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It's so much harder doing meaty research for writing rather than just making butt and pussy jokes. But then I guess it's all in how much effort you put into your butt and pussy jokes.


Review: Some Minigames I Chose at Random

There's lots of video games. There's lots of games within those games. These nebulous items have perplexed gamers for years. "What do we call them?" one gamer asked long ago. "I don't know, they are so mysterious" retorted another game...


What Being Alone Means in a Video Game

Being alone can be a strange feeling for a lot of us. We spend so much time trying to find people to surround ourselves with that it can get to be almost too much when we find ourselves truly alone. Video games have used this feeling ...


Hey, Look at: The Yawhg

In the past couple of years, there has been an influx of games you can play without a controller. Or more accurately, games where you make decisions and choices but are not the person inputting commands. Developers have gotten creativ...


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Super Mario Maker 2"I miss the stylus"


Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


Blazing Chrome"I ran to this Contra affair"


Dr. Mario World"Dr. Feelgood microtransactions"


Umihara Kawase Fresh!"Swingers club"


SolSeraph"Gods and monsters"


The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa"Me and my friends"


Sea of Solitude"Sunless Twee"


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Here lies Racist He never scored (or won a


Alright, finally uploaded my first level in Mario Maker Its a short one with timed blocks and a boss Let me know how it is if you end up playing


Not really a quick throw-together here but something I was thinking of that I thought Id make

Electric Reaper

So, even mecha anime has insane/boastful young



Sam van der Meer

Does Paper Mario roll his blunts out of Toads? #darksiders3


Forgot that Tetris 99 event was going on, but banged out the 100 points pretty Never even broke the top its gotten


As much as Im loving FFXIV, there were a couple of moments that hearkened back to the Organization in KH and I was filled with gamer never forgive Square Enix for the trainwreck of an overarching narrative that was Kingdom Hearts Vent mode o


I uploaded a new short and sweet level! Play it and let me know your thoughts!


everyone else is doing it and I want attention so AMA! Emphasis on the the other also the M though I guess though I wont stop you from asking each other things as you ask me



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