It's ya boi fatalizing the life out of Fatalis.


Now this is how you end support for Iceborne all right, it's a worthy opponent.


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