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This cat looks exactly like my little din


True story, this never happens to me any more.


I wonder if it's gonna rain today.


My cats got me up at 530 today, did we gain an extra hour?


So, my collector's edition and new new3ds, came in finally. Along side it is the standard edition, my fire emblem dates. 3ds, and the keychain for preordering it


Popeyes is doing 5 dollar boxes again


This is an accurate assessment of the populace's general opinion


Here I am not eating any ass at all.


93% in under 14 hours on my first play through of "return of Samus". Considering how bad I am at these games that's pretty good. I'd say it ends up in a three way tie for number 2 in 2d metroid


I have a ton of menes I never get to use because they're too controversial, explicit, or situational. I hope you understand


I'm a little late with this one


Bruce Stanley just left naughty dog (uncharted2, 4 and tlou) I wonder how this will affect tlou2


I'm back! Kind of, can't post pictures I guess but the hurricane is gone and my phone is fixed. What up peeps?


Guys, I was forced into two shifts tomorrow because of the hurricane (only person in my department that had this happen) but I'm still happy because I bought my samus 3dsxl like a month ago, the CE when it was avalible and I plan on buying another. Hype


I hate it when people say botw is the first open world zelda, or anything of that I'll. Almost all loz games, are open workd, they just aren't sandboxes. Rant over I'm sorry to waste your eyes with this pedantic rant.


Irma ain't shit and if you're worried about irma, you shouldn't be, that's how she'll get you. I do appreciate the OT I'm about to get tho


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