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I can't post images right now, so I guess I'll shitpost with words. How presidential of me.


Skye in came out 6 years ago today, and it's mediocrity will never fade


I can't believe I posted the same thing twice


I seem to post more when I'm in a bad mood. That's what I've learned today.


Is it weird that the switch has become one of my favorite consoles despite the fact that I only have 4 full games on it?


You guys don't like my puns about 80's anime huh? How about this?


I don't even care about spacey, I just like memes


I had trainees today, for some reason


Is twilight princess still hated by the Zelda community?


I don't see anything getting better


Happy guy fawkes day everybody


It's the cinnamon man's birthday? Fuck. Happy birthday to the best dtoid user


Turkey is a shit bird, pic unrelated


This has been brought to you by walmart


I should callout for the rest of the week


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